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Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


dad was always updating me about his wooing

and he narrated it with so much youthfulness

that always made me laugh. He was complaining

that Deborah was reluctant and truly I

didn’t want to meddle in their affairs, no

matter what he is still my dad and influencing

Deborah who has done so much for me

to make a decision detriment to her plans

is a big no no for me, my dad has two

kids already and a son. It is very

difficult to see any woman who will truly

be committed to such man, she will feel

that her position is under threat. After

the Christmas school resumed and I re-united

with my friend Deb, come see the way

my dad was blazing my lodge, is funny.

Deborah was even reluctant to openly

show her affection, I don’t really know her

reason till one day we returned from lecture

and she was buried in her thoughts.

Me: babe, wetin happen?

Deborah: forget, nothing.

Me: nothing ke, tell me joor.

Deborah: okay, I go tell you. Your father want make I marry am, is it okay with you?

Me: haa! no be me dey marry am na, sooner or later I go pack go my husband house.


both laughed over it, Deborah accepted

and my dad fixed date for traditional rites

sharp sharp, Deborah was watching like

movie the speed my dad was going sha….

The man don get where him go throw money,

He has been over saving it. Even though

he is rich my dad just lived a moderate

lifestyle, you no go even notice that he

has so much investments, always on the

road. He barely have time to even talk

about his investments or even brag, always

thinking of business more business, too

many business. Deborah was uncertain

about my brother stand concerning the

marriage, my brother wey talk say em no

wan near Naija at all. My aunt husband

loved that kid like mad, and he is doing

well over there, coming home must be

when I am going to marry, if he like make

him hate Naija. He must touch down or

I go just break him neck. After we saw

our results of previous semester, I was

all smiles. Mehnn.. I felt like I was walking

in cloud ten, d--n.. Deborah always took

away my glory in having the best results,

that babe is brain. There is one fine bobo

that was asking me out, mehnn.. the dude

is handsome and his name is Benneth.

Final year student and I am in 300l, I told

Deborah about him and she was like.

Deborah: babe, so after the girlfriend and boyfriend what next?

Me: love na..

Deborah: which kind yeye love? is all se-x and se-x. Nothing good will come out of it, if you like dey there make them dey use you shine.

Me: I no understand, so how I want take marry if I no date?

Deborah: person wey wan marry you no go even dey reason bf and gf stuff, him godey talk of marriage and how to see your parents.

Me: na nice guy tho.

Deborah: date am na, after him don chop come tell me say na nice guy. The same guy godey plan to scatter your marriage after you don marry, wise up.

Me: so, how person wan hold soul and body together.

Deborah: na you go even tire to hold that body and soul together, go ask the guy say make him come see your father, hear wetin him come talk coolval stories.

I told Benneth the possibility of seeing

my father, he was blabbing that it is too

early that he loved me and want me to

be his girlfriend. With Deborah by my

side Benneth and his likes were red-carded,

after our first semester exam. we all headed

to Deborah village to perform the marriage

rites, I was looking queen. The rites was

done and the white wedding was fixed

after second semester examination, you

could see from afar the love their two have

for each other. Deborah didn’t even showcase

her step-mother role at all, she still behaved

and acted like my best friend. My fear

earlier was like she will go overboard

but she didn’t, and I was happy my dad

made the right choice. But the way those

adults are sneaking around it won’t take

years before someone will register nine

Months sha…the next semester we had

issue with one of Accounting strong course

because the lecturer has left for sabbatical

leave, no lecturer was able to fit in so

they just have to recall another retired

lecturer who was very strict and radical.

The old professor nodey like yeye, they

tear us assignments like we are the one

that caused him to come back. Students

started complaining of the kind of logic

and mathematics the man is lecturing

us, no be small whala. Thank God I was

ready for it, he gave test that made everyone

sweat for thirty minutes and the scripts

came out with 0s and 1s flying around.

I didn’t see my own neither did Deborah

saw her own, the next class we had him.

He came with our scripts and praised

the both of us, d--n.. To have the right

materials in education is just cool, our

classmates were Gift teach me na, abeg

teach me na. even Eva and Naomi started

forming familiarity, I gave the middle finger

straight. It will end in carryovers sha..

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