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Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


stood with me and we became the most

envied best friends on Campus, am everywhere

Deborah is. We went to library together,

lectures and then return home together.

We understood each other so well even

in sweeping and mopping the room, I

go tell you straight. I no like dirty, and

Deborah is clean. We were two friends

made in heaven and brought down to

Earth, I provided financially for both of

us, ’cause my Monthly allowee from my

dad will make you think like am working

somewhere when you see the alerts. I

bought text books and everything for two,

I had too many clothes to even think of

buying one myself. All thanks to Anderson,

I no wan just pick the dude call, am just

too ashamed. There was this guy disturbing

Deborah in Campus for relationship but

Deborah refused to accept him, I come

dey wonder why? He begged me to plead

with Deborah that he has good intentions

towards her.

Me: babe, give the guy chance na. The guy dey hawk your matter for campus.

Deborah: which guy sef you dey talk about?

Me: Jay na, that fine bobo wey dey for medicine.

Deborah: you funny oh, that guy fit hawk my matter?

Me: the guy love you.

Deborah: I no need children love, I dey twenty seven years now. Wetin I need na marriage and money to fund my education, my mother and younger ones look up to me.

Me: you mean say na you dey train yourself for university?

Deborah: yes, no be everybody dey lucky like you. I no get time for kabukabu love, abeg.

I was shocked when Deborah revealed

such to me, she always go to work immediately

we returned from lectures, I was thinking

she went to her boyfriend’s house not

knowing she was doing part-job to support

herself. There this man supporting her

financially, because her job can’t handle

some expenses in school, so the man

was the one supporting her. Immediately,

I started helping her in those bills she

broke up with the man, I was surprised

and asked to know why she did it. She

told me she has no future with the man

that he should now face his family and

leave her yansh alone, Deborah sha…

During the examination period Deborah

focus in her reading with zeal that I have

never seen in my entire life, she even

wanted to quit her part job but her boss asked her not

to that she should take her time and prepare

for school that her job await her. I find

the elder sister I wanted in Deborah, after

the examination I begged her to follow me

home, she couldn’t refuse me because

I be her one and only girlfriend na. She

agreed to spend some days and then

with me and then travel home to meet

her family. Sarah was asking me who the

big aunty was that she hoped I haven’t

brought someone that won’t chance her

from marrying my brother, med girl. When

I told her Deborah was older than my lil

brother and it won’t be possible. Sarah

became friends with the person she was

seeing as enemy before, my dad came

during the week Deborah was with us and

I introduced him to her. I could see that

my dad was eating her up with his eyes,

Deborah was beautiful no dad

even started calling her Debby. Ehnn..

he never take permission oh!

Deborah: your dad is cute ooh!

Me: yes na, my papa na the finest man on Earth.

Deborah: close your mouth joor.

Me: you know how many years him dey?

Deborah: thirty or twenty nine?

Me: aahh! when them come born me na? My dad married my mom after she got pregnant with me. Them be childhood sweetheart, he was twenty years when they gave birth to me.

Deborah: and you be nineteen years now oh!

Me: I be big gal.

Deborah: commot there joor.

I could see Deborah liked my dad, she just

won’t stop asking me about him. And my

dad always find an excuse to come home

those days, as I a sharp girl I knew it was

because of Deborah. My dad called me

to his room and made his feelings towards

Deborah known to me, asking me if he

can marry Deborah. I was like lol daddy,

You no suppose take permission before

you wan marry my friend na. Deborah

travelled after spending a week with us

reluctantly, love in the air faahh!!

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