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Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


Anderson gone life in the university became

disinteresting, the thought of him gave

me sleepless night. I have never felt this

lost in thoughts all my life, I been dey think

say na mere crush or I just had that lust

for the dude. Days and weeks the feelings

didn’t leave, mere.. I knew then and there

am in love with him. School was boring,

guys are always afraid to come close maybe

the Mrs. Anderson thingy have stuck already.

I just kept counting days and weeks in

the library, reading my pretty ass out.

I no come dey reason social media, I just

wan graduate and off I go to America.

Examination was already the corner and

Eva with Naomi was like Gift biko we go

sit with you, you know say you be our babe

na. I was bored and I wanted friends the

Only ones that presented themselves

is Naomi and Eva, whom am I to say no.

I just had to agree to their friendship again,

back to the bad girls gang mehnn.. I rolled

with them in Campus and rolled with my

books in the library after classes for the

day and rolled with my books again in

the night. I wanted to maintain my A’s

parallel like mad, Examination came and

Naomi with Eva were all over me. After

each Examination they will take me to shopping

and shop my strength, I wonder where

they got all those money. Eva and Naomi

disclosed it one day sha… That they are

dating Politicians and yahoo boys say them

nodey reason campus children, ehnn..

na wetin these ones called those fine guys

on Campus, this life em no balance at

all. No wonder ever since I became friends

with them guys on Campus will just admire

and commot eyes, they might have learnt

that in a bitter way as Naomi mouth big

sha… The day of the last Examination

we were in the hall writing when the Senior

lecturer that I have never seen in lecture

halls appeared at the window and caught

Naomi and Eva hustling answers from


Senior lecturer: three of you get up, get up!

Naomi: sir, we are doing nothing.

Senior lecturer: am not blind, I have seen the three of you.

Eva: but sir..


man took our scripts and ordered the three

of us out of the examination hall threatening to report

us to Senates, that means say I don commot

from the school if you appeared in Senate

for examination malpractice, you are just

good as being former student. I cried that

day, Eva and Naomi were indifferent about

the whole thing. They said the man has a price,

as stupid I am, I agreed. After the exams

people started doubting my performances

was base on merit, Eva told me to bone

them. I was deeply sad all the work and

efforts I have made had gone into drain,

We went to his office and the man was

on our neck regardless of our explanations.

He demanded to sleep with me or three

of us will fail his course and also be sent

out of the school. I was just looking at the

old professor with white hairs all over

imagining what he wanted to do with fresh

blood like me. He said I should make up my

mind by tomorrow and meet him in a hotel

which name he will send to me when

I call him after I made up my mind. We

went out of the office, somehow I was

confused on what to do.

Naomi: babe, you dey slack oh!

Eva: kilode! You be virgin.

Me: I no be virgin, but…

Naomi: but ke.. Leave that thing, you no know who that prof be for this department oh!

Eva: na one ticket to first class that man be

Me: the man too old.

Naomi: abi? but that man sabi fu-ck.


no bother to know how she take know

shall, I was just disappointed in myself

for letting Anderson down for just few

Months he left the country. He called but

couldn’t just tell him about the shit I have

landed myself again this time, I called the

man and he told me to meet him up in

a five star hotel. I dressed up and went

feeling bad on going back to my old ways,

The man was just through bathing and

was on towel when I entered. He asked

me to strip and I did, he admired me and

commended I was so beautiful the way

they described me to be, I was like lecturers

gossip too? He pounced me and we landed

on the bed. He started smooching over

me, making my body tingling with desire.

The moment he parted my legs and exposed

my we*t p-ussy. He wore his condom

on the biggest oldest di-ck I ever seen

in my life. He started pounding me like

a dog that have been denied se-x for so

long, gasping and groaning as he thru-sted

in and out, deep and hard in me. He didn’t

last long but he surely made me feel good

and made my recently tight pu-ssy loosen

up. I didn’t know my enjoyment that night will

be the last straw that broke the camel’s

back. Our Elder say every action of the

tree is a result of a consequence.

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