Gift - S01 E53

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 53

Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


really loved Franklin because my whole

life on Campus was entangled around him,

he taught me a lot I needed to know about

about my department. The pattern they

used in answering questions, we went

to night classes to read together and we

visited library after lectures everyday.

I tried calling him but he blacklisted my

number and blocked my number on whatsapp. that

guy too get bad mind. I no know why guys

that don’t perform well on bed always find it hard

to forgive when their girlfriend cheat, I no really

cheat he raped me but my own boyfriend

no believe me. And the idiot Jay from nowhere

chatted me up on whatsapp, I was like

who be this one na.

Jay: is me Jay.

Me: ok.

Jay: you sweet oh, I want make we be friends.

Me: ok.

Jay: friends with benefit.

Me: which benefit?

Jay: anytime we wan do, we go do.


was like this one don drink gutter water

this early morning, I blocked him on Whatsapp

sharp sharp and went out to do my laundry.

I went to Franklin’s house that Sunday

and find him at home, he was with another

girl already. I tried begging but he asked

me to leave but I refused, he slapped

me. gosh! his palm left a red mark on face,

I didn’t know when I started crying and

left his house, I came to my lodge and

find my father waiting for me. He asked

me what the matter was and I told him,

He dragged to Franklin’s house and got

him arrested. That boy no really get sense

to raise his hand and slap a fine girl like

me, he isn’t even fine like that oh and

two minutes guy on top. Evening Jay came

into my room without knocking, I was lying

on my bed reading some hand-out.

Jay: babe, how far?

Me: who ask you to enter?

Jay: ahhh! aahhh… na because of that small boy Franklin you dey act like this?

Me: wetin you want?

Jay: sas you fine, see Gift I like you well well.

Me: I no like you, abeg commot for my room.

Jay: your ni-pples come dey stand?


wasn’t wearing any panties then when

Jay entered my room with just boxer and

singlet, I didn’t even know when n-ipples

got excited because of his presence. He

used that opportunity to pounce on me,

kissing me all over my body not giving

me any space. I tried pushing him off my

body but he dipped his hand inside the

short I wore and inserted his two fingers

inside my sugar-pot. He started fingering

me, gossh! I was so we-t. I couldn’t push

him off again, I chuk my hand enter inside

his boxer and brought out his hard kulikuli.

And messaged it as he dragged down

my bumshort I wore and spread my legs wide.

He started su-cking me, teasing my c--t.

He raised one of my leg and hung on his

shoulder to pen-etrate, I asked him of

co-ndom and he shook his head. Naso

the mood die, I got away from him sharp

sharp, telling him to get condom. He begged

and begged but I refused, he quickly wore

his boxer with his hard di-ck leading the way

and went to get co-ndom from his room.

I locked the door and started playing music

with laptop while I went to take a shower

in the bathroom. He knocked and knocked,

begging seriously for me to let him in.

This guy sha… friends with benefit no

go kill am. Our Elder say weakness of

a bird doesn’t stop it from flying.


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