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Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


I tell you Sarah our small house-maid

don spoil, just imagine the girl was pestering

me about my brother that she loves him. I come

dey wonder na picture she love or person

wey dey overseas, I told her that she is too small

to talk about marriage and love. And the

girl claimed she isn’t a small pikin, aunty

wetin you be na? because you small for

my eyes or you be small mama. She even

claimed that she will do my brother well

whenever they want to do mommy and

daddy, that small girl is something else.

I wonder who told her all these kind of

stuffs, she told me that she always peep

whenever her parents did it in the night.

How manage? one room came her reply.

Back to the matt when Clara tried to test

my height over her shortness, after Corper

Puna was disgraced by me. I didn’t how

come Clara figured it out that I was the

one ’cause no one was suspecting me

of the crime, she rushed from only God

knows and met me having a cool time

under a mango tree with my break-time

snacks I bought.

Clara: witch, shebi you don succeed?

Me: na me you dey call witch, calanja?

Clara: na me you dey call dwarf, Gift?

Me: I no get strength for you, commot here.

Clara: na you do that thing to Corper Tony?

Me: na you send Corper Puna?

Clara: pointing a finger at me I go deal with you for this school.

Me: you nodey fear, you dey point somebody wey tall pass you. You want my fall on top?


landed a slap on my face and I returned

the favour with two back and front slap

in quick succession, I pushed her forcefully

on the head and she stumbled back staggering

to the ground, she came me again and

I pressed my height on a short stature

and I made sure she is shorter than before,

before we were separated and taken to

the staff-room, they flogged both of us

but her own is way worse because she

be former SP. Brown started disturbing

me and preaching love, I no want another

wahala from any boyfriend but he refused

to give up. The thing funny how he will

woo till we get to our gate, sending love

letters to me.

Me: I don tell you no many times you nodey tire?

Brown: I nofit tire, I love you.

Me: audio love bah?

Brown: no, I truly love you.

Me: I accept.


we started dating na only hug we don

hug, Brown will be vibrating like nokia

torch anytime we hug I come dey wonder

why. And the wahala be say na me godey

start those hugs, so tiring. Which kind

boyfriend I go give myself, the most annoying

thing was when he visited me and we

spent the whole day without kiss or even

body contact, if you want to be celibate

don’t admit somebody daughter into your

celibacy before faceless thunder will strike

you death. I was so angry with him that

I refused talking to him, as a sweet-talker

he is, I couldn’t hold my silence for so

long and I told what was on my mind.

He was surprise and he told me he is

saint, person wey never shift pant before.

I doubted sha… One day he visited my

house, I took him to my bedroom and I

started another kiss section, he was new

to it and the moment we broke the kiss

he was panting like someone who has

ran two metres bare-foot. Ahh.. Ahh! He

was so excited to try it again, before I

even removed my bra cup, he has cu-mmed

in his boxer, all effort to make his kulikuli

rise yield no result. True true the guy was

a virgin, where on Earth did this one crawl

out from ehnn? abeg I don return to ona

ohh… I told him he can only be my friend

and he was excited to be one if I will always

allow him to kiss me, I agreed and he

was so happy like mad. He even bought

me a gift for agreeing, what does this one

have with kiss? After I wrote my Jamb

and scored high, then came WAEC with

enough Exam bombs I made all my papers.

I wrote POST-UTME and past, University

here I come. Our Elder say when a child

stepped into a water without knowing how

to swim, he/she will end up drowning.

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