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Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

The beautiful fair nurse approached us with fear or some kind of feelings that I couldn’t decipher.

Nurse: Baby, come here.

Little girl: is this not daddy, mom? pointing at me

Nurse: don’t be stubborn come with your mother, sweetheart.

Ugochukwu: wetin sweet about the heart, na her papa be this I mean this one? using his head to point at me

Me: guy you better behave before I jack cane for you, nurse am I her father?

Nurse: no trembling you are not shaking her head

Suddenly she loosen her grip from the child and her two hands was forced to her throat, she grabbed her throat choking it.

Nurse: aahh! he…l coughing

Little girl: mommy, why are you coughing?

Ugochukwu: guy this one don pass joke, person dey kill herself.

We had to rescue her because she was strangling herself of life, it wasn’t an easy task to release the hands pressed tightly to her neck. She fainted after we are able to loosen the clutched hands to her throat.

We called on the nurses to attend to her while I asked the doctor in charge to run a DNA test on the child and me.

We stayed in the hospital looking after the little girl play around who doesn’t know her mom was dying inside, the doctor called me to her office.

Doctor: here is the report.

Me: thank you, doc.

I took the medical reports and didn’t understand what is written there, too many medical blabla..

Me: am I her father?

Doctor: yes, you are.

I was happy and terrified also because I remembered Veronica was pregnant and didn’t give birth to the child because of circumstances and now God has blessed me with another child, I came out of the doctor’s office to see Ugochukwu waiting for me.

Me: how many minutes you don dey wait for me for here?

Ugochukwu: em never too tay, I been go visit my mother for her ward. so how far?

Me: I smile na my pikin she be.

Ugochukwu: how? when you play away you no tell me?

Me: I tell you but you been dey doubt me, remember?

We went to see the nurse that gave birth to my child but she was still lying there unconscious, I carried the little girl with me and she was pinching my nose, ear, and playing with anything she find at the reach of her hands.

A nurse was by her side watching her every move.

Me: how is she?

Nurse: she refused to wake up we haven’t seen such case in this hospital, we will soon call a pastor.

Ugochukwu: I get one wey dey cast demons with rotten teeth and wings, make I give you the number sef.

Nurse: laughing you are funny, I will rather call my pastor, can I speak with you alone?

Me: no problem, lets see outside.

I hand over the little girl to Ugochukwu and she started crying, Ugochukwu body odour na em make the pikin cry.

I have to bribe her before she stopped crying, smile girl.

We left the ward and came to a more suitable place to talk, the nurse was hesitating before she finally let out the cat.

Nurse: my friend Linda was once married.

No wonder she no tight that night, her husband must have finished all the milk and honey then expand the coast down there.

Nurse: but she was unable to give birth for years and she was divorced, a pastor was the one who gave her the revelation of sleeping with unconscious person before she will give birth, I hope you understand my friend Linda’s action sir. I hope you won’t take away her joy or make any legal attack.

Me: I have no such plans, but the kid should be with me for now because she is still in coma.

Nurse: I don’t think so, it will be okay if you let her stay with me if by tomorrow she didn’t wake up. I will hand her over to you.

Nice business sha.. I had no choice but to agree, we went back inside and saw Ugochukwu dosing like someone thag was drunk and the little girl was busy disturbing her mom.

Little girl: daddy, mommy isn’t waking up.

Me: she is sleeping, don’t disturb her.

Little girl: sleep mommy, I won’t disturb you again.

I had to beat Ugochukwu out of the sleep before we left the hospital I told the nurse to take good care of my daughter and gave her some cash to take good care of her, on our way home.

A mad man stood on the road preventing our car from passing, I tried to move to other lane but he still went ahead blocking us with seriousness.

I moved out of the road ’cause I was kind of preventing people from moving, immediately I cleared from the tarred road the mad man moved away from the road laughing.

Mad man: laughing mad man, he wants to run away from his shadow.

He turned sharply and started running screaming incoherent gibberish.

To Be Continued..

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