Neutral Emotions

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NEUTRAL EMOTIONS [Emoción Perdida]

Written By: Ayomikun Bam


Location: Somewhere in the city of Zaragoza.

Time: 9:45 P.m.

Shoe heels sounded in the medium sized hall. They walked towards the long table. They were in black suits and hat which covered their face from clear sight. The group consists of seven woman and seven men. The men sat at the left hand side while the women sat opposite them.

They sat down and took each other hands in a firm clasp.

A man entered with a suitcase in his hands. He joined them making the team fifteen in numbers. Seven women eight


“Damas y caballeros (Ladies and gentlemen)” He greeted in Spanish and removed his hat. They also removed their hat and dropped it on the table.

“Tonight, our reign is about to start.” He paused and opened the suitcase. “Here, we’re going to rule this fourteen cities in spain. La sangre se derramará (Blood will spill). Anyone who crosses our path will go to the hereafter. Retomaremos lo que es nuestro (We will take back what’s ours). You all have helped me become the mayor in this city and I, Antonio will pay back according to the oath of allegiance.” He said.

“Where is the emissary?” A man sitting at the left hand side, third to the last asked.

“Oh! Death emissary you mean, Santiago? There. Sebastian” The leader, Antonio said pointing to the dark.

He walked in slowly. It was as if he was counting his steps. He stood in front of them. They could see his face but not clearly.

“I already explained everything to him and guess what? He’s eager to strike” The leader said.

They murmured amongst themselves. Some chuckled.

“Antonio. Did you tell him we’re taking over cities, killing mayors of each fourteen cities of our choice and not politicians or ordinary men” Another man said.

The leader, Antonio chuckled. “Seb, introduce yourself”

“You know my name already. Can I know yours? Ladies first.” Sebastian said. His voice was so soft that it could melt any hard thing.

“I’m Quinn. I..” A woman introduced.

“You’re 46 years old. Divorced. You own the mall at the central of the city. Your two daughters studies at Nyc. Secret bodyguards with them. Maya and Mila.”

“Oh! No” Mrs. Quinn exclaimed.

“Secret bodyguards disguised as students are with them which they don’t know. You..” Sebastian continued.

“Stop! No one knows this information. quién eres tú? (Who are you?)” Mrs. Quinn asked, marveled.

Antonio chuckled. “That’s it. He knows spain and info like el dorso de sus manos (The back of his hands)” Antonio said, smiling. The looks on their face shows, surprise and it seems they were satisfied. He would surely carry out the mission without much ache to their head.

“I’ll send the files to you but first thing first… el juramento (The oath)” Antonio said and brought out a knife.



Boom. Are you all ready to visit spain? Make sure you get your popcorn ready and…. And… And… Ion know, sha get ready.


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