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Mr Ojimaojo, you had a child from the intercourse of that first night” she said and Mr Samuel nodded his head in the negative.

“No ma, I don’t.. I ..I have not even set my eyes on her since that night. Her step father later became remorseful for sending her out of the house and came looking for her but I told him that I didn’t know her whereabout.” He explained.

“I’m not asking you sir, I’m telling you that she became pregnant from that night’s encounter and gave birth to a girl.” She revealed and people began to make noise; some were saying thank God owing to the fact that Mr Samuel that his wife had accused him of not being able to father children , while others were murmuring words best known to them. Mr Samuel stood there gazing at nothing.

“While hell was keen on destroying you, a child of consolation was formed in that girl and that child is heaven’s intervention to save you from dying a sorrowful death.” She revealed and Mr Samuel, began to shed tears.

“I already planned to take my own life if after this program, my situation refuses to change for the better” he confessed and everybody began to shout,

“I’ve been suffering depression with no one to help me out. So, I thought suicide will be the best option after this program” he continued and wept so bitterly. The woman of God herself began to shed tears and after a short silence,she spoke up,

“Are you ready to meet your daughter?” She asked him as she wiped off the tears in her eyelids and Mr Samuel nodded his head indicating readiness.

“I’m ready!” He said with a broken voice. And the woman of God smiled.

“I’m the child, your daughter” she said but Mr Samuel didn’t seem to hear her well. Everyone opened their eyes and ears wide with readiness to hear the woman repeat herself the second time.

She wiped her tears and repeated her first statement knowing that the people were anxious to hear her repeat herself. The whole crowd went agog with jubilation, shouting and crying at the same time.

But Mr Samuel was yet to accept the reality before him as he stood stiff starring into the space, his legs suddenly became frozen as the Pastor approached him and he fell into the Pastor’s arms, unable to talk,only shedding tears.

The woman of God dropped the microphone, and was led out of the stage by a group of pastors whom the Pastor instructed to take her to the hotel suit which they had initially paid for to lodge her.

People began to rush towards Mr Samuel touching and cheering him as the Pastor held him out of the stage. The crusade was quickly brought to an end at exactly 4:20 pm but the crowd refused to go as they formed groups among themselves talking and clasping their hands and discussing only what God knows.

In few minutes, journalists arrived Okpara Square and asked to see Daughter of Zion and Mr Samuel but were told by the people that they had gone to the pastor’s house. They asked some eye witnesses few questions and left for the pastor’s house to hear from the duos. In less than 30minutes, the Internet and news stations were already buzzing with the news headlines:

“The Renowned Woman Preacher, ‘Daughter Of Fire’ Finds And Unites With Her Biological Father For The First Time’.

On Facebook, different bloggers posted different breaking news headlines to attract people. One of such blogs posted an headline with the words;

” Daughter of Fire(aka, Zion Omaojo) who was born out of wedlock finds her biological father after 24years during The Enugu Miracle Crusade. ” and gained thousands of comments from the Facebook followers.

Some were wishing and praying they find their own biological father and mother some day in a miraculous way too, while some other persons made jokes out of the trending news.

The Pastor and Mr Samuel, arrived the hotel where the woman of God was lodged, exchanged pleasantries once more and after a while, they excused father and daughter to meet properly and talk.


In her hotel suit later that evening after spending enough time with her father, Zion called Baba fire to inform him on the latest development. On dropping her phone, the phone started buzzing and on seeing the caller, she smiled and picked up the call immediately.

“Hello sweetheart,” she said beaming with smiles and the caller spoke up with a muscular voice.

“And how is my beautiful queen doing?” The caller asked with a tone of intimacy and Zion grinned from ear to ear in chuckles.

After some tête-a-tête conversation between Zion and her estranged caller, the caller asked,

” I’m listening to the news right now and it’s everywhere in the air. Is it for real? ” the caller asked with excitement and Zion bursted into laughter.

“Yes my love, I’ve found my biological father” she replied and they spoke on laughing at intervals.

“Hey! Am coming back to Abuja first thing tomorrow morning and you must celebrate my birthday for me” she said trying to act serious.

“I was ready to do that yesterday but you traveled out for your programs. So, we are carrying over the Queen’s birthday tomorrow and I don’t mind turning the city of Abuja upside down for you..” The caller announced and they both began to laugh again.

” And least I forget, tell your ever faithful driver to stay far away from you tomorrow. I will do the driving tomorrow. On that note, shall pick you up from the airport myself.. ” the caller said romantically Zion giggled again covering her mouth with her palms…

Who is this lover boy again calling Zion?

And it’s like she has fallen for him o

What do you think?

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