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Raguel stood near the window as he waited for Elena to wake up.

Today there were going to invade the demons territory and he was really worried about his soulmate, he doesn’t want her to get hurt, left for him Elena would have stayed at home.

He sighed softly as he continue to stare outside until Elena spoke;

I can feel your worry from here, she said in a whisper but her Angel heard her very well, Raguel turned to look at her.

Am sorry for waking you up, just go back to sleep, he said but Elena ignored him as she drag her body from the bed and made her way to her soulmate.

She wrapped her hands around her soulmate, I know what you are thinking, she said softly, Raguel knows he can’t get anything pass his soulmate, ever since the intimate moment they share, their feelings and emotion got stronger, its just impossible to hide something from the other.

I just don’t want you to get hurt, he said

I know that Elena said, but this war is what we need so we can live in peace, we can’t keep running from them.

Raguel nodded his head, he knows she is right

Come on let’s take a shower together, she said as she led him to the bathroom, they both strip their clothes off and Elena captured Raguel’s lips in a kiss, there was nothing soft about the kiss, it was demanding, she put her legs around Raguels waist as she continue to kiss him.

Raguel pressed her back aganist the wall as he took charge of the kiss, he kissed her with passion, and trail kisses all over her body for a while until Raguel presses one last kiss on her lips, he knows they need to stop, because they are people waiting for them downstairs, Elena Untangles her leg from Raguel’s waist and stood on the ground.

“Everything will be alright” she said in a whisper.

Raguel nodded his head as they both wash each other up.

The kiss was a distraction they need to keep their minds from what is going to happen.

They finished taking their shower and they both left their bedroom and head downstairs.

Elena spotted Seven person, she does not know as they entered the living room.

she saw her parents sitting at corner, her fathers hand was wrapped tightly around her mother and he was whispering things in her ear.

Elena smiled softly, no matter how many she has seen her parents so close to each other, it always makes her happy.

Raguels hand were still holding onto his soulmate, he needed to touch her, because he knows when they leave this place and venture into the demons territory, he would not be able to feel her touch.

He led her to the couch, as they sat down he put his hand around her, he saw his father in a deep conversation, with another Angel, he did not expect so many Angels to help them,with the war and he wonder what Michael actually told them.

Since we are all here, Raphael said, gaining everybody’s attention,making some of the Angels to move closer.

Our aim in this war is to target the “Demons leader” killing him means we a can have peace of mind, Raphael said sternly making everyone nod their heads in agreement.

We have to take what is rightfully ours from those demons, they have done enough he said as he glance at Samael who nods his head in agreement, he has really suffer more in the hands of the demons, we are not going to Sit back and wait for them to do more, Raphael continued,

we are going to tell them that we are in charge and they don’t get to control us, we are Angels and those demons are nothing but rags compare to us,

we will let them know they mess with the wrong people, with the wrong family, he said as he looked at the faces of his family, yes that’s what they are to each other “family.”

Everybody stood up, he could see the determination in their eyes, that alone made Raphael smile.

“Family” they all repeated .

We will set out to the demons territory now, Raphael said, as they all continue to put things together.

Raguel walk up to his father, his father Immediately pulled him into a hug, he hugged his father tightly;

“Be safe my son”, he said,

Be safe too Raguel replied his father

Raguel saw Michael standing alone and watching the crowd of people interacting with each other, he walked up to him and stood in front of him, blocking his view from the people, making Michael to look at him.

Raguel immediately pulled Michael into a hug, Michael did not expect it, b he was very still and he did not try to hug back.

At least he did not push me away, Raguel whispered to himself, he knows Michael does not like physical contact that much, he pulled back a little, be safe Raguel said to him.

you too Michael mumbled as he walked away.

Samael still had his hand around Maria, he was finding it difficult to let go of her, Maria is the only human in the room, so she won’t be going to the demons territory and Samael was finding it difficult to leave Maria at home.

I know you don’t want to leave me, but you have to be there for our daughter, Maria said softly.

I know, but I don’t want to make the same mistake I made with Julia, I don’t want anything to happen to you, Samael said.

Nothing is going to happen to me, I will be fine, Maria said trying to convince Samael, she was really was scared but she does not want Samael to stay with her.

Elena walked up to her mother and pulled her into a hug, be safe my daughter, Maria whispered In her ears, Elena nodded her head, as she pulled back from her mother.

Its time, let’s go Raphael said, samael stood up and looked at Maria he hugged her, please be here when I get back, he said as he kissed.

I will be here waiting for you, Maria said.

All the Angel flash their wings and left for the demons camp, Maria watched as they all left, she sighed softly as she made her way to her bedroom.

******* *** *****

All the Angels landed at the demons territory they could sense demons all around them, they glance at each other and Raguel pushed the door opened.

“Angels” the demons said in unison as they were shocked to see the Angels,

The Angels then took a stand to fight the demons but before they could fight the door was pushed opened with force causing the door to fall down.

Steven, with some other demons strolled in;

we have been waiting for you, he said

The Angels shared a glance around themselves

You still don’t get it, do you? Steven asked as he laughed, you did not just see that demon in your house by chance, he said as he grinned widely, I sent him there on purpose so this can be actualize he said as more demons entered the room and surround the Angels.

Its a trap, we know you will come, when you find out we are planning to invade your house, he laughed.

Hello Elena, Steven said as he made an attempt to move to where Elena was standing.

If you come close to her, I will rip your head off, Raguel growled

Steven just laughed, I will love to see you try he said as he continue to move closer to her, but Samael and Raguel immediately stood in front of Elena and pushed Steven backward, the Angels strength was very strong making Steven to hit the ground very hard.

Steven’s eyes flashes red, he was very angry, he glanced at his demons,

“ATTACK THEM” He shouted making the demons lunge for the Angels.

The demons fight dirty but the Angels were very skilled.

Samael and Raguel were fighting the demons but they both had their eyes on Steven, Elena was doing very well in fighting the demons.

A demon was charging towards Raguel from the side but Raguel was not paying attention to his sides, Michael ran quickly and step in Raguel’s place, making the demons knife to cut through his hand, he screamed in pain as he pushed the demon down, Raguel saw what was happening and he quickly turned and knock the demon out.

He rushed to Michael side, are you alright? He asked,

Don’t worry about me, we have a war to fight Michael said as he stood up, and tore a piece of cloth and wrapped it around his wounded hand, Raguel gave him a little squeeze on the shoulder before they both turned and continue to fight.

Samael fight close to his daughter, both father and daughter were doing very well, Samael wasted no time as he lunge for Steven, who was about to escape the fight, he pulled him across the room and shoved him against the wall.

Steven screamed in pain and got some of the attentions of the demons, those demons started making their way to their master, but Raphael and Raguel wage them off.

Do you enjoy the pain? Samael shouted at Steven

Steven laughed in spite of the pain he was in;

I enjoyed killing your Soulmate, he spat, I made a mistake by leaving your stupid daughter alive, he said as he stood up, but am going to rectify that mistake now.

Before Samael could even blink an eye, Steven had Elena in his hands, it all happened so fast that Samael could not even react.

Steven’s hand around Elena was tight and Elena struggled in the grip of Steven, Raguel quickly noticed what was going on

Don’t you dare do anything to her, Raguel said

Are you going to stop me Steven changelled

No, but he will, Raguel pointed at Steven’s back, before Steven could turn, he was shoved hard to the ground by Raphael making Elena fall also, Raguel immediately rushed to her side and pull her up.

This is your end Steven, Samael said as he grabbed hold of Steven’s neck, and snapped it and pushed his lifeless body to ground.

The demons around saw that their leader was dead some tried to escape, but the Angels killed them all.

Let’s go home Samael said as they make their way home.

immediately they landed in the house, Samael looked around the living room for Maria, but she was not there, his heart dropped he called her name and then he heard a loud footsteps coming down, immediately he saw her he pulled her into a hug,

Am glad you are okay She said, all of you, she added as she looked around, Elena quickly rushed to their sides and join the hug.

Raphael moved to where Michael was standing and healed his wounds alongside other Angels who sustained injuries .

Suddenly they saw a bright light and two female Angels landed in the room, all the Angels looked at each other with surprise because they recognise the Angels.

They were the “messengers Angels”.

I can see the war is over, one of the female Angels spoke.

we knew this was going to happen from the onset she said and Raguel we knew you were not guilty of the crime you were accused of and those two Angels has been punished by heaven.

You just needed to connect your bond fast with your soulmate so that Samael could find his daughter and Steven could be stopped, he has killed so many Angels already .

Then why did you not help us with this war? Raphael said

The female Angel laughed;

How do you think Michael convinced these Angels to help she said as she pointed at them.

we knew you guys will need all the help, so when Michael came, we gave all these Angels the permission to go she said.

Since all this is settled, I can as well give you my message she said, as she looked at Raguel and Elena before she spoke;

“The child in the womb is no ordinary child, thee bond your child is going to connect will be stronger and greater than yours, your child and your child’s soulmate are very special and they will be of help in the future”.

Its time to go home Angels she said, to the Angels who helped in the war, she glanced at Samael and Raphael, I know you are not coming back to heaven she said making them nod,

she looked at Michael;

Are you ready to go back home Michael? She asked

Michael looked at Raguel and the rest of the people he has been staying with;

They are my family now and am home, he said, making Raguel actually breathe a sign of relief, he smiled widely at Michael .

Very well then, we will be on our way, the female Angel said as they a flashed their wings and head back to heaven.

Raguel suddenly remember what the female demon said;

“The child in your womb” he turned to face Elena who was looking at him, as if she was expecting him to ask a question

Are you pregnant? Raguel asked

Elena nodded her head, I found out two days ago

Two days ago, Raguel said and you did not tell me, what if something had happened to the baby today? Raguel asked.

That’s the reason I did not tell you, I know you would have stopped me from going to the war, she said

You risked the life of our baby? Raguel said

I know, and am sorry, I know it was a very reckless thing to do and am very sorry she said

Raguel was not angry with her, it impossible for soulmate to be angry at each other, he pulled her into a hug.

We are having a baby he said with excitement in his voice, everybody in the room smiled widely, it was definitely a good news and they needed such news at this time.

Congratulations son, Raphael said as he squeeze his son’s shoulder.

Maria immediately rushed to her daughter and pulled her into a hug, Samael as came forward joining the hug.

Am so happy for the both of you, Maria said

Thank you mom, Elena said with a smile,

Michael came to his Raguel’s side and congratulated him,

Am so happy you decide to stay back Raguel said to Michael before he walked away Michael turned and gave him a smile.

This calls for a celebration Maria said, making everyone to shout in agreement.

Raguel wrapped his hand around Elena’s waist, he looked into her eyes and smile as he places a soft kiss on her lips

” I love you” he said

“I love you too” Elena replied with a smile.


This book has officially ended

Thanks for all the support, and comment I really appreciate it.

They will be a book 2

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