My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E40

4 weeks ago

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I left Ada’s house by afternoon after a romp

which she seduced me into. My mind was not

there all through the thrusting and she noticed

it. On her inquiry I gave her some flimsy

excuse and the next one hour saw me going

home in a cab Ada Hired.

I kept on thinking how to settle scores with

my madam, it was then I realised the

consequence of my deeds! I was so foolish. I

kept on cracking my brain for an excuse but it

seem my brain have suddenly shut down as no

smart idea was coming forth.

I was jerked back to reality by the Taxi driver

when we reached Bwari market. I gave him

direction to drive towards Nigeria Law school

he gave me a queer look but I was not


When I arrived home I brought out my sim and

inserted it back into my phone and

immediately two messages popped in and

hurriedly I opened it only to see “Do you know

you can fly like winch?” for more details text

FLY to 5506. I hissed, When Mtn wan get

sense naw? But then the next message was

from my madam!

I hesitated to open the message but when I

finally did I was emotionally touched by its

content. “What have you done? Why is your

phone switched off? Hope nothing wrong went

on. Call me immediately you receive this


I made to call her immediately but I paused.

What will I tell her? But it was too late my

finger have already dialled her number. And I

placed the receiver on my ear as I listened to

the beeping sound with my heart beating at a

rate I can’t calculate.

“Hello” that was my madam’s voice no doubt.

She sounded surprised and a bit curious or

was it just my imagination playing tricks on

me? I kept mute and I heard

“Hello!” this time louder.

“Hello ma” I replied with a subdued voice.

“Yes, Nnaji is that you?” she sounded

troublesomely excited.

“Yes ma it’s me” I replied with a clearer voice.

“What happened? Where are you. Hope you

are fine”

At this point tears almost flowed down my

eyes, see how caring she sounds.

“Am fine ma” I managed to answer.

“Where are you?”

” am at home”

“O thank Goodness, atleast you are safe I

thought something bad happened to you!”

“No ma, it’s quit a long story but am ok”

“Can you come over to the house? We need to

talk this out you don’t seem ok”

“Alright ma, I will be on my way”

Fast forward X 30mins

I was in her sitting room so mute and sick not

knowing how to explain myself. But the way

she was taking everything cool was sicking me

the more and I allowed my emotions rather

than my intuition took a grip of my being and

I started talking.

I narrated to her how I went to Ada’s place,

how all I did was just plans to manoeuvre her

and go see her Daughter Ada. It was too late

to hold back my tongue. I never knew when I

said that much as she I felt a sharp sting on

my face. She just gave me a hot slap.

“Get out of my house!” she screamed pointing

towards the doors.

I made to explain but she screamed louder,

ordering me to leave immediately and I

stuttered out of the room with face all

squeezed up and a crushed heart. I left for my

house and arrived in the next one hour.

What the fuvk have I done? I kept asking

myself and hated my being at that moment.

You should never allow your emotions to take

a better grip of your being. Women don’t like

emotional men! Brothers take note. But for

how long will I keep lying to cover another lie?

I felt eased but still devastated.

That evening I decide to go out and un cloud

my mind but I never knew I was about to face

a bigger trouble out there.

As I went out I plugged in my earpiece into

my ear and scrolled through my play list and

selected Akon’s SORRY as the song blast into

my ears I unconsciously mouthed some of the

lyrics, I noticed My land Lord’s daughter

waving at me and saying something I could

not hear but I just waved and continued

walking mechanically.

Just when I was about to take the bend that

leads to the main road I saw some guys

approaching, the red dim lights of their

cigarettes sparkling against the dark

background. I never thought much about them

as I mouthed “…sorry for the fact I grew way

too fast…” in a low tune. The next thing that

hit me passed me away for some minutes!

To Be Continued..

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