My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E39

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After drinking and some small talks she told

me we will be going to the show by 9pm as

it’s an all night show. In my mind I have

small money. , only 4k I hope this babe will

not be expecting me to pay the bills. Well I

remembered I told her earlier and I calmed


As we talked her phone kept ringing. Her

friends have been expecting her and were

calling to know what’s up. After the fifth call

she switched off her phone, as I inquired why

she just gave me this ‘ I want to do some

serious business’ look. we were seated on the

bed together and she started complimenting

my lips, how they looked fresher than the last


“You’ve been kissing alot right?” She teased

and I just smiled.

“I know you have been kissing my mum” She

retorted again. I knew where this was leading

to so I edged forward and grabbed her lips

with mine.

The way she responded to the kiss told me she

have been expecting it. Our tongues flicker

fastly against each other’s and soon hands

were peeling shirts. How my boxers came off

surprised me and when I bare her body I can’t

say but all I can remember was she slipped

her hands under the pillow, brought out a

condom and rolled it over my ladle.

I needed no direction, I knew where I was

going to and I went straight. No time for

teasing no time for much pre-intimacy. I found

thw silky folds with my Ladle and logded in.

Immediately I logded in, the memories of the

tight elastic silky folds came rushing back to

my brain. Warmer than ever. This time I wtaa

taking it on my own will not under duress.

I shoot to and fro in slow rhythm while she

wiggled under, gently I increased my pace and

soon was practically slapping our thighs as it

produces the sound of cupped clapping palms.

Thanks to the fan in the room. It cooled our

boiling skin.

The warmness, the suddenness of the whole

stuff and the fact that I came out from the

Kitty that Ada came out from few hours ago

made me crazier and I couldn’t hold it for

long and soon I felt that spasm from within

and soon I shoot my schism and collapsed on

top of her.

Within seconds I regained my strength and

rolled off her and I noticed sadness on her

face. She was not happy, I knew it’s because

she have not Pour, she confirmed my thouhts

when she said. “What happened today, you

cummed to fast”

I just smiled at her, I don’t like talking during

s*x so I just rolled off the bed grabbed tissue

and wiped the condom away.

Immediately I did that I turned and gave her a

wicked grin as I stepped closer. She was

looking in anticipation as I egded closer. I

grabbed her lips with mine once more and she

responds so madly. She was certainly freaking

Hot. immediately my fingers strolled down

south and I rubbed the lips, avoiding her

hood. I parted the lips and dip half of my

finger and a flood of Kitty juice greeted me.

She was dripping wet!

unfused my lips from her mouth and went

over to her neck region down to her ear lobes

and without warning I blew a small hot air

into her ears and used my tongue to swirl

round the pinna. That act made her thrash as

she tried to remove her head by I used my free

hand to pin her in place and continued my

torture while the other finger rubbed the Kitty

lips, touching the hood once in a while.

Like a the devil entered me I suddenly stopped

and stood up straight from her. She tried to

pull me back to her but I retrained and I saw

the pleas in her eyes. You guys that have left

a girl in the midst of intense pleasure will

have a perfect picture of my description.

I knew she will be wondering what the devil is

wrong with me but I knew what my mission

was. I head straight to the fridge and opened

it. Whole and behold I found what I needed.

Whole yoghurt. So chilled and almost iced. I

grabbed it and headed back to bed. It seems

she anticipated what I wanted to do as I felt

her body shudder in anticipation.

Back to bed I poured a little of the yoghurt on

her nippless and she squirmed. I felt them got

turgid. I poured a little on her belle button

too. I looked at her body. It was good! The

youghurt, though really thick and iced was

about to drip down so I plunged in with my

tongue. I flicked away the yougurt gently from

her tips till my lips were flicking her turgid

nipplesss. She was moaning already arching

her back for my touch, that was when I killed

it. I engulfed the whole Tip and I felt how hard

it was between my teeth. I greased my teeth

on it gently and it threatened to burst.

I went to the next Tip and repeated the same

thing. She was thrashing out with pleasures

as I perform my manly duties. Done with her

Tips I moved down south. Leaving traces of

saliva as I trace down my tongue. Finally I got

to her belle button licked up the yoghurt that

have dripped down her body. I licked it clean,

she was already using her fingers on her self

all this while but as I arrived the scene I

removes her fingers and grabbed my yoghurt.

I poured a lot of quantity and started lapping

it like a cat lapping milk. Her moans were too

loud but I was too busy to care.

I lapped the yoghurt finished and it was

sweeter as it have mixed with some Kitty

juice. I grabbed her heavy laps and parted it

as I dragged her down to the edge of the bed

and knelt on the floor. This is what I call the

‘Cunnilingus torture’ I buried my head into the

road to hell and lapped the hot kityy juice

Parting the kitty lips to get a deeper taste.

She was thrusting up to meet my s-----g

action and I concentrated all my tongue

muscles into the tip and drove in. I started

tongue lashing her while my thumb was busy

kneading her c--t.


At 9pm we were seated at the Congress

Centre hall at Transcorp Hilton Hotels

Maitama. Different artiste were preforming to

the merriment of the crowd. Abuja is indeed a

beautiful city at night. The hotel was too

beautiful at night than day. While we entered,

the large pool glittered and I stood in awe but

Ada dragged me along.


The night was the bomb, 2face killed it all.

Ada and I later drove back to her apartment

by 4pm. See T.fare naw. 4k from Maitaima to

Gwagwalada. It was inderd a memorable

night. We were both dead tired when we

arrived and slept off.

I woke up by 9am. Ada was still sleeping. My

head was banging slightly and I tried to

recollect the events of the night. Immediately I

remembered how I left my madam and my

mood. spoiled, should I call her? or wait till

mor and cook up a story for her again?

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