My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E38

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As she drove I kept of straining my eyes to

the next bend. Happily I sighted one,I grabbed

my liver.

“The next turn I told her and when she reached

there she halted. The rpad was really bad and

this is what I needed to carry out my plan.

immediately I saw thw hesitation in her face to

pilot that way I spoke up.

“No ma the road is too bad for you to enter ” I


I told her to wait for me while I get the stuff. I

pointed at an unknown house down the street

and told her that my Cousin stays behind that

house She agrees and immediately I stepped

out of the car I knew I was about to

dissapiont her bigtime.

Down the road I kept a straigt face not turning

back to look so as to avoid any suspicion. I

was planning to find an alternative route to

UniAbuja which I beleive there waa and I will

just leave my madam there. How about my

phone? I will take care of that one.

Down the street saw a shop and I went in to

buy Etisalat network. I only use my Etisalat

lines for browsing and not.calling due to thier

high tariff. Immediately I recharged the

Etisalat I switched off my phine and renoved

my Mtn line, that is the only number she have.

No one have my Etisalat line even me sed I

don’t know what the numbers look like.

Plan one executed! My sim card was now

switched off so no way she will contact me.

Immediately I put on thw phine I dialles Ada.

“Yes who’s this?” She asked. That girl can be

rude sha.

“Nneji , I said”

“O baby where are you now?” she sounds

excited.”Am right in front of your school,

gimme directions”

“Wooow, I don’t live inside school, just chill

there lemme come pick you up with a cab”

“Ok” I replied and ended the call.

Immediately I asked the occupant of a shop

nezt to the one I bought card from, how I can

gwt to UniAbuja Main gate. He directed me

towrads where I came in from abd I told him I

need an alternative rpute. He just stippes a

bike for me and spoke Hausa to the bike ma

and soon I was on my way.

It didn’t take the bike man Long to arrive at

the same gate we passed few mins ago. I paid

him 2h and he left. I waited patiently and

hoped that no one I know spots me here. That

thought made me to enter the school gate. I

dialles Ada and she told me ahe was almost

close by. I removed my wallet and counted

and surprisingly I have 8k on me, tgat means

my madam gave me 5k cos what I have before

waa 3k plus some extra change. I waa so glad

but sad I was disappointing her and putting

her some hard time cos she will definitely

come to look for me and it will soon get dark.

I felt bad for all my action buy I couldn’t turn

back at this point.I mean I have gone too far


Soon my phine started ringing and I shook

with fear but quickly remembered that only my

Ada have that number at that moment. I

picked and she told me she waa outside. I

went out and apotted an Abuja Taxi and

wondered if ahe was inside the car I don’t see

far so I couldn’t know.

I was to confirm she waa the one when she

came out of the cab and acreames my name. I

turnes and behold she was stunning! Dressed

in a mini flowi g gown that stops just below

her knees. The top dis little to conceal her

heavy melons. I pitied the taxi driver, how was

he able to cope with all this flesh on display?

I asked myself.

She rushed to me and gave me a tight hug,

and I felt the softness of her melons press

against my tender cheat and I knew She was

with no bra! It’s really been a while. Three

qeeks since we last saw.

“Wooow you look so beautiful as ever”,I

complimented her and she threw a blush at


“What of you?” Shw said as we walked towards

the cab, I knew by now the taxi driver will be

saying “Stupid generation” That’s what them

old papas always say wheb they see us flirt.

Like say them too no flirt o.

in the cab we kept exchanging compliments

and I was openly touching her exposed flesh

as I complimented. We seem to have forgotten

that the cab man was there. Her apartment

was not far from the school as the cab pulled

up soon in front if a luxurious looking student


She paid off the cab man and we disappeared

through the gate. The lushness of the

Compund kept me wondering if it was really

students that luve here of family people. It

waa so neat and well planned. We entered her

room and it had similarity with her room at

home. So pinkish and girly, sweet fragrance, a

really large bed.

Immediately I sat down on the bed and lay

back to stretch, she pounced on me.

“so what do I get for my baby?” She asked

with a sultry voice.

“Anything baby, just anything you have” I

managed to answer under her weight. “E be

like say you no know say you heavy o” I said

in my head as she lifted herself from me.

She went over the fridge and brought two

drinks, a bottle of beer and a bottle of spirit.

“Here, we are” She said as she dropped the

items on the bedside stool. As I rose up I

caught a full glimpse of her front Bosom due

to her bending posture. The Bosom promised

to spill out but she stood up before they fulfil

there promises to me. “Wooooooooooow, I

don’t drink beer when am not in a social

ground please” I pleaded. I don’t like beer,

especially Lagar beer. I prefer to take Stout.

“You see, you were the one that said anything

o” She replied with a catty face.

Immediately she went to get While youghurt

for me. I knew this means some Jolly time. I

checke and it was 6:59pm. What has become

of my madam?

“Sorry, yoghurt or any juice will do for now

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