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She went to the kitchen and I followed her

and she brought out some food from the

fridge again and poured it into the pot and

soon she was cooking it on the gas cooker.

“what’s cooking” I inquired. “Ofe Ora” she

replied and I couldn’t wait to get it down my

tummy. “that’s my favourite!” “Really?”And I

just nodded knowingly. She held the hem of

her wrapper and pulled it down, exposing a

whole lot of that fresh oily boooobs and

asked “Between this and this which do you

prefer?” She asked in a sultry voice. “I prefer

this” I said pointing to her exposed fleshy

boooobs “But I need this” I added pointing to

the pot of food “as desserts so I can eat this”

I finally said with my eyes drooling over her

Unclad b0s0m and she tied back her wrapper.

“Smart boy!” she made the food and we went

to the dining to eat. I must confess her Ora

soup was the best I ever had but I knew after

this ora soup I will still lick the ora soup

between her legs! I was mad but I

remembered I need to get a shirt for moro’s


“Ma, I have no clothes for tomorrow” I


“Wait for tomorrow to take care of itself” I

nodded and continued eating the salacious

meal. And I noticed her eyes drowning me.

After the meal she brought out some drinks

which I realised were energy drinks, I won’t

say the name of the drink to avoid free advert

but one thing was sure that drink contains

Aphrodite. Suddenly her phone rang and she

spoke on the phone sadly and soon her

countenance changed and that cool caring

face wore on her face. “will you come over to

the house?” she paused for some seconds as

the caller spoke “Ok expecting you then” and

she hung up with a sigh. I saw a little worry

on the formerly charming lusty face so I

decided to ask to show I care.

“What’s the matter?” “My friend, her husband

is at it again.” I did not understand what she

mean so I probed further. “What has he done”

“He beats her” I hate men that beat women no

matter what so immediately I felt pity for the

young woman even though I don’t know her.

“That’s bad” I exclaimed with anger. “Yeah

really, my husband can’t do that to me! I will

kill him” She threatens and I nodded in


She moved her head closer to me and

whispered loudly “Never you beat your


“Never!” I assured her and she nodded

withdrawing back her head.

“Ma’am I need my shirt as someone is coming

over” I proclaimed. “Are you ashamed of your

body?” “Nooo…” I said dragging the word.

“Just for courtesy and what she will think

seeing like this” I added.

She just burst into a hilarious laughter and I

wondered whats wrong with what I just said.

“Dont worry about my friend, its my house

and my friend boy” she said roling her eyes on

me. I just shrugged and nodded.

It was not up to five minutes when the door

bell rang and my madam gave me a sign of

excuse to answer the door. When she came

back to the dining there was a youmg fleshy

woman with her. a rough sketch in my brain

gave me her age as someone in her late


She was so fair. She waved at me weakly and

sat by my madam. I waved her back and

noticed the weakness in her eyes but I did not

fail to realise how beautiful and fair she is.

“Nneji meet my friend and neighbour Salome”

she said to me pointing to her friend.

And I waved again “And Babe, meet Nneji, my

sweet boy, the one I told you about” and she

smiled suddenly and waved to me. What did m

madam tell her about me? I was feeling


“O really!” Salome said “Come boy, gimme a

hug” She added as she stands up and come to

my side. I stood up awkwardly and gave her a

hug, I could not deny that my ladle kicked as

she pressed herself on me, I felt her soft

booobs on me, though my madam’s own is

bigger, hers seems softer. She held me longer

than expected till I heard my madam coughed

and she laughed away from me.

She went over to my madam. And whispered

something to her ears and both f them

laughed out loud leaving me staring confused.

I was surprised at the sudden transformation

that have come over her compare to how she

was when she entered. My madam turned to

her and asked her “Nnne what happened

again?” but she refused to talk and my madam

called me and whispered into my ears

“Please wait for me upstairs huh” I nodded

and left.

Up in the room I kept trying hard to

understand what my madam meant by “…the

one I told you About” does that man she have

been sharing her office adventure with that

her friends? And talk of the way she glowed

when she heard that, does that mean she have

been wanting to see me? I felt my ladle shot

and I gently patted the head to calm it down.

I la!d on the bed looking around the room

and I suddenly jumped out of the bed. I

watched around the room and admired the

beauty and immediately a creepy evil entered

my head and I started searching her drawers

to kill time.

I opened the drowers by the bedside and I

saw nothing of interest, searched the lower

one still nothing so I went over her dressing

table drawer, I saw some drugs. I hate drugs

so I was not interested to check them out I

opened the lower one and I was amazed! I

found it! I found what i was looking for-her

p@nties. It was stacked up t the brim of the


They were many, different shapes but mostly

thongs, ‘sxy* woman’ I thought. The sizes

were amazing, where does she shop them

because the sizes were outrageous. I grabbed

a white one with black dots and placed it over

my nose. It was still fresh, not yet worn

probably. I opened the bottom drawer and

her scent hit me sharply. Her worn p@nties

were there. About three of them, two thongs

and sheer p@nties. I grabbed it and sniffed.

O lawd!

I felt the musky scent trooping into my

nostrils and travelled to my brain. Immediately

I lost it and I did the craziest thing ever.

I grabbed the p@nties and turned it in.

i searched for the part that covers her crotch

and placed it directly over my nostrils and the

scent were concentrated. Musky and a bit wet,

and I started licking it like a child sU-Cking

feeding bottle. That is all it took my left hand

to go down my ladle and started stroking it. I

was really getting a good time as Iall the

memories of all the fuvking few hours ago run

through my head. Just as I start chewing the

p@nties the door opened and someone came


Who came in?

What will I explain I was doing with my

madam’s p@nties?

Will that end my I.T at that organisation?

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