My I.t Sexcapades - S01 E29

4 weeks ago

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She stared at my hardon, petted it and planted

that magical kiss of her on my lips again.

I went to oblivion as my brain paused.

I only came back when I felt my hands on her

b0s0m! For the first time! They were so soft and

plump and I confirmed my earlier suspicion , she

was with no bra and the lightness of her shirt

made me feel her skin through the shirt. I was

realising my dreams!

Our breathing pattern has changed and she

struggled with the hem of my singlet.

When she finally caught hold of it she pulled the

singlet over my head to bare my body and

immediately I did same to her and her boooobs

bounced right in front me and I fused my mouth

on to her b0s0m and sU-Cked like my life

depended on it. She pushed me away when she

saw I was not gonna stop. She pushed me till I

was laying on my back then she s-------d me.

There is something about this family which I

later came to analyse, they love straddling!

Her daughter did the same to me now she too.

I lay with my hands still groping all over her

body especially on her mammary glands,

pressing my source of life out of it. She plunged

her lips onto mine and we started a frenzy

kissing again. At some point she broke the kiss

and started kissing all over my face and without

warning she went over to my earlobes nibbling it

like a rabbit nibbling on some carrots. She

suddenl blew hot breeze into my ears and I

shrieked like a woman experiencing her first

heavenly feeling, she did it again and same

response then she proceeded down to my neck

spending quality time exploring my neck, I was

just feeling like I was suspended in the air, her

movement weaken me as my hands just lay limp

on her back.

When she finally attacked my chest, she

combined all her weapons to give me pleasure,

her booobs were massaging my lower abdomen

as her lips were hovering over my chest tugging

m hairs in between her teeth and pulling them

ever so tenderly and making me feel new

pleasures. When she finally held my Tips in

between her teeth I died momentarily as I heaved

heavily trying to sU-Ck in much air that will stop

me from dying young on the altar of pleasure.

Her method of giving pleasure is exceptionally!

She went down to my belle button and rolled

her tongue and finally I felt her struggling with

my belt which gave way faster than I thought

and I felt her pulling down my trouser together

with my boxers and I raised my legs

unconsciously to give her acces to Unclad me.

Soon I felt her hot breath around my g---n!

“What a fine thing” I heard her mumble and I felt

her hot breathing once more and I closed my

eyes and sU-Cked in air to sustain me.

I felt the tip of her tongue trace the length of

my ladle leaving behind silver lining of her saliva.

She repeated the motion again and I felt my

ladle kick harder, threatening to burst but thanks

to the creator which gave is an elastic skin.

Without warning she engulfed my 6” ladle into

her warm orfice and it ended there.

The pleasure was too intense for me as she went

up and down just twice and I felt that deep

internal rush! It was coming with too much

speed and cant be stopped. Just two more

bubbling of her head up and down my length I

shoot deep into her throat and I passed out,

How long I kept shooting I cannot tell but she

later told me I almost choked her as she could

not swallow all of the schism I vomited through

my ladle!

I later regained consciousness and saw my

madam staring at me with fierce lust in her eyes.

“thanks” i mumbled weakly. She smiled. “Hope

you enjoyed it?” I just nodded my head amidst a

sly smile. “lets go eat some food” She said. “I

want to eat you” I proposed to her and she

smiled. “that is after we have eaten some food

and have some cool bath” she said and dragged

me up from he couch and I followed her to the

kitchen both of us still unclad.

She brought out fried rice and some chicken

from the fridge and put it inside the microwave

oven. While we wait for food to be ready I

grabbed her b0s0m from behind with my J0yst!

ck sticking into the crack of her bumshot.

She giggled and pulled herself away from me.

She was bigger than me so it was easy for her.

I rushed at her again and grabbed her and

manage to flip her to face me while I planted a

kiss on her lips and we engaged in a frenzy kiss

again with my hand active this time around and I

sq££zed on her large melon like I was going to

burst them. I was surprised her firm she was

with al this large melons. Soon we were on the

floor of the kitchen with my hands inside her

bumshot stroking her pubes.

She pushed me from her as she announced that

the food will soon burn “I want to eat you, the

food can burn” I said with feigned anger. “Cool

down boy”

She served the hot food and we went over to

the dining to eat. Exchanging lustful glances at

eah other till the meal was over. We rested so

that the food can digest confessing how we

want each other’s body so much. Finally we went

upstairs to her room and the sight that hit me

can only be seen than explained. It was too

beautiful and well arranged. She led me to the

bathroom where we had more of fun than

bathing. Finally we dried or bodies and came out

of the bathroom into her bedroom where the

pleasures were given and received.

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