My Class Teacher - S01 E13

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After they had gone a few miles away from school and down to a lonely part, Elvis kind of got surprised and asked.

Elvis: where is my sister and where are we going to?

Guy: abeg shut up!

Elvis: meaning what? Where is my sister?!

Guy: no just talk to much here! You de craze, see this ripe mango, if i touch you now you go just red.(the other guys started laughing)

Guy: just follow us.(he kept quiet as they walked into a one room apartment, that was where he saw his sister tied up on the bed and Tony sitting on a seat beside her, he wanted to move close to her when they pushed him back.)

Elvis: what’s the meaning of this nah?

Tony: wait, i thought you said you’ll deal with me?or is it because am with your sister?

Elvis: if you really want to fight then keep my family out of it!

Tony: you’re just a weakling, you can’t do a thing! So let’s get down to business.

Elvis: what business?

Tony: i want Anita in exchange for your sis.

Elvis: what?

Tony: yes, i need to take back those pictures that you deleted and this time around, its going to be worse!

Elvis: why in the world do you want to destroy Anita? For God’s sake you’re getting married soon! Let her be!

Tony: i didn’t ask for your advice, i only brought you here to tell you to bring Anita over to this place or I’ll take your sister’s own and post it for the whole world to see!

Elvis: you can’t do that.

Tony: then come back with Anita tomorrow.

Elvis: please an begging you, don’t do anything to my sis, I’ll bring Anita over to you, you guys can settle your disputes, i can even bring her over to you today, just don’t hurt my sis.

Tony: okay am waiting, take him out of here(they pushed him out of the house and locked the and immediately he got a message from Tony telling him not to tell anyone or he’ll be in trouble.)

He got home that day and sat down on his bed crying, after some minutes he heard someone call his name and he raised his head and saw Anita standing at the door, she surprisedly went close and asked him.

Anita: why are you crying? You didn’t even lock the door?

Elvis: they took my sister.

Anita: who took her?

Elvis: let’s go to the place together please.

Anita: why? What’s wrong? And who took her?

Elvis: i don’t know(he said as he stood up and held her hands)

Anita: Elvis talk to me…..

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