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Secrets In The House



[Mike’s Viewpoint ]

It was in the dead of night on Friday,my boss

( Mr.Toby) came back from his trip. Sheila was asleep after we struggled on the bed playing the game of love. Those three days of her father’s absence had given us limitless freedom. When the cat is away, the mice will play.

Her mother was a liberal type. She believed her daughters were of legal age to make decisions for themselves and face the conse

quences of their own actions.

Sheila told me she read on the internet that my father died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances and blah…blah…


As expected,she asked me why I was not the next CEO of my father’s company and why the one behind the death of my parents were not arrested and brought to book.

I told her the one behind our family’s misfortunes is connected and had the police in his pocket.

Suddenly, Mr. Toby’s car honked. The gateman opened the iron gate and he entered the house like someone hiding from something.

I was looking through the louvre blades. Why did he arrived at midnight ?

My curiosity took hold of me and I kept peeping through the window.

I realised he was not alone. There was another man in the car with him. I woke Sheila up. I don’t want her dad to see her in my room and I also want her to see the time her father arrived home.

She didn’t like the idea of being awoken in the middle of the night and she was reluctant to leave.

When she finally wake up, she was quite amazed at the time of her dad’s arrival. When the car entered the house, two men got out of the car and walked in the dark but a light suddenly shone on them. My eyes widened with fear and shock when I saw the second person. He was Zolabin.

“Jesus Christ of Nigeria!!!” I exclaimed.

Sheila was surprised I was shocked and asked me , ” Darling,what is it? Do you know that man?”

I hesitated for a moment.

Then Sheila said, ” that man is my Father’s friend. The two of them are like “Aki” and “pawpaw” in Nollywood movies.

My heart began to beat faster. If Zolabin was Toby’s friend then my stay in that house was dangerous. Once he spotted me, he would apprehend me and send me to Lagos where I would be tortured and killed. I saw myself in a big trap.

I explained the situation to Sheila and she looked worried too.

Our conversation was suddenly interrupted by a very loud shriek in the house. It soundee like the cry of a woman in pain.

The shriek was so loud that even a deaf person could hear it.

Out of curiosity Sheila, who decided to spend her night in my room, wanted to go out and check out where the sound emanated from but I grabbed her and pulled her back firmly into the room saying,”Don’t go out, you may meet a spirit.”

She asked me ,” a spirit?”

I responded, ” Yes”

I remembered my parents used to advise us never to go out in the night when we hear something strange. Perhaps that advise was useful at that moment. She was quite annoyed with me for preventing her from going out but she secretly appreciated the fact that I did. Who knows what or who is down there?

Very early in the morning, Sheila slipped back to her room.


The next Day

Mr. Toby called me and began questioning me,”Have you heard any anything strange last night?”

My first reaction was to say ‘yes,

“but something within me shut my mouth and spoke on my behalf and what was said was not what I would have said.

“No, sir. I haven’t seen anything arrange. I was far asleep so I couldn’t even hear any music from the small radio at the side of my bed”

He looked at me for a long time, not really convinced but decided not to push it.”Okay, if you say so.Go back to work.”

He didn’t go for his usual trips as characteristic of him for two weeks.

I was beginning to wonder if something happened to his business. Not long after that something else happened.

One evening, Sheila sneaked into my room. She was serious and not the usual jovial -loving Sheila I knew.

She looked at me with a stone cold gaze and blurted out the words,” I suspect my father is a drug baron and a ritualist.”

“WHAT !!!,” I shouted. How could you say such horrendous things against your own father. I wanted to say something silly to her when I remembered the shriek and her father’s questions. She realised I became mute and continued. “I am sure you heard the shriek two weeks ago. It was not coincidental.

My father had been going to a particular room upstairs in the middle of the night every third week in April. I have been seeing him but he didn’t know I knew his little secret. He forbade us from going closer to that room.

I searched for the key to that room for a very long time.Yesterday I got lucky and found it.

Tonight when he is asleep, I want you to accompany me to that room to see exactly what he has been hiding from us all those years in that room.

I was dumb-founded for a while before saying, “are you sure of all these things?”

She smiled and say, “Yes,very sure.”

That night we waited for her father to sleep. After making sure he was fast asleep, I escorted Sheila and we moved towards the secret room upstairs. It was the last room on the third floor to the left. My heart was thumping as we tiptoed on the corridor.

When we reached the exact door, Sheila inserted the key into the key hole and began opening the door.

“Sheila, let’s go back,I don’t think we should be here,” I said after she opened the door and I saw the wall embroidered with strange symbols

Like the Inverted Pentagram,the Inverted Cross,the Winged Serpent, the Eye Of Providence,Baphomet and the Sigil Of Lucifer

“Are you a coward?”She asked smiling.

“No I am not a coward but this room is not an ordinary room.

This is your father’s occultic room. We don’t need to get in there to know what he was hiding. Remember, curiosity kills the cat. I begged you Sheila. Don’t go inside.”

I tried to pull her back but she pushed me away and I lost my balance and fell.

Then she said , ” you have shown me tonight that you are a coward and not fit enough to be my boyfriend. When we are done with this exploration, I want you to know in advance that it’s over between……..”

Before I could utter another word to dissuade her from entering the room, she had already entered. I made my last attempt to pull her out of the room but failed. Suddenly I felt something pushing me back. It was like an invisible force.

“Sheila!,I beg you,Please come …..”

I couldn’t finished my utterances before the door to the secret chamber automatically swang back and closed. The shriek of the woman we heard that night resounded in our ears again, this time, I knew where it was coming from . From the secret room. I heard Sheila wailing and calling me….Mike ! Mike ! Mike!!! help me.

I peeped through the Key hole.

Guess what I saw. A naked lady in her early thirties sat on a stool, in a big circle, vomiting blood. Surrounding the lady was a bunch of Nigerian currency, Nairas scattered around the blood- vomiting lady. Sheila collapsed just a few meters from the encirclement. Then I saw a big creature materialised from the wall with one eye in the middle of its head like a Cyclop. Its mouth looked like that of a buffalo.

I saw all these things within five seconds. When I was contem

plating what to do, a male voice boomed in the darkness, “Who is there….?”

I didn’t turn back but I believed it was Mr. Toby and his body guards moving on the corridor leading to the secret room. In that moment I knew I had to take to my heels out of the house because If they catch me, my death would be quick and painless. It was a highly dangerous thing to discover the evil secret of one of Nigerian’s powerful billionaires. I turned off the front lights and rushed towards the stairs.

My eyes met a security guard coming towards me. I hide very close in the corner and hit him hard when he reached the corner.

Having taken that man out ,I rushed down but met Mr. Toby coming up.

Luckily the staircase between the second and third floor had a narrow gap. I squeezed myself between the narrow gap. It was still dark there. Toby and his boys passed me by narrowly.

After they passed by, they headed towards the third floor. I garnered courage and rushed down, entered my own room and picked my essential items and the few Naira I still have.

I knew the gate would be heavily guarded so I moved towards the backyard in order to climb the wall and jumped over to the outside.

From the backyard, I came across the main power switch of the whole house. I turned it off and plunged the whole house into absolute darkness.

I struggled to climb the wall. It was as if I’m climbing the highest mountain in the world.

My greatest difficulty was the spikes on the top of the wall.

At a point in time, I have to allow the spikes to cut through my flesh, a bitter pain I had to bear to facilitate my escape.

The giant dogs were barking loudly. Finally, I landed outside the house. It was as if I didn’t even jump. The time was 12.30 a.m.

The dogs continued to bark “Woo,wooo!!!wooo!!! wooo!!! wooo!!!

Toby’s thugs heard the barking of the dogs and those on top of the storey building began saying, ” he’s down there.” They started firing their guns towards my direction as I crawled deep inside the bushes.

If I could get a car to the lorry station and find my way out of the country, I would be safe.

I started running in the darkness towards no where in particular.

I ran and ran as if it was a marathon race.It was a race for life.Ran or die.

Mr.Toby’s body guards were seriously pursuing me with their wild dogs. I doubled my pace to get out of their catch zone. When I turned back, the thugs chasing me were no where to be found. They may have lost track of me along the bushy path. I ran for three hours throughout the dawn-night.

My joy knew no bounds when I arrived at the lorry station. It very early in the morning around 3.30 a.m. There was no bus there yet. I hide beside one of the kiosk until 5.00 a.m. when buses because active in the lorry station.

I boarded a bus. Soon We headed for the border. Upon reaching the border , I heaved a sign of relief; I was safe from the clutches of my enemy.

I passed through immigration without a passport; A benefit all citizens from Countries who are members of ECOWAS enjoyed.

I was just about to cross the Nigerian boarder into Benin Republic when I was called back by an immigration officer.

The immigration officer said he had received a message from a powerful billionaire that I had stolen his money and escaped.

He started accusing me in pidgin English” you small Pekins, Na so you dey? You no like hard work wey you wan chop big food. Na trouble, you dey come bring for your top ,

Ebi so you dey want.You come chop big oga’s money and daughter nyafu nyafu.Your crime dey serious. You go go to jail and you go waka there like you no get head.”

I was arrested and handed over to a police man who handcuffed and sent me to a small cell. In the cell, I prayed to God to forgive my sins because my life was about to end.

I knew once I was returned to Mr. Toby’s house, no one will hear from me again.

I kept wondering what had happened to Sheila. Did she die? Did she go mad or became evil like the blood spitting lady? Just when I was thinking about my fate,the immigration officer came into my cell along with one police officer. “Hey, boy, come out,” someone want to see you.My heart jumped into my mouth.I thought it was Mr. Toby . To my greatest surprise, It was ________”



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