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See who we have here

Mom Glory you are highly welcome

Honestly I am so glad and happy to see you

Welcome ma

I have missed you

9 days without seeing you have been like one year to me

Welcome ma

Alice, get her juice from the bar

I said and Alice nodded

Mom Glory, so how have you been? I asked and she smiled

Fine as usual my Darling

She replied and I smiled back

She sat down and sipped from the juice that Alice served her

You never told me you had a bar here in your shop. She said and I laughed

I m sorry ma

It escaped my mind

I serve some of my tired customers drinks

Sometimes I also feel like taking cold drinks or juice so instead of looking for where to buy around, I rather take from the bar. I replied and she nodded


That’s beautiful

She replied and sipped again from the juice

Mom Glory I am impatiently waiting for the gist you promised to gist me oo

Abeg gist me

You know I am a lover of gist

I said and she laughed out loud


That’s why I came

Guess what? She said and I laughed

Mom I am not good at guessing. I said and Joyce walked in majestically

Oh wooooow!

Look who is here

My personal person

Mom Glory now we are complete

I am sure this gist is gonna flow very well. I said and gave Joyce a loud handshake

You and gist!

You really do love gist shaaaaa

She said and I smiled


That is what have been making me happy all these days

You both have been my happiness since my only sister took away my only happiness

I really thank God for bringing you both into my lives. I said and they both blushed

I expected you not to ever mention those brats again

They are your past

Let go of your past my dear

Joyce said and I nodded

Tell her oo if she will listen! by the way, karma is beginning to hit your sister so hard

Sometimes I feel for her

Just three months?

Sometimes I think karma stays for years before it visit

I never knew it hits one so fast. Glory said and Joyce nodded

Ella’s own was much that is why karma remembered her on time

Joyce added and I smiled

Tell me mom Glory

Why did you say so? I asked feeling so concerned for Ella

Everyday, she and her Jimmy fights

We keep hearing the both of them shouting at each other every blessed day

The worst is that today, all the whole estate tenants was at Jimmy’s house today to settle their matter

Ella was crying on top of her voice

Saying Jimmy slapped her and Jimmy said he never wanted her to be his wife that she lured him to bed

Ella chipped in and told everyone of us that he is lying that he first raped her

That he was the one that took her virgintiy

Infact, I was ashamed on their behalf cos the both of them was so shameless vomiting those trash

Jimmy said Ella is the cause of his downfall that ever since you left him, things haven’t been moving fine and Ella doesn’t give him peace cos she is pregnant

All the time the baby this, the baby that

He said the most annoying part is that Ella’s baby is not breathing normal

It was confirmed by scan

Honestly everyone was so ashamed hearing the both of them out

Jimmy even threatened to leave Ella and run out of this country and Ella dared him to try it and see himself dead

Today eeeh

I have never seen what I saw today

The both of them are so shameless. Glory said and Joyce burst out laughing

She left her chair and sat on the floor and burst out laughing so so hard

Please give me microphone

I need to loud this laugh

I want the passers by to come ask me why I am laughing this way so I will share this testimony with them

Oh my oh my oh my

Oh my


Ella this is just the beginning. She said and looked at me and was surprised to see me in a sad mood

Don’t tell me you want to cry for Ella

I swear to God if you try it, that will be the end of our friendship. Joyce said and I smiled

Why will I cry?

I don’t want to cry

I am only feeling sorry for the innocent baby that is passing through what she doesn’t know about

Ella deserve whatever she is going through but that little unborn child shouldn’t suffer for her sins

God please

I beg of you to please and please heal the little baby. I prayed and Joyce and Glory frowned at the same time

What is this one saying?

Joyce kindly tell me what she is saying?

My dear shut up!

Do you know the implications of what your sister did?

Do you know?

Is it because you are strong?

So many people don’t survive it!

Some end up killing themselves

Some don’t even survive it at all

Some die of depression

And some run mad or start having mental issues but you survived yours and are living fine

Stop behaving like a child

Ella deserves whatever she is going through now

She deserve it

Glory said and tears dropped down my cheeks

But she is still my sister! I said shedding tears

Sister my foot!

Do you think she still count you as a sister

Please I beg of you don’t you ever say such in my presence again

Honestly next time you say such again, I will walk out of you and that will be the end of our friendship

Does a sister treat her sister that way?

I was thinking that by now, you must have been strong and stop being too emotional cos that was the reason why your sister took advantage of it and stabbed you to the last

I don’t associate with people like you.

If you aren’t changing for good, then I am done with this friendship. Joyce said and took her bag to leave and I held her hand

I am sorry

I am just feeling for the little unborn child

I am so sorry

Honestly I never wanted to feel sad for Ella

I don’t just know why I am feeling this way

Mom Glory I am sorry. I said wiping my tears and Joyce sat down

We continued hosting while Alice was busy attending to customers


Its 3 months and Fred and I have been together

Honestly he is the best thing that ever happened to me and I really wished to spend the rest of my life with him

I told him everything about Ella, Jimmy and I and he was so sad and promised to make it up to me

Its on Sunday morning and I was still sleeping when I heard a knock on my door

I quickly went and opened it but didn’t see anyone there but I saw a box beautifully wrapped at my door mouth

I picked it and saw my name pasted there

I carried it inside and was surprised

Who must have done this? I asked my self unwrapping the box

I opened it and it was filled with jewelries


The jewelries I have admired all my life

I said kissing it then I saw an envelop in the box

I opened it and saw a letter

I recognized the handwriting immediately

Its Fred’s handwriting

He is wishing me happy birthday and asking me to come meet him at sweet sensation restaurant


Fred is so sweet

I didn’t even remember today is my birthday


I love you Fred

I took my phone and called him

Appreciated him and promised him I will be there at exact time

We kissed each other through phone and hanged up

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