Sex And The City - S01 E212

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I ran to the kitchen and saw Riana bleeding, she cut her hand mistakenly because I mentioned Ria, I know she’s scared of her mum, of course who wouldn’t be?

Thank God the cut is not deep, I took her to sitting room and apply some methylated spirit.

“So she’s in Nigeria already?” Riana ask me.

“with the number she used to call me yes I believe she’s in Nigeria.” I replied her.

“So what are we gonna do?” She ask me again.

“Relax, only one person know this house, nobody is going to find us and here is not American where there is CCTV everywhere, we can even go anywhere nobody will harass us or suspect us okay, everything will be fine just trust me” I assured her.

“Okay then, but I suggest we remain indoor for now, there is nothing for us out there anyway so let’s just remain indoor please” she pleaded.

“Alright honey, your wish is my command my wife” I said.

“Hmmm don’t call me your wife yet until we are married oh” she said.

“Really? So you are telling me now I should do the needful” I said.

“If you wish, but first go pay my bride price” she said.

“bride price? Come on for all the work I work for your mum without salary are they not enough? “ I ask.

“That one is different joor,” she said.

“Okay, so I will just invite your mum here so that I will ask for your hand” I said.

“Don’t you dare” she said pointing her finger at me.

“Hahahaha, but you said I must pay” I said.

“I was joking, beside if you are serious just take me to your church and we will marry very simple” she said.

“You serious?”

“Yes, anytime you want” she said.

“Thanks love, I will go to bank this week so that we can start preparing for the wedding” I said.

“Okay love” she replied.

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