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Xavier POV

Pain is good.

Pain means you’re still alive.

At least that’s what I kept telling myself.

Fun fact : most Immortals hadn’t seen death all up in their business, but I had. Death didn’t bring you a bunch of roses, buy you a beer and carry you off to a hunky dory afterlife.

Death hit you over the head, dragging away your pathetic soul kicking and screaming, while everyone you loved watched you leave this dust mote of a planet.

At least that’s what happened to my mom.

Yet being the dumbäss I was, it never hit me once that it could happen to me.

Until today.

For all I knew, Death was probably sipping a dry martini on a beach somewhere going, “Well, this is what you get for being a cocky bästard. Tick tock, motherfücker.”

“Pardon me, but Azrael would never be so uncouth.”

The voice in my head was familiar and instantly I was reminded of the last time I’d met this guy.

He was older than time itself and had a fetish for breaking my bones.


I opened my eyes, trying not to scream. My body felt like a truck had run over it, and I could barely breathe without hurting something. Everything around me was reduced to rubble and ashes from the bomb’s explosion.

Everything, except Victoria’s body floating overhead.

Her eyes were rolled back, and she was barely breathing. That son of a bîtch Archangel was possessing her this time, breaking her wounded body further.

I knew for a fact death would’ve been an upgrade to that.

“I could always just ask Azrael to come and get you both, Xavier.” The Archangel said. ” Death is my brother, after all.”

Let her go, Israfel. I thought, knowing he could hear me.

“Oh, but I can’t do that.” He said, casually. ” How else would I talk to you, Prince Grigori?”

Take a nice, long look at me. I thought. Do let me know if I look like I give a fück so I can try and change that.

Victoria’s body twisted.

“Disrespectful child.” He tsked, and I heard a bone break. ” If I were you, I’d shut up and listen.”

I turned my head away, welcoming the pain. If I kept watching him play with her like a rag doll, I’d lose my mind.

” I owe you for setting me free .” The Archangel said, with a hint of annoyance. ” And I hate debts. So I traded your soul back from Azrael. With great difficulty, I must add.”

I would’ve laughed if I could. So technically, I had died.

Azrael was the Archangel of death, after all.With great difficulty? I thought. I bet he took one look at my soul and “Nah, you can have this one, bruh.”

I heard a laugh.

“Again, Azrael talks like he’s Shakespeare’s uncle.” Victoria’s body relaxed a little . “And I don’t know why you believe your soul is tarnished, child.”

You’re kidding, right? I thought. Or didn’t you see me use magic to turn off a CFL?

The Archangel scoffed .

“Babysitting you, believe it or not, isn’t high on my priorities.”

Why then are you saving my life? I asked him, honestly. And don’t give me all that “I owe you” bullshît. You broke out of that library yourself.

Victoria’s body went perfectly still.

“I’m saving your life because some lives are worth saving.” The Archangel paused, not saying anything further about that. “And why would you imbeciles imprison me in a library in the first place? Do I look a fücking Wikipedia to your kind?”

Israfel was a proud ässhole, but he was the only proud ässhole who could see the past, the present and the future.

Fair enough. He muttered, letting go of Victoria, so her body fell next to mine. ” Oh, and try not to use your soul to roast marshmallows next time, Prince Grigori.”

I gave him a small twitch of my lips and he was gone.

I coughed up blood, my throat feeling like sandpaper. All I wanted to do was collapse all over again.

But I did my best to stay awake and examine Victoria.

Her dress was almost entirely ripped and burnt, glass embedded in her skin, a pool of blood under her.

I forced myself to move closer to her and physically that was pretty much the extent of my capabilities.

Magically however?

I noticed that the effects of the wine had worn off.

Under whatever willpower I had left, her body rose in the air and began healing itself. The glass pieces fell out and her skin closed over her wounds. The blood returned to her body, through the vein she’d bled out of, leaving the dust behind.

Eventually, she opened her eyes with a scream because forcing half a gallon of blood back into you couldn’t have felt amazing.

I did my best to set her back on the ground gently. Going by the swearing, I probably didn’t do a good job.

“Biscuit!” Her voice sounded very far away. “Biscuit! Please wake up!”

As I closed my eyes again, I was sure I saw a bright light in the sky and a tsking in my head.

I smiled.

Tick tock, motherfücker.


When I opened my eyes again, I was looking at myself lying on a bed, reflected in a ceiling mirror. I noticed I could cringe at the tackiness without feeling like I was in hell.

Always a good sign.

Kiera was sitting on the sofa, and in typical Kiera fashion, yelling at the screen watching F1 without noticing that I’d woken up.

Victoria, on the other hand, was looking at me from the corner of the room like a ghost.

I got off the bed, slowly stretching to test for pain.

“How are you feeling?” She asked, quietly.

“Good.” I said, hoping that would make her happy.

I was clearly wrong.

She stood up from her seat, taking long strides toward me.

Her expression rivalled Medusa’s on a bad hair day.

“You fücking idiot!” She yelled, trying to punch me. “You could’ve bloody well died! What in heaven’s name were you even thinking trying to heal me? You idiotic, miserable son of a bîtch…”

It went on for a while. I dodged her jabs by instinct, not taking into account that I probably deserved it.

Kiera looked at both of us, startled.

“I-I think I’m going to go now -” She began to say.

“Stay!” We both yelled.

Kiera sat back down, almost in fear. “Aren’t you two glad you’re alive?”

“Yes.” Still chorusing.

“Then shouldn’t you sit down and discuss that like adults?”

“Of course not.”

Kiera sighed.

Eventually, I let her punch me. Victoria looked at me in shock, as I rubbed my jaw and winced.

“Shît. I-I didn’t really mean to. Does it hurt-”

I laughed, pulling her into my arms and kissed her forehead. Victoria hit my chest, her voice shaky. “Idiot.”

I ruffled her hair. “You punched me for saving your life and I’m the idiot?”

“You’re always the idiot.” Kiera said from the sofa.

“Shut up.”

Always a good sign when you say it together.


Xavier : “Every Like gets a lesson in magic.” XD

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