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The deciding Moment 🔫

“O how can wicked men seem so steady and untouched with such black hearts, while poor innocents stand like malefactors before them!”

~•Samuel Richardson

{Rosaline Viewpoint }

I managed to slip out of the room and started running towards the wall. I knew the main gate will be heavily guarded. If I could get to the backyard , I would climb the orange tree closer to the wall and jump.

I scan the compound quickly.

The guards were not in sight . I ran with all my strength, negotiated a curve to the backyard. Getting closer to the wall, I climbed the orangetree.

Now is the time to jump to my freedom. I could see the tall bushes at the back of the house adjacent the wall.

Anywhere is better than that cell. As I was about to jump, the tree branch on which my leg was placed gave way and I lost my balance. I saw myself plummeted towards the ground. I close my eyes. I knew if I hit the ground, I will break a bone or die.

Strangely I landed into some powerful hands. I knew that scent. No doubt about it. I could never forget it. His evil presence was clearly discernible. I’m sure even an innocent baby would hate him.

” You can ran but you cannot escape. I’ll deal with. First, let me treat the wound you have inflicted upon my eyes. Then your fate will be decided later. You have reminded me not to undermine anybody, not even babies without teeth for that can magically grow teeth at any crucial moment and bite you.”

“I am Zolabin, the Supremo, a small girl like you cannot outsmart me. Never. That will be a shame. But to give you an idea of how I will deal with you later, let me order Rok to give you an introduction. That guy is misogynist*

I was quiet. I was sure Zolabin was going to kill me. She called out to a girl.

“Pamela! Pamela!!! Pamela!!!!”

A nice looking lady came out, “Yes, Supremo, you call me.”

“Yea, bring me ropes and horse whips and call Rok for me.”

“Yes, Supremo. Right away.”

He held me firmly in his grip. His left eye was still bleeding. I was shivering. A few minutes later, Pamela brought the ropes and I was tied to the very Orange tree I climbed. A tough looking muscled- man materialised into the backyard.

He grabbed the horse whip and moved towards me.

“Rok, give her 100 lashes.” Zolabin ordered him.

He responded ” Positive, Supremo.

At that moment, I wished I die.

Then he began executing his boss’s order.

“Baaamm!!! Baaamm!!!,Baaamm!!!

Series of lashes landed on my back. The whip sunk deep into my flesh leaving in their places waves of excruciating pangs of pains.


At the 60th lash, I collapsed.


When I woke up, I saw myself back to my original prison, the one I was placed first before being transferred to the more comfortable self-contained one.

The memories and the beating came back into my mind.

To be raped is one the most horrifying experiences, especially for an already confused girl.

My brain shut down. I felt numb, I felt like a shell. All my feelings – the hurt, shame, anger, guilt, sadness, and confusion were all locked away.

I felt completely empty and of no human value. I touched my back and saw the wounds made by the whip. It gave me a sense of painful existence. A controlled pain that I knew I wasn’t in charge of.

I relished freedom but got captivity.

I wanted to pretend it didn’t happen but my brain kept flashing back to how he dug deep into my anatomy with his monstrous rod and how I screamed and shouted. I saw it like a p--n^ movie.

Then they came to me in dreams—horrible frightening nightmares, vivid replays of the trauma. I couldn’t handle it, I felt like I would explode. I got very moody and spent a lot of time in the worn- out student matress on the floor. Everything was so overwhelming. I had no motivation to do anything.

I was thinking about suicide a lot. Thinking about all the years ahead of me made me panic. I had to kill myself, I didn’t care if I went to hell, anything was better than the hell I was going through. I had a constant fear that Zolabin would come again. Why couldn’t I just end it all here to avoid the humiliation?.

” Nope, that’s cowardice. You can’t kill yourself. You are not thinking clearly. You have forgotten who you are,” a voice within me said.

” No I haven’t. I’m the daughter of Bill Ebuka,” I saw myself responding.

Then I have an inner glow of intra- tranquillity. No, No suicide. I need to face my enemies with pride. I’m the daughter of Bill Ebuka,” I encouraged myself.

[Mike’s POV ]

When I arrived at the said location ,I looked round but didn’t see anyone. I had an intuition that

I was ranning into a trap. Then my phone Beeped and I realised I had a call. I picked it.

Me : who’s this?

Unknown person: Now keep quiet and listen to me. My identity is immaterial to why you are here. Have you seen that isolated building adjacent the primary school?”

I turned round and saw the building.

Me: Yes.

Unknown Person: Now, go there and drop the house document.

Me : Where is my …………..”

The line went dead.

I decided to turn around and leave.

I took two steps when he called again.

Unknown Person: Now listen to me,you vagabond. If you want to see your friend’s dead body, take another step forward. He then cut the call again.

This statement made me afraid,

“If you want to see your friend’s dead body, take another step forward “. I turned round and moved towards the abandoned building. My heart was pulsating ”



There was so much trepidation in my heart but along the way I became more courageous and walked gallantly.

When I entered the building, four of the gangsters were there. As soon as I entered the building, they pointed their guns at me.

At that moment, I felt the world was closing on me. Just imagine being in a room with gangsters pointing guns on you and you are aware that a pull of those triggers could termi

nate your existence as a human being within a blink of an eye.

One of them said, “Welcome Mr. Ebuka Mike. As you can see, you can ran but you can’t hide from us. It’s just a matter of time. ”

He picked his phone and wanted to call someone but his colleague stopped him . “Not yet. Let’s secure him first. Then we will allow his friend to_____go.”

They turned to me and said ” where is the document?”

“Here it is , “said I.

They took the document from me after which they ordered me , “Hands up ”

One of the thugs came closer and secured my hands. He tied them behind my back. I could see he was very delighted. He then went into an inner room and brought out Tife.

“Mike! He exclaimed when he saw me. He made an attempt to get closer to me but he was blocked by one of the gangsters in the room.

Tife was still recovering from his gunshot wound. He could barely walk well.

After apprehending me, one of the gangs made a call saying, “the king bird is netted. I repeat. The king bird is netted. It’s time to relocate.

The other person said something and the gang said, ” that’s a negative, Supremo”

Their attention was momentarily drawn away from Tife. He was now in the open and crawling with difficulty. Then one of the robbers said, “Ferro,waste the undesirable element and let’s go.

Ferro cocked his gun and move towards the door. My heart began to beat sporadically. God save him!!

I tried to breath in and out but my lungs had suddenly tightened and block the air from entering my lung.Starved of air, my heart raced at tremendous speeds and my shallow lungs rose and fell.

An invisible force seemed to crushed me from every direction.

Each second submerged me in deep fear. My medulla Oblongata seemed to shut down and I couldn’t distinguish between reality and dream. I thought I was dreaming .

My knees wobbled uncontrollably. I wished the ground would open up its mouth and swallow me.

Then …..I heard the loud sound of the gun , BANG! BANG,!! BANG!!

I shouted,”Oh Tife. I’m sorry.!!!

Unable to control the fear and trepidation creeping inside me, a loud scream escaped my mouth and I knew no more.


Hmmm. What happens next, readers. Episode 26 will provide some answers. WATCH OUT. 👈



Misogynist- Woman Hater.

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