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Two weeks has passed since Elena discovered she had wings she now knows how to use her wings without crashing.

It was really difficult at first that she wanted to give up trying but her father and her soulmate encouraged her throughout the time she was learning she really appreciated their support and patience.

Raguel was standing by the window, looking at nothing in particular, it has been two weeks since they last saw any demon but they know not to relax because they can’t truly have peace unless the demon leader dies.

Elena woke up and made her way to where her Angel was standing, she hugged him from behind

“Good morning” she mumbled into his back

“Good morning” Raguel said as he turned to kiss her

I will go have my shower now, she said I will meet you downstairs she added

Raguel did not hesitate to leave her on her own because over the week, her Angelic power started to surface and she was really strong and capable of taking care of herself she even took him down once, during their training.

Okay babe, Raguel said as he made his way downstairs.

Immediately Raguel left Elena made her way to the bathroom and shut the door behind her, she sighed softly as she strip down her clothes she looked at her reflection in the mirror before she immediately flashed her wings, and inspect it in the mirror, that is one thing she always do in the morning before having her bath, she looks at her wings because at first it was really difficult for her to get used to seeing wings on her back but now, it just look as if it has been there all her life.

She has accepted and grow to love her wings, it really added to her beauty which she now totally agreed with.

she sighed softly as her wings went back inside she moved to closer to the shower putting it on and enjoying the water as it fell on her skin.

**** ** ****

When Raguel arrived downstairs everybody was seated in the leaving, he saw Raphael and Samael discussing.

Maria was in kitchen while Michael was seated alone and staring Into space.

Raguel sighed and made his way to were Michael was seated

Hey son, Raphael said to Raguel,

Raguel stopped and smile at his father after replying him he continued to walk up to Michael.

Raphael saw where his son was heading and it made him smile, he knows Michael really need someone to talk to even though Michael will not on his own come talk to anybody.

He was proud of Raguel for making effort with Michael.

Raguel stood in front of Michael, making him look up.

Hey, Raguel said as he sat next to Michael

Hey, Michael said as he continue to stare at nothing.

Over the week, Raguel and Michael usually make small talk after the discussion Raguel held with him, even though Michael has not told Raguel his problem, Raguel don’t seem to mind, he just believes that when Michael is ready to talk, he will talk to him.

Where is Elena? Michael asked after few minutes of silence between them, he did not even look up to look at Raguel when he asked the question.

She’s taking a shower, Raguel said smiling at Michael.

“its was a definite progress” he said to himself, because Michael hardly ask a question he waits until he is asked, so he could answer, even though both Michael and Raguel has not gotten to the friendship level yet he knows they are making progress of becoming friends that alone made him smile.

They both sat in silence until Elena arrived downstairs making Raguel to jerked his head to look at Elena as she walked down the stairs, his eyes were glue to her body as she walked down the stairs.

Elena noticed Raguel’s eyes on her which really made her smile.

Everybody has left the living room and head to the dinning table, including Michael who was seated at his side, but Raguel did not seem to noticed them leaving because he only had eyes for his soulmate, Elena was still staring at her soulmate forgetting they have company with them until Maria spoke;

When you two are done staring at each other you can join us at the dining table, Maria said loud enough to pulled them out of their stare.

Raguel looked around that’s when he noticed everybody has gone to the dining table he shook his head as he smiled

Its not my fault that Elena’s beauty always distract me, he said as he took Elena’s hand and made his way to the dinning room.

Every brust into laughter, Raguel even saw a tiny smile from Michael which made him smile.

yes I can totally understand that Samael said; when I was with Julia, it always seems the entire world does not exist just only I and Julia in the entire world Samael added.

Over the cost of time, Samael has started to cope with the lost of his soulmate and having Elena by his side makes everything easy, he has even stopped blaming himself for the lost of his soulmate after Elena has told him so many times that it wasn’t his fault he has learn to accept it and always talk about the good memories, he had with his soulmate Julia .

They all sat down and eat their breakfast and after eating Elena helped with the dishes, when Elena and her mother finish washing the dishes they joined the rest people in the living.

Elena made her way and sat next to Raguel who pulled her close and wrapped his hands around her they continue to watch the movie on the screen, but from the corner of her eyes she saw her mother and father stealing glances at each other it is not the first time she had seen them stare at each other .

Have you notice what is going on between My father and mother she said in a whispered

I have noticed, Raguel said as he glanced at Samael who was staring at Maria, they are not really discreet when staring he added.

Do you think anything would happen between them? Elena asked

she really wanted her parents to come together, she knows they are both lonely.

It will depend on them, Raguel said, since Samael’s soulmate is dead, he can fall in love with anybody and I think Maria would definitely complete him even though she is not his soulmate.

Really? Elena asked Raguel with a smile

Yes Raguel said as he kissed her on her forehead .

The credit of the movie they were watching showed on the screen, making Raphael stood up from the couch.

what a nice movie Raphael said as he stood up, I really want to stretch my wings he added.

I will come with you Elena said, Me too Raguel said as Michael also said he wants to stretch his wings.

Aren’t you going Samael? Raphael asked,

No, I will stay home with Maria he said.

Raphael smiled at him giving him a knowing look, Alright then see you guys later he said as he flashed his wings, Elena rushed to where her parents where standing and gave them a kiss before she flashed her wings and join the others.

***** ** *****

They have been in the sky for a while and decided to land on the ground for sometime.

When they landed on the ground they all started walking and enjoying the natural breeze.

Have you noticed what is going on between Samael and Maria? Raguel asked Raphael.

Raphael looked at him with amused expression.

Who haven’t noticed, Michael said as he scoffed making everybody laughed

They are not really discreet when they are staring at each other and Samael face always lit up whenever Maria is in the room with him Raphael said,

did you guys not noticed that they were staring at each other during the movie, he added

You noticed that too, Elena said as she laughed, I will really be happy if they both work things out she said as she looked at her soulmate who was staring at her.

she could feel his affection building up and the lust in his eyes cannot be missed,

Let’s go home Elena said making everyone nod their head, they all flashed their wings and head home, home.

immediately they got to the house they saw Maria and Samael kissing passionately and they don’t seems to noticed the people in the room.

Elena grip Raguels hand tightly out of excitement, Raguel looked at her to see the smile in her, Raphael cleared his throat making them sprung up, Maria immediately got up from the seat.

Um, when did you guys get back she asked not able to meet anybody eyes, she was really blushing hard which made Elena smile.

Well we just got back just now but you guys did not seem to notice because you were quite busy, Raphael said with a smile.

Samael just shrugged without saying anything, Elena would have love to listen to them but right now she had something important to do, she looked at her soulmate whose eyes was scanning over her body, she wasted no time in pulling him upstairs with her and shut the door behind them.

Well we all know what is going to happen between them, Raphael said as he pointed in the direction of Elena’s bedroom he smiled and shook his head.

I will be outside, Michael said as he flashed his wings, Raphael laughed and sat down with Samael and Maria.

So how long has this been going on? Raphael asked

For a while now, Samael said making Raguel smile.

I want to hear the full gist Raphael said with raised eyebrows making Samael laughed .

Samael took a deep breath making Raphael to rest his back.

It actually started the night after we told Elena and Maria about the spell, you remember I told Elena I was going to keep an eye on Maria that night, he said to Raphael, which made Raphael nod because he remembered.

But I did not stand outside her door that night because I could hear her crying during the night so I went into her room to comfort her, she ended up calm that night but I could not bring myself to leave her alone, I ended up wrapping my hands around her as she slept it just felt right for her to be in my arms and I could not really understand the reason why it felt right .

She woke up the following morning still in my arms something about that awake some emotions that has been buried deep inside me, I have never felt that way before, it only happened when I was with Julia, so feeling something for Maria made me freaked out and left the room that morning.

I tried my best throughout that morning not to stare at her, but it was really difficult because I can’t seem to take my eyes off her, anytime she is around me my heart rate speed up, I thought I was the only one having this new emotion until Maria approached me, Samael said as he shot Maria a glance and smiled at her before he continue.

She expressed her feelings to me but she said she won’t force me to feel the same, she never knew that I was having the exact feelings for her, she tried to walked pass me after that but that when I let loose hold of my feelings for her and I kissed her for the first time that day Samael said, remembering his first kiss with Maria.

He glanced back at his friend to see the smile on his face.

I’m really happy for the both of you Raphael said as he walked up to them and pulled them into a hug.

Do you think Elena would be okay with this? Maria asked

Am sure she would be okay with it, Raphael said as he smiled at her, I will leave you two to it, Raphael said as he excused himself.

Samael pulled Maria into his arms and kissed her softy on the lips.

“I love you” Samael said, he could not believe he has a second chance to find love again.

“I love you too” Maria said as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the comfort and warmth of her Angel.

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