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Maria was the last one to get into Elena’s room since she used the stairs, immediately she entered the room she gasped

“You have wings” she said in a whisper

I know that mom, I don’t even know were they came from, Elena said freaking out.

I don’t want wings, she said in panic, this wings does not belong to me, she added

Babe calm down, Raguel said

Don’t tell me to calm down, I don’t want wings, I want it removed she snapped at Raguel.

immediately she snapped at her soulmate she instantly felt guilty,

“Am sorry” she whispered to Raguel

I know babe, Raguel said he knows his soulmate did not mean to snapped at him.

just try to calm, Raguel instructed if you are not relaxed your wings won’t go back inside

Elena nodded her, she was really trying to relax but she can’t bring herself to, she turned to walk up to her soulmate but her wings knock down the mirror making it break, the pieces of the mirror were on the floor but Elena did not mind as she step on it on her way to her soulmate.

Immediately she got to where Raguel was standing she pulled him into a hug.

its okay babe, Raguel said softly, just take a deep breath, Elena did as she was told and took a deep breath, immediately she did that, her body started to relax and her wings went back in.

Why do I have wings Dad? She asked Samael.

if it was to be in another situation Elena referred to him as Dad, he would have dance for joy but right now his daughter needs him so he just had to control his excitement of being call Dad by his daughter.

He walked up to where Elena was sitting on the floor with her soulmate, when he got there he noticed her leg was bleeding

Your leg is bleeding Samael said, making Raphael to move closer to inspect the wound, he immediately places his hand on Elena and healed the wounds,

“Thank you” Elena said in a whisper, she was so tired, her eyes got heavy, but she was fighting to stay awake

How do I remove the wings? She asked Raguel in a whisper

Raguel looked down at his soulmate, he noticed her eyes were closing

just sleep babe, when you wake up we will figure everything out, Raguel said as he stood up with his soulmate in his arms, he carried her to the bed, he kissed her softly and turned to the rest people in the room after Elena closed her eyes.

I really did not expect that to happen, Raphael said,

me tooRaguel said as he went to stand by the window.

Maria moved from the doorway that she has been standing ever since she ran upstairs, she then made her way to the bed.

Well I never expected my daughter to have wings, Samael said but since she is an half Angel, well I guess that’s explain her having the wings.

But why did her wings pop out all of a sudden Raguel asked

The spell she was under might be what was suppressing her wings and other Angelic powers she might have, Michael said from where he was standing.

Yes that’s true, Samael said only just thinking about the possibility of the spell to suppress his daughter’s Angelic powers.

Am so angry with that stupid demon, Steven, samael said angrily as he paced around the room, if I get my hands on him, I will surely squeeze the life out of him, he added

Raguel jerked his head to where Samael was standing he has never heard him sound or look that angry before.

“Steven messed with the wrong Dad” Samael said to himself.

They all continue to talk in hush tone not wanting to wake Elena up.

Few minutes later Elena woke up, with a frown on her face she does not know why she so tired she slowly opened her eyes and her eyes landed on her soulmate which made her smile.

Hey, she said as she got up from the bed,she glance at her room and was surprised to see everybody in her room.

Where you guys discussing something? She asked

Well never mind, she said, I had the weirdest dream ever she said as she laughed softly,

I dreamt that I have wings, can you believe that babe, she said to Raguel who was quietly watching her, I know I love wings and yours especially but I cannot imagine having a wings she said as she laughed and shook her head.

Everybody in the room was silently watching her, Elena then noticed that everybody is silent.

Why are all of you quiet? she asked

She then turned and saw the broken mirror on the floor

How did this break? she asked

Do you know in my dream I knocked down this mirror with my wings, she said smiling but her smile did not last long as it faded away fast the minute she remembered clearly what happened.

It was not a dream, was it? She asked,

Raguel slowly shookhis head.

I really have wings, she said in a whisper, how is that even possible

Babe calm down and we will explain everything to you Raguel said,

Raguel I don’t want wings she said,

I know babe, Raguel said as he moved closer to her, he took her hands and led her to the bed she sat down with her hand on her face.

Maria immediately moved to her side, and Samael moved to the bed also making Raguel to stand up both her parents pulled her into a hug which made her relaxed and she enjoyed the comfort of her parents .

After Elena has calmed down, she spoke again

Why do I have wings? She asked

“You are an half Angel”, Samael said making her nod her head it makes sense for you to have wings he added.

If not for the spell you were in you would have gotten used to yours wings by now, Samael said

you mean the spell suppressed my wings from showing, Elena asked making Samael nod his head

Its really my fault, if I hadn’t left you that day all this would not have been happening, you would have grow up, with your wings and you would have never find it hard to accept your wings.

“Am so sorry Elena” samael apologized

Elena shook her head, it’s not your fault dad, Elena said as she stood up from the bed she took a deep breath before she spoke

Well since I have you all here, she pointed at all the Angels standing in the room, learning to use my wings will be easy she said with a smile, making all of them to smile too.

When you are ready to learn how to use your wings let us know, Raphael said as he left the room, followed by Michael, Maria and Samael kissed their daughter before they left the room leaving Elena and Raguel in it

Come here, Raguel said making Elena walked into his opened arms,

Am glad I have you here, Elena mumbled into his shoulder, I would not have been able to hold myself together, if you were not here with me she added

“I love you so much” she said planting a soft kiss on Raguel’s lips

“I love you too” he said smiling as he led her to the bed, they both sat down in comfortable silence before Raguel broke the silence,

You know your wings made you more beautiful, he said

seriously? Elena asked makung Raguel nod his head

Elena smile grew wide as she attacked Raguel in a kiss, Raguel kissed her back and pushed her gently on the bed as he continue to kiss her, Elena put her hand on Raguel’s back, pulling him closer to her, Raguel pulled the kiss deeper, Elena opened up for her Angel, no matter how many times they kiss all their kisses are always special as if they were kissing for the first time.

Raguel stopped when he heard a growling sound from Elena’s stomach, he laughed and roll off her, come on let’s go have lunch, he said as he pulled Elena up and made their way downstairs.

You ready to eat now? Maria asked her daughter, which she respond to by nodding her head, Elena made her way to the kitchen yo help her mother set up the dinning table.

After they all finished eating they all sat in the living room talking about random things.

I want to learn how to use my wings, she said making everyone to stop talking and focus their attention on her.

Really? Samael asked excitedly

Yes, Elena said with a smile

Well first you will have to know how to flash your wings by command and also take it in, Raguel said

So how can I do that? she asked

Raguel stood up making Elena to stand up

just relax your mind, Raguel said, take a deep breath, Elena did as she was instructed and you flash your wings, Raguel said, as his wings came out,

Elena did the same thing which made her smile she walked closer to a mirror and inspect her wings

its really beautiful she whispered

Raguel moved closer and stood at her back as they both look at their reflection in the mirror, their beautiful, Magnificent wings adding to their beauty, Raguel smiled and kiss Elena on the forehead.

Raguel continue to teach, Elena how to, flash her wings, and how to take it in without stress, Elena was a fast learner and she really catch up to what Raguel taught her.

Now to the part of flying, I will leave that to your father to teach you, Raguel said as he pointed at Samael who stood up and walk up to his daughter.

Are you ready? Samael asked

Elena nodded her head

Samael lectured her about the importance of wings and told her when flying how not to leave rift on the ground when flying, Elena listen closely as her father talked.

Samael then flashed his wings, and flew into the kitchen showing his daughter how to position her wings,

Elena did the same thing but she did not get far before she crashed on the floor hard, and her wings knock down so many things.

Raguel rushed to her side quickly,Are you alright? he asked looking at her body if she was hurt

Am fine Elena said as she stood up

I think we should take the flying lesson outsideRaphael said, we will have to look for a place that is spacious and far away from humans, to avoid them seeing us, he added

Everybody nod their head in agreement, do you have a place in mind? Raguel asked

Yes, follow me Raphael said as he flashed his wings, Raguel carried, Elena in his arms, while Samael gave Maria a lift, they all flashed their wings and head to the place.

When they got there they looked aroundthe place it was really spacious as Raphael had said and good for learning how to fly .

I will just scan the area for any human, Michael said, as he turned on his heels and left.

Samael continued his lesson with his daughter, Elena tried using her wings but she does not seem to go far before she crashed.

Its enough for today, Samael said, its getting late already, let’s go back home tomorrow is another day he added with a smile on his face, they all flashed their wings and went home.

Raguel and Elena went upstairs straight into their bedroom l, she took a quick shower before she joined Raguel on the bed.

How are you feeling? Raguel asked

Am good, Elena said, am really good she added.

Raguel smiled at her response and kissed her forehead gently

I can’t really wait to know how to use my wings very well, Elena said in yawns, and I can’t wait to watch see you fly with your wings Raguel said

“Good night” Elena murmured and closed her eyes

“Good night” Raguel said as he pulled Elena closed and wrapped his hand around her.

“Today was really crazy” he whispered to himself.

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