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“A bold weakness”


Victoria POV

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s play a little game.”

Biscuit walked into plain sight of the guardians.

Shots were fired. There was some kicking. Thrashing. Muffled screaming.

Then there was just silence.

I stepped over their bodies and figured out the locks one by one. It was one fancy door, but in fifteen minutes, said fancy door clicked open.

Biscuit walked through the door and gestured for me to follow, shutting it instantly behind me.

I didn’t know what I expected.

But a cold pristine white room with nothing inside it definitely didn’t scream ‘ancient’ or ‘evil’.

Biscuit pressed one of his blades into my hands. “Use it in ten minutes. Don’t miss and don’t hesitate. And don’t move.”

Wait, what?

Suddenly a white mist crept up from the floor. It moved ominously through the air, unnaturally slow. It came towards me and I felt a chill run down my spine.

I tried my best not to move.

Just as it was a foot away from me, Biscuit aggressively got in its way.

It was quite simply the most horrifying thing I’d seen in my life.

His irises turned pale and his back arched midair almost like it was going to snap. His hands were like claws and his clothes began tearing. Light came out of his mouth and the voice seemed both otherworldly and familiar at the same time.

“Welcome to my prison, child.”

Biscuit’s body was contorting at unnatural angles, midair. Belatedly I realised I was screaming.

“Why are you here?” It , whatever whoever that was, asked me. “Why do you disturb my peace?”

“I-” I tried to find words. “I- I don’t know. You’re hurting him.”

“Oh, that’s unfortunate.” It said. “He must have had a good reason to offer his body then.”

I didn’t know what I supposed to do.

“People come here to ask me questions.” It explained. “I happen to be wise. Or so they say.”

Ok, then . I tried to ignore the silent scream on Biscuit’s face. Questions. You got this.

“The murders.” I finally realised why we were here. “You can tell us who’s behind it.”

“For a price.” It said. “My freedom.”

I nodded numbly, not sure what exactly it meant by that.

” Seek the child, of birth by blood and storm. A horizon of ice and smoke, a portal to the nethers and a dead soul revived I see in the shadows rewriting history.”

I’d never been more confused in my entire life. And I’d tried to learn Mandarin once.

“I get you’re being dramatic and all.” I said, looking at Biscuit’s body writhing. I held on to the blade harder. “But for fück’s sake, just tell me what we came here for.”

I heard a cold laugh.

“I already did.” Biscuit’s head rotated to look at the dagger. “Do it then. Do what you came for, my child.”

Oh, no.

Ten minutes he’d said. Ten minutes if this thing was still in his body. He wanted me to kill him.

“I can’t.”

Biscuit’s body drifted close to mine. I was part terrified, part mesmerised so I did nothing but stare as It touched me.

I felt a sudden jolt and white hot searing pain on my back.

“You always were bold.” It smiled. “But the bold are the weakest.”

I realised that I’d failed Biscuit on both counts.

I’d hesitated. I’d missed my chance.

A blast of cold air shot through the room, a flash of light so bright I could’ve gone blind if my eyes were open. From above ground I heard the sound of a million shards of glass breaking, the fall of two thousand years of Immortal history in those books.

Absolute silence fell over us for a moment. Then came the noise all at once – of screaming people, burning buildings and cracks breaking.

Biscuit collapsed to the ground, his wounds healing fast. In a minute, he was sitting up, dazed and confused.

I shook him, feeling the sudden urgency. “We need to get out of here. Anywhere. Just go.”

Biscuit took a few moments to figure out what was happening. His deep blue eyes went wide.

” Fück my life.”

Biscuit got to his feet, clearly in pain. He held onto my hand and suddenly were on a rooftop overlooking the library.

The whole building collapsed a second later, reduced to rubble. I wondered if the people inside got out.

“You should’ve used the dagger.” He said after a while.

I hesitated. He looked at me intently.

“I couldn’t, alright?” I finally broke. “Marcus told me it can kill your kind. And-and I can’t do that. I just – I couldn’t.”

“It can’t.” He said simply, looking away. “Iron Ice can’t kill a pureblood. Unless it’s used with what your sister gave the vampire King.”

“Oh.” I felt sheepish. “Then why-”

“It could’ve trapped him.” Biscuit said, shaking his head. “It’s alright though. I figured this was going to happen anyway.”

I shuddered, looking at the destruction below.

“What could possibly do that?”

“An Archangel.” Biscuit said. “You just spoke to Israfel, or as your kind calls him Raphael.”

Right. Ok. Just spoke to an ancient mythological being who trashed the world’s best library on a whim .

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a

totally normal day.

After a long time, Biscuit looked at me with his deeply probing ocean blue eyes.

“You said you couldn’t kill me.”

I pursed my lips.

“I couldn’t do a lot things.” I said, shrugging. “Power Yoga, make eggs Benedict, read Fifty Shades of Grey, kill you – it’s a long list. Don’t feel too special.”

He ruffled my hair, smiling.

“You know me.” He said. “Special is my middle name.”

“So your name is Sir. Biscuit Special Ässhole.” I said, deadbeat.

He laughed, putting his arm around my waist. I winced, remembering the pain in my back from earlier.

“What happened?” Biscuit arched a brow. “May I take a look?”

“Were you just waiting for a reason to take off my clothes?” I muttered, letting him cut the back of my shirt with his blade.

I swear I heard him say yes.

He traced along the lines where it had hurt the most, looking at me in pure wonder. The look was gone a moment later, replaced by concern.

“It’s just a wound.” He said, shrugging. “It’ll heal, don’t worry about it.”

I shrugged it off and put on the hoodie he lent me. Biscuit’s phone rang a moment later.

“What. The fück . Did you just do?”

I could tell by the way I could hear his voice a foot away that Biscuit’s friend was having a great day.

But I wasn’t really paying attention to the phone call.

Twenty minutes after calling me a baby cat, I realised the bästard’s ringtone was Eye of the Tiger.




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