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At that moment, Tang Wulin arrived before Wu Zhangkong so that two were facing each other.

Choosing not to fall back, Tang Wulin attacked Wu Zhangkong with his radiant Golden Dragon Claw!

Even if Wu Zhangkong had suppressed his cultivation to their level, he didn’t have a single opening or weakness. Yet, in this single battle, he made a stunning choice.

Icy mist exuded from him as sword waves burst forth and quickly weaved together to form a net, forming a protective barrier.

And at that moment, a golden six-pointed star appeared beneath Wu Zhangkong’s feet while shackles of ice shot out of it and latched onto his body.

A metallic screech resounded. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw had seized the sword wave net and crushed it! With the improvements in his cultivation and the aid of the Mysterious Heaven Method, Tang Wulin could maintain his Golden Dragon Claw for a full twenty seconds.

But the results were far from his expectations!

Though the Starwheel Shackles had activated at just the right moment, but Wu Zhangkong’s stalwart defense exceeded their calculations! It had deflected the shackles within the split-second, and while Tang Wulin had been able to crush the net, he had received backlash as well.

he might of the sword wave sent a tremble down his spine and forced him to step back.

This single step back had broken his offensive stance. Wu Zhangkong’s eyes lit up and the ice shackles on his body splintered before falling to the ground. Despite the fact that he had suppressed his cultivation to two rings, his two rings and theirs were as different as the heavens and the earth due to his application of compressed soul power. The Starwheel Shackles could only last two seconds before his overwhelming strength.

The Frost Scars had fended off Tang Wulin for two seconds and now that he was freed, Wu Zhangkong pointed his sword at him..

But at that instant, Wu Zhangkong saw Tang Wulin smile. He instantly had a bad premonition and unleashed another Frost Scar net without hesitation.

However, he was too late.

A palm gently landed on his back and an explosive tempest of fire and ice bombarded him!

A layer of protective frost instantly coated his body, but it was not enough to prevent him from staggering forward from the blast. He released his full might, sending the four children flying.

His icy expression cracked, revealing an unsightly face!

“Woohoo!” Xu Xiaoyan was the first to celebrate!

That was right! They won!

In the last minute, Wu Zhangkong had clearly revealed a strength far beyond two rings in order to protect himself.

He withdrew his Skyfrost Sword. Considering his status, it was impossible for him to admit his defeat so instead he asked indifferently, “Whose plan was this?”

Tang Wulin snickered. “Teacher, it’s mine.”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Very good. We’ll continue again tomorrow. And this time, I’ll use three rings. Of course, this also means I’ll be using my three corresponding soul skills.” He turned around and left after dropping this bomb, his white robe fluttering in the wind and his aura as glacial as ever.

The excited four children froze with shock and disbelief written all over their faces.

Three rings? Three rings is vastly different from two rings! It’s the same as comparing the Hundred Refinements to the Thousand Refinements!

They had thought that their victory would spare them tomorrow’s training or cause Wu Zhangkong to alter their training program. What they had not predicted was that not only would their dreams be crushed, they had summoned forth a nightmare instead…

“Boss, this wasn’t part of the plan!” Xie Xie was on the verge of tears.

In their strategy, Xie Xie was cannon fodder used to distract Wu Zhangkong. In fact, they had even told him directly that he would be cannon fodder.

Wu Zhangkong definitely wouldn’t have believed that Xie Xie was their main assault force. However, the Twin Dragon Storm possessed a terrifying power against those of the same rank, forcing Wu Zhangkong to divert a part of his attention to dealing with him.

Tang Wulin had taken many things into consideration when he drafted up their battle plan. He had known that Wu Zhangkong would be skeptical if they suddenly challenged him during the night. With Wu Zhangkong’s thorough understanding of the three’s strengths, his suspicions would naturally fall onto Xu Xiaoyan.

The ingenuity of Tang Wulin’s plan lay in misleading Wu Zhangkong. With Wu Zhangkong’s character, he would naturally assume that the entire team was set up so that Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw would make the final strike..

The truth was, they really had set up their formation like that.

From Tang Wulin’s very first attack to Xie Xie’s descent from the sky and Gu Yue’s coordinated assault, everything had been building up to that one claw.

But their plans had been exposed too quickly. Tang Wulin’s claw was uncovered, and his Bluesilver Grass was repelled by Frost Scars. Even so, the grass had done its job. All it had to do was conceal the actions of Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue at the rear!

Gu Yue had begun preparing her fire and ice explosion barrage the moment she unleashed her first wave of elemental attacks. Her preparations had only been able to finish without interruption thanks to the masking effect of the thousand-year Bind.

In the final moment of the battle, Wu Zhangkong had relaxed after freeing himself from the starwheel’s restraints even though Tang Wulin had broken through his defence. Everything had gone according to his predictions of the children’s plans and sure enough, they had figured a way to disturb him. He had assumed that they had exhausted all of their means.

And the minute he relaxed his guard, Tang Wulin’s dragon claw would shoot out!

It would have been the decisive strike!

As Wu Zhangkong thought that, the explosion of fire and ice blasted him in the back.

Not only had he suppressed his soul power down to their rank, he had also restrained his spiritual power, diminishing his awareness substantially. This was the reason why he hadn’t noticed the true plan devised by these children. If he hadn’t released his full strength at that last moment, there was no doubt that he would have suffered some injuries.

The children’s plan had been perfect. Not only had they coordinated their abilities impressively, they had even exploited the fundamental character flaw of their opponent. After realizing how detailed their plan had been, Wu Zhangkong needed to know who had devised it. The fact that such a brilliant plan had been hatched by a ten-year-old child meant the child possessed indescribable potential.

Unseen by the children, a smile tugged at his lips as he left.

As a teacher, how could he be dissatisfied with such amazing students? Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Shackles had also left a deep impression on him. It had completely sealed his soul power for an instant—a truly terrifying ability.

It seems they’ll be giving the academy and I a nice surprise at the Skysea Alliance Tournament.

The children sullenly returned to their dormitory and into their beds, dreading the next day. The Starwheel Shackles couldn’t possibly have much effect on a three-ringed Wu Zhangkong. What were they to do? All they could do now was play by the ear.

Their intense lives of studying and cultivating resumed once more.

Xu Xiaoyan quickly found her place in the team. Not only was she was clever and working well with the team, she was also bright and adorable, the exact opposite of Gu Yue. Due to her pitiful strength during the day, she always worked hard to improve herself. What left Tang Wulin helpless, however, was how talented she was. Her soul power had increased to rank 18 in just one month, while he still struggled to reach rank 17. Even with the Mysterious Heaven Method, his cultivation speed was extremely slow.

“Tomorrow we’re going to Skysea City,” Wu Zhangkong announced. “Tang Wulin, stay behind after class.”

We’re going to Skysea City? The largest city on the east coast?

The four students looked at each other in confusion. Xie Xie was the first to give in to his curiosity. “Are we going there to watch the Skysea Alliance Tournament, Teacher Wu?”

Wu Zhangkong looked at him. “You’re participating, not watching.”


Wu Zhangkong waved them out, forcing Xie Xie, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan to leave in a daze.

Tang Wulin stood up, waiting for Wu Zhangkong to speak.

“The academy told me that the Blacksmith’s Association wants you to participate in the blacksmith’s competition at the Skysea Alliance Tournament. Is that true?”

“Mn.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Wu Zhangkong said, “I did some research. It shouldn’t conflict with any of our class’s matches, so it should be fine.”

“Oh.” Tang Wulin acknowledged. “Teacher Wu, what competition are we participating in?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “The three-man team event in the juvenile division. The Skysea Alliance Tournament is very large and will have countless events. Obviously there will be events for soul masters, but they’re divided into individual and team competitions. Team competitions are either groups of three, five, or seven. You should pay close attention to the seven-man matches. You, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue will form a group and participate in the three-man team competition with Xu Xiaoyan as a substitute. As the team captain, you need to think about how you will obtain good results in the team competition, as well as the blacksmith’s competition. Your goal is to become the champions.”

For the Money!

“Champion? But we’re still eleven! Xie Xie told me that we would have to compete against people who are ten to fifteen years old. That’s a bit…”

Wu Zhangkong coldly said, “Age does not determine one’s strength. You just need to try your best. The outcome is not the most important thing, understood?”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin answered.

“You can leave now. Go prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Skysea City. All of the participants from Eastsea City will be leaving together, so you don’t have to worry about meeting up with your colleagues from the Blacksmith’s Association.”


For the past month, Tang Wulin had been entirely focused on preparing for the blacksmith’s competition. Although he could not yet forge a first-grade metal, his success rate for second-grade metals had already risen to more than eighty percent. Even among other fourth rank blacksmiths, such a success rate was rarely seen.

As Mu Chen had said, Tang Wulin’s inability to forge a first-grade metal was not due to a lack of understanding, but a deficiency of soul power.

Soul power was the foundation of soul masters, and it was also crucial to blacksmiths. The higher one’s soul power, the higher the chances of imbuing spirit into metal during forging. Even if he was a divine genius in the realm of blacksmithing, his status as a one-ringed soul master would only hinder his advancement in the craft.

According to Mu Chen’s guess, Tang Wulin would immediately be able to forge first-grade metals once he possessed two rings.

His training menu under Mu Chen did not change; it was still focused on solidifying his foundation in preparation for the future. After all, he was still young and did not need to take risks in order to achieve a first-grade Thousand Refined creation.

What Tang Wulin had not expected, however, was that they would be one of the teams representing Eastsea Academy and they would be competing in the junior division for the soul master team battles, no less.

Although he was shocked, he was also eager for combat.

Locked within an abyss of suffering for the past month, Tang Wulin t had not visited the spirit ascension platform even once. Instead, he faced Wu Zhangkong in battle every day. He would rather face a ten-thousand-year soul beast than fight Wu Zhangkong; after all, he had personally witnessed his teacher slaughter a ten-thousand-year soul beast as if it were just a walk in the park!

The only fruit that was born from that night’s victory was an escalation in the intensity of their training. Even while combining their forces and utilizing the dirtiest of schemes, they could not hold a candle to a three-ringed Wu Zhangkong. As the team captain, Tang Wulin took the brunt of Wu Zhangkong’s attacks, each battle leaving him covered in bruises and cuts.

Yet, it was precisely because of such harsh circumstances that their coordination and soul power improved so quickly.

Tang Wulin could sense that he was but one step away from reaching rank 17 now.

However, his intense cultivation schedule conflicted with his forging practice leading him to be unable to meet his task quotas. Naturally, his income tanked.

Whenever Tang Wulin thought of the Skysea Alliance Tournament, his pulse would pound incessantly and his eyes redden until they were bloodshot at the thought of the award money that would solve quite a few of his current problems.

Now that he was a fourth rank blacksmith, his potential income skyrocketed and he had been able to clear his debt to Wu Zhangkong. His wallet wept at its empty pockets.

“Teacher Wu.” Before walking through the door, Tang Wulin suddenly spun around. “Is there an award for participating in the tournament?”

Wu Zhangkong stared at him. “If the team performs well, there will be one. Although there is a monetary award given to the top thirty-two, the sum only becomes significant once you breach the top sixteen. As for receiving an endowment from the academy, all of you are already draining the academy’s resources dry. Especially you. Your food expenses are nearly enough to feed the entire intermediate division. Tell me, do you still want a reward?”

Tang Wulin dared not speak out. Instead, he stuck his tongue out like a little rascal.

But was the truth not spoken? He knew that he was just shoveling in that high-class, nutritious food that aided in his cultivation, seemingly to no end. Obviously, the expenses for such nourishment were high. With all that healthy food, his cultivation was progressing at a magnified rate, even to the point where preparing to break through the second seal seemed more feasible than ever

The fact that he could even eat such delicious food often brought him joy.

“Teacher Wu, can I participate in the individual competition then? Maybe I’ll be able to enter the top thirty,” Tang Wulin probed. He could not afford to let a single lucrative opportunity slip away.

His attitude toward money had changed after all the pain and suffering he went through just to be able to purchase his first spirit soul. If he had more money back then, then he would not have been forced to settle for a trash spirit soul.

Since then, Tang Wulin vowed to rake in the money in the future, to the extent where he would never have to worry about making ends meet.

If Mu Chen ever discovered his disciple’s true reason for forging, he would have hopped up and down from rage.

“If you’re not worried about being tired, then you can go ahead,” Wu Zhangkong answered with an apathetic edge.

Tang Wulin said, “As long as the schedules don’t in conflict, I’m confident I won’t get tired. I’ll have to inconvenience you to help me sign up then.” At the very least, the boy had some faith in his strength. Although he did not wield two rings as of yet, he did hold a thousand-year soul ring! His thousand-year Bluesilver Grass was a major source of confidence for him.

When he returned to the dormitory, Tang Wulin found his friends already at the door waiting for him.

“How was it? What’s the situation?”

Faced with their inquiries, Tang Wulin quickly briefed them on his conversation with Wu Zhangkong.

“I’ll join the individual competition too,” Gu Yue said earnestly.

Xie Xie loftily said, “Me too!”

Xu Xiaoyan shook her head. “I think I’ll pass. The competition isn’t held at night, and even if it was, I lack the confidence. Participating as a substitute in the team competition is enough for me.”

A mischievous smile appeared on Xie Xie’s lips. “Say, if we really do become the champions, do you think Shrek Academy will come scout us? Maybe they’ll invite us to join them?”

The corner of Xu Xiaoyan’s mouth twitched ever so slightly. “Quit dreaming. Even if we do win first place, it’s still just an unremarkable three-man competition at the Skysea Alliance Tournament. Use your common sense and think about what sort of status they have. I heard that there have never been more than one hundred students part of the inner court of Shrek Academy at a time, and each and every one of them is a monster. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a pond of dragons and a den of tigers. I also heard that even the chairman of the federation personally pays a visit to Shrek Academy’s president twice a year. If Shrek Academy hadn’t maintained a neutral stance during the three continent’s feuds, do you think the Star Luo Continent and the Heaven Dou Continent would still exist?”

In shock, Tang Wulin asked, “Is Shrek Academy really that great?”

With utmost seriousness, Xu Xiaoyan said, “That’s right. My family told me that it’s a place completely separate from the world of us normal people. Shrek Academy recruits students once every three years, and each time there are less than one thousand people qualified to apply. It would be a small miracle if more than one hundred people are accepted at a time. In fact, sometimes only twenty or thirty people are accepted. But of those students, only one in ten can enter the inner court. It’s quite obvious just how high their standards are.

“ Shrek Academy’s unfathomable quality is not something we have the privilege of understanding.”

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie both exchanged a look. Although it was impossible for them to know what Shrek Academy was like, there was bound to be someone who did!

Teacher Wu! Don’t the rumors say that Teacher Wu came from Shrek Academy?

If the admittance standards for Shrek Academy are that high, then just how amazing is Teacher Wu?

Tang Wulin said, “Even so, this is a great opportunity for us. Don’t think too much about getting a high rank everyone; just do your best and gain some good combat experience. As long as we don’t give up, we’ll definitely have a shot at entering Shrek Academy one day!”

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