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(@ Jimmy’s house)

I am so going to deal with her

Yes, I will deal with Miranda

She had the hardihood to tie you up and leave you in the toilet?

I will teach her and her stupid friend a big lesson they will never forget

If she dare open that shop, she will see the other side of me

But I am sure she is going to come here to take the keys.

When she comes, I will give her two condition before the shop can be opened

First condition is, she should go on her knees and apologize to you then when you forgive her, she should go back and bring back those properties she packed here so if she doesn’t want that, then that shop will remain locked forever and if she dare break the key, I will so deal with her that in her next life, she will never want to cross the path I crossed! Jimmy said perambulating and berating angrily


She needs to be dealt with

What if you didn’t return early that day?

I would have remained in the toilet

That’s so wicked of her

She must apologize and before I forgive her eeeh, she must be on her knees for like two to three hours or else her shop is not important to her

She must return those things she took here especially the washing machine

I hate washing clothes with my hands. Ella said and Jimmy tapped her chick

Don’t worry sweetheart

I promise I am going to get you a better and stronger washing machine

Even if she returns those things here, I will destroy it right before her presence

I have money

I will buy all those things for you today or tomorrow

I am waiting for the stupid barren Miranda whom I have been f-----g for years and she has no result to give for it

An ungrateful human being

Instead of her to kneel down and thank you, she is leaving the house

Let her leave naa

Do we even care? Jimmy asked and Ella burst out laughing


If she like she can go and kill herself

Who cares?

You know eeh

I have been wanting to tell you the truth for so long now but i was waiting for the day Miranda will leave you just like she did

See eeh, forget what my sister is saying oo

She was not a virgin when you married her

She lied

Yes she lied

She just used a v----a tightener so she can pretend to you like she is a virgin

She is not a virgin

And I know the reason why she is yet to have a child

I know the reason why she is barren

Do you want to know the reason? Ella asked winking at Jimmy and he nodded


I will be glad to hear it. Jimmy replied and Ella smiled

Miranda aborted 11 pregnancies before she married you


Its only she and I that knows the truth. The last abortion she did, the doctor told her that her womb is damaged and won’t be able to carry a child

That she will be barren forever

She was a prostitute before she met you naa

Or what were you thinking was the cause of her barrenness?

If you were the cause, would I have gotten pregnant for you?

She didn’t want to tell you and she pleaded me not to tell you but since you are my husband, I think we shouldn’t hide things from one another. Ella said and Jimmy was shocked to his vein

What are you saying? Are you for real?

Is this the truth and I have been living under the same roof with Miranda for years and she kept this away from me?

So she knew she was the reason behind our childlessness?

But our family doctor already said nothing was wrong with the both of us. Jimmy said in a confused state

She bribed the doctor

She bribed the doctor to tell you that

You don’t know Miranda

She is a dangerous and deadly snake with a poisonous venom

You don’t know what she is capable of doing

That woman or should I say girl? Ella said rolling her eyes and Jimmy smiled confusedly

For real?

Is this the kind of Person I have lived with for years?

Are you kidding me sweety? Jimmy asked with eye wide opened

Do I look like a liar?

I don’t lie like Miranda

Come on

Everything I have said to you here is truth. Ella said and Jimmy stood up angrily

I will arrest the doctor. Jimmy said and Ella heart skipped a beat

No no no

You don’t have to do that

Just stop going there

Let’s get a new family doctor

That doctor does not care about your happiness

He just needs money

Don’t arrest him. Ella said and the door flinged open

They both smiled thinking its Miranda when three police officers walked in

Mr Jimmy, you are under arrest for breaking in into one miss Miranda shop and stealing a huge amount of 2millon naira and padlocking it with another padlock

You are not allowed to say anything until you get to the station

Anything you say or act will be used against you in the court of law

Copra Segun and Inspector Joshua, handcuff him. The police men said and Jimmy gave in

Sweetheart, are you going to let them take you away?

My husband

Please don’t take him away. Ella cried but they ignored her and left and she ran after them

Miranda God will punish you

God will punish you

She said running after the police car as she halted a bike rider and asked the bike rider to follow them

****** ******

Mom Glory, barrister Joyce and I was sitting in the custody when Jimmy and the other officers arrived

Jimmy was handcuffed like a criminal

I saw him and beamed a smile

Miranda ran in like a mad woman and faced me

You right?

You Miranda?

You arrested my husband?

You arrested my husband and allegedly accuse him for stealing from you right

Hope you are ready for the battle line that you have drawn?

Are you ready Miranda?

I am talking to you! Ella berated like a mad woman and I winked at her and smiled

I am very sure my smile hitted her like an iron and she angrily hit her hand on the table

Get ready for me

Watch and see what happens next! She said and I winked and smiled at her again

Hey hey hey!

We don’t bark like dogs here

This is the state headquarters for crying out loud

Any other word from you and you will be detained! One of the police officer said and Miranda sat down

Jimmy was asked to sit down and write down his statement

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