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For real?

Did Ella actually talked to me in this manner?

She have forgotten I am her older sister?


She won’t go Scot free with this

I said and stood up to go after her and Glory held me

No Mira

Don’t do that


You have said it already

That you will leave her for karma to deal with her

Why going to fight with her again?

Your sister has turned out to be a beast so why going to fight her?

What if she had a knife with her and stab you with it or don’t you think she is capable of doing that?

Leave her alone!

Sit down let’s know the way forward. Mom Glory said but I was still raging angrily

Mom, didn’t you see the way she talked and walked out on me?

No mother

She does not deserve to go scot free

She need to be dealt with

My own sister?

My own sister taking over my home right before me

This is unbearable ma’am

I can’t bear this

I said and burst out into tears.

Its unbearable truly my love but sometimes, you have to let go of temptation when it comes knocking on your door

What if you get upstairs and Ella stab you with a knife?

Or what if you get there and push her head to the wall and she dies in the process?

Do you think you will go scot free?

Do you think you you won’t be judged to life imprisonment?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life in jail?

A wise woman is known on how she handle storms when it comes her way

Don’t act out of anger cos it might land you to permanent wailing

Be strong my daughter

I understand how you feel but please, leave everything in the hand of God.

Come let me take you to your house so you can pick one or two things and go cool off your head somewhere

You can stay here if you wish

Glory said and I nodded

But mom Glory, am I going to start from the scratch again?

I am just so confused right now

Should I divorce Jimmy and let go of them

Should I go and stay in my house as a stranger?

Mom Glory so this has been the reason why Jimmy was no longer concerned about our childlessness?

I never knew it was because he is sleeping with my sister

My wicked and useless sister saw me crying and over thinking myself cos of the way my husband treats her

I never knew they were just pretending

I never knew they were both wolves in sheep’s clothing

Are you sure I won’t die of depression?

I asked crying and looking at her

No my love

You won’t die

This is not the end of life

Listen, sometimes, God send the wrong people into your life to teach you some things

Now that you have learnt your lesson in the hard way, kindly sit down

Give yourself time and think about what you want to do with your life

If you really wants to remain in this marriage or you want it over

Please don’t take any decision while angry so you won’t end up regretting it

Decision taken when angry is not a decision.

Meanwhile, have you tried calling your mother in-law? She asked and I nodded in tears

Her statement was more harsh than that of Ella’s

In fact, Jimmy already told her about Ella’s pregnancy and you know how some mother in-law can be desperate.

She asked me to leave her son’s house for her that she is no longer interested in having me as a daughter in-law. I said and Glory held my hand and smiled

Smile my dear for your storm won’t last long

Don’t take whatever you find yourself in to heart

God will comfort and take you to a greater level

Let’s go so we can pick something’s that is important to you. She said and I smiled

Okay ma’am

But please, I would like to go when my husband is around

Right now I can’t think of anything

I am just so confused

Is it possible for me to leave my marriage for my sister? I asked and Ella walked in

Yes aunty motivational speaker

You are leaving

If you don’t want to leave then provide a result for yourself

Go and get pregnant

Your husband has been shooting you with sperm for over six years now but your womb is not a good gaol keeper hahahahaha

We have been doing it for the past 4 years and just this month that he begged me to get pregnant for him, my womb get hold of it

Won’t you call me Boss lady?

You think is easy?

If its easy go and get pregnant naa

If its easy get pregnant let me see

Witch of the highest order

Shameless barren woman

Barren woman

That’s what you are. Ella said and I stood up and clapped my hand smiling and walked towards her

I raised my hand and gave her four dirty slaps

That I gave you the chance to talk shouldn’t make you talk to me in a mannerless way

I still remain your elder sister as far as I am concerned and………..

And I have disowned you as my own sister

Don’t you ever refer me as your sister

I am not senseless like you, if not I would have slapped you back but I have respect for the owner of this house

But just try this shit at home

Try it in my home and see if I won’t kill you and eat your corpse raw. Ella said with her eyes wide opened

Ella, don’t push me to push you out of this house.

You are so mannerless and don’t worth being created a human being

God would have made you a wild animal so you can remain in the forest and roam all over forever

How dare you badge into my privacy without even a knock?

Don’t try that next time if you don’t want me to accuse you of attempted murder

Now you have overstayed your welcome

Get out of my house. Glory said and Ella walked out

My mind was a little bit at rest for at least laying my hand on Ella

Foolish ungrateful ingrate.

I said and sat down on the sofa

Hope you are seeing the kind of sister you have been sharing the same roof with?

Do you think if she had gotten the opportunity to poison you, she would hesitate?

No she wouldn’t hesitate

She would do it without giving it a second thought

Fear Ella

Fear her

She is heartless and a monster in human form

That girl have never loved you from day one

Didn’t you hear she have been sleeping with your husband since?

That was two years after your marriage

What if the atrocity happening under your nose was what restricted you from getting pregnant?

Think twice my daughter before you decide on what to do

If you would like to continue with your marriage or not

Glory said and I sat down and burst into another round of cry

Till when will you continue crying like this?

Till when?

Can’t you just behave like an adult for once?

Stop making the devil feel victorious. Glory said and I wiped my tears

Its so painful mom Glory

The pain of being betrayed by your own sister who you suffered so much for

I am just full of regrets now

If I had known, I wouldn’t have suffered so much for her

You won’t understand maami

You won’t! I said and bowed my head still shedding tears

Be strong my daughter!

Everything will come back to normal again and you will find yourself happier

Each challenges that comes to us, always make us stronger and gives us room for more opportunities

It is only a fool that don’t learn from his or her challenges

Be wise my daughter.

And be strong!

She said and I nodded

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