Million Tears - S01 E01

4 months ago

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I looked up at the ceiling and wept profusely

Two things are bothering my mind seriously

And this has caused me sleepless nights so many times

I have been married for 6 years now without an issue

Not even half talk less of one

I have never even gotten pregnant let alone having miscarriage

My husband and I have gone to several test and nothing was found wrong

I have gone to series of deliverance but still no positive result

I am sick and tired of going about seeking for fruit of the womb and have decided to stay and pray to God

Its so painful to see my friends that I got married before with two to three kids but here I am childless

People were beginning to call me barren and my husband impotent but neither me nor my husband knows the reason behind our predicament

I don’t lack anything in my home

My husband is a well to do business man and I am also doing very well in my fabrics business but whenever I remember I have no child to call my own, I shed tears sadly

Its really eating me up emotionally but my husband seems not to be much concerned about it that much

The second thing bothering my mind is my sister

Ella my sister have been staying with me ever since I got married cos our parents left us at a very young age

She moved in with me and she school from home cos our house is very close to her school

She is now in her third year and still very humble and obedient

She is 24 years old and respects me a lot but my husband is beginning to change towards her

He now complains of everything she does

He find fault in all she does and always accuse her wrongly

But whenever I suggest we get a room for her so she can give us space, he refuses and insist she stay but should try talking sense to her

I am yet to see any error about Ella but my husband keeps complaining

I threatened to leave him if he dare complains of my sister again cos his complain is getting out of hand

My sister is my all in all

I love her so much cos it was just the both of us

The both of us struggled through thick and thins together before our life got better

My parents left us at a very young age and the both of us hustled and cater for ourselves

We never misbehaved

I met my husband a virgin and married him a virgin and I am very sure my sister is still a virgin

My husband stopped complaining of her but after a while he started again

Ella was aware that my husband hates her but she don’t give a d--n about it

This whole issues seems to be disturbing me alone

Ella, I am so concerned about this whole issue honestly

My husband used to like you before

How come he developed this hatred for you overnight

I sad sadly

You don’t have too worry about that sister

Life is full of ups and down you know

If people don’t hate you, you won’t find love

Forget about your husband attitude towards me

Its a part of life experience. She said lackadaisically

Ella, I don’t like the way he yells at you sometimes

You are a grown up girl for Christ sake and he shouldn’t treat you like a slave

You are my blood

One blood and he should know that

Why treating you bad? Why?

I think I should just rent a house for you somewhere so you can come visit once in a while. I said and she refused immediately

No no no no sister

Why should you do that?

You shouldn’t do that at all

Don’t waste your money for my sake

I have told you this is not bothering me

Your husband has every right to treat me however he wish cos I am in his house and he pays all my school fees

So why shouldn’t he do that?

Sister forget about this please

We should think of solution to your childlessness not me biko. She said holding my hands and I nodded


If you say so

As for a solution to my childlessness, I have left that for God to solve

I have gone to series hospital, different church but no solution

So I believe God will do it for me at His due time. I said and she nodded


I prepared fried plantain and sauce

Let me get some for you to eat

With this your look, I don’t think you have eaten today

Its so delicious

Ella said and left while I bowed my head sadly

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