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It’s such a sweet and beautiful feeling to love and be loved back in

return. A relationship can’t be established unless the feeling is mutual

between both parties because two cannot work together except they agree. It

wasn’t just enough for Saint to realise his mistakes and want Rose back

into his life, but also up to her to decide if she wanted him back into her

life too. It’s a thing of joy indeed to know that both of them still had

feelings for each other and was willing to make things work between

themselves. At this point, it’s safe to acknowledge the popular saying that

“what is meant for you will never pass you by”.

The kiss Saint planted on Rose’s lips was unexpected because she was so

engrossed in her emotions that she didn’t see it coming. She reciprocated

and they kissed passionately for a while before finally parting their lips.

After the kiss, the whole atmosphere became a bit calm and the burning

sensations ceased. Saint didn’t want to make any more advances so as not to

come off as having an ulterior motive. He figured it was best to take

things slow between them, so as not to jeopardise things.

On the other hand, Rose also didn’t want things to go beyond that kiss

because she still needed some time to process everything and think things

through. After the kiss, he pecked her on the forehead and raised her up

from where they both knelt. They located the nearest couch and sat down


“Thank you so much for giving me another chance, you wouldn’t regret this I

promise. I have to go home now because it’s already getting late, take as

much time to process and think about everything. I want you back into my

life and this time around, you are coming back as my one and only. I’m

ready to commit to you and give my all to this relationship. Things have

changed for the better and now I’m sure of what I want. I love you Rose,

Happy Birthday once more” Saint said. He pecked Rose again on her forehead

and walked away.

When Saint left, Rose laid down on the couch she was sitting on and folded

her body like a little baby. She kept staring at the cake as she thought of

Saint. Deep down, she knew that she was still very much in love with him.

“Oh Lord, what should I do? Should I take him back or not? I really don’t

want to make any mistake” she soberly said to herself as she laid down in


It was such an emotional day for both parties. Saint thought of Rose all

through the remaining hours of that day, same with her too. He kept praying

that God touches her heart to accept him back, even though he knew that her

hard shell had cracked. The future looked promising and assuring that Rose

would come back to him, but he didn’t want to take any chances at all by

slacking or slowing down.

As days passed by, things gradually began to fall into place for the two

lovebirds. Saint made deliberate attempts everyday to solidify their

relationship. He usually sent Rose money for upkeep without her asking, he

sent lunch to her office whenever he had the time to order, he texted and

called her daily. It was just a matter of time before Rose fell deeply in

love with him again. Gradually, she started opening her heart again and

Saint didn’t take any chances at all.

With each passing day, their relationship grew stronger and they started

trusting each other again. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty

thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group. With time,

they started going on dates and chilling out together. They deliberately

took things slow when it came to their intimate life. Matter of fact, Rose

made up her mind not to let Saint touch her till he puts a ring on it. She

didn’t want to loose her guards nor bring it down again, so as not to be

too heartbroken if anything unexpected ever happened. She communicated with

Saint that she was going to abstain and not give her body to him in the

course of their relationship and he understood perfectly fine and accepted.

The fact that Saint didn’t make a fuss about Rose’s decision to abstain,

made her believe he had truly changed and his feelings were certainly

genuine. With ‘Love Making’ out of the way, they had enough time to focus

and concentrate on other major things that guaranteed a healthy and strong

relationship. They got to know each other better and invested their time

and energy on things that uplifted the other. Life seemed as though it had

finally smiled on them till something unfortunate happened along the line.

It happened that Saint began to make his relationship with Rose a little

public. He uploaded photos of them together on his new social media handles

once in a while and never hesitated to let people know that he was now

‘Taken’. Deep down, Rose was happy that he was proud of what they had and

wasn’t keeping it a secret.

However, as time went on, some ladies from Saint’s past that still loved

him weren’t too happy with the new development. One particular lady took

things to the extreme as she wasn’t willing to fold her arms and watch

another woman take her dream place in Saint’s life.

Turns out that Rose wasn’t the only one that was aware of the changed

Saint; as a lot of people could see that he was now a different man. The

‘New Saint’ was more attractive than the ‘Old Saint’ and this made him more

sought after by the ladies from his past. A lot of them tried to contact

him as time went on but he usually told them he had someone else and wasn’t


Saint didn’t bother to confide in Rose about the constant harassment he was

getting from the ladies from his past because he felt it might make her

insecure; of which he didn’t want that sort of negative energy in their

relationship. Well, too bad because if he knew it would lead to a big

problem in the future, he would have told her straight up.

One fateful day, a certain lady named Patricia called Saint and pleaded

with him that she wanted them to talk about something business related. The

lady was someone from his past that wanted him to be hers by all means. The

thought of Saint being with someone else with all the admirable package he

had, drove Patricia crazy and made her even more determined to get him no

matter what.

Initially, when Patricia called Saint, he didn’t want to honour her

appointment but had to do so because she mentioned that it was strictly

business related. She was the one that suggested her house and he didn’t

think there was an ulterior motive to that suggestion because he had been

to her house many times in the past.

The appointment was scheduled for evening but Saint moved it to afternoon

to avoid stories. That fateful afternoon, he arrived at Patricia’s

apartment to listen to the business proposal she had been disturbing him

for almost a week to hear. When he entered inside her living room, the

first thing she did was try to peck him, of which he swiftly shifted his


“If this is why you called me here, then I might as well take my leave.

Let’s get to the business proposal you called me here to look at” Saint

bluntly said, “I am sorry, let me get you something to drink so we can get

to business” Patricia said. She went inside the kitchen and came back with

a drink.

Unknown to Saint, the drink was drugged but he had no single clue. He took

a sip and they got talking. Few minutes after taking several sips, he

suddenly became dizzy and knocked off on Patricia’s couch.

With Saint deeply asleep, Patricia hurriedly undressed him and undressed

herself too. With the help of camera timer, she took intimate pictures with

him in such a way that one would think they made love. After taking the

pictures, she kissed him passionately. “No one can have you if I can’t, I

miss those lips” she gently muttered. When she was satisfied with her evil

motives, she dressed him back and pretended as though noting happened.

It was getting dark but Saint was still fast asleep. Rose called him thrice

but Patricia let the phone ring without picking up. She was able to get

Rose’s number from Saint’s phone and stored it on her phone because she had

something up her sleeves.

Finally, after over six hours of sleeping, Saint woke up. Immediately he

opened his eyes, he was shocked to find out that he just woke up from sleep

and also was still at Patricia’s house. Immediately she saw that he was now

awake, she walked towards him and pretended to be surprise.

“Oh, thank God you are now awake! I was scared” Patricia said, “Did I sleep

here? What happened?” Saint curiously asked, “I am surprised myself, while

we were discussing, you suddenly became dizzy and slept off. I guess you

were just stressed out and tired” she lied.

Without wasting any more time, Saint told Patricia that he had to leave and

zoomed out. It was when he got into his car that he realised that Rose had

been calling him. He saw her missed calls and immediately called her back.

“Hello babe, I am so sorry; I was asleep when you called” he said. Rose

tried to inquire where he was but he told her he had a business meeting

with a friend and unknowingly dozed off there. She understood and told him

to drive home safe.

Unknown to Saint, a big disaster was up ahead. It turns out that Patricia

forwarded the pictures she took to Rose’s WhatsApp that same evening with a

message that read; “You can’t keep what isn’t yours, stay clear!”. Patricia

knew she had the right person because Rose’s display picture gave her away.

Few minutes after Rose was done talking to Saint, her phone beeped and she

reluctantly checked her notification and saw that it was a WhatsApp

message. On seeing that the message was from an unknown number, she opened

it to see it’s content and almost collapsed when she saw the pictures and


At that moment, Rose died a thousand times and couldn’t breathe properly.

She placed her hand on her chest and gently muttered “It can’t be true”.

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