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There’s a popular saying that goes; “Hell hath no fury like a woman

scorned” and it’s safe to say that it’s entirely true. A woman can be

anything you want her to be depending on the way you treat her. Majority

might question any reason Rose had to be extremely furious at Saint but

before you judge her, first remember that Saint was the same person that

put her in that situation. How can you promise heaven and earth to a woman

you can’t even cross a bridge for? How can you manipulate a lady into

falling deeply in love with you and think it’s OK to treat her like trash

few days after she gave her body to you out of the love you promised her?

Even an articulated person will lose their mind if they were the one in

Rose’s shoes. Saint felt he had won the game but never knew that it was the

beginning of his downfall.

After the rude response Saint gave to Rose, she folded her arms in shock

and couldn’t close her mouth properly. It felt as though everything was

just a bad dream and wasn’t actually happening in real life. Too bad that

it was her reality and there was no running away from it, so all she could

do was face it head on.

“I should have known, I should have known you were a big lying devil. How

could I be so naive and ignorant not to see the huge handwriting on the

wall? How could I be so blind not to see through you and know that all you

just wanted was a piece of me? This is so much coming from a supposed

highly respectable angel like you. Who would ever believe that the almighty

Saint was a chronic womaniser, a cheat and a lair? You are a big hypocrite

who doesn’t even practice what he preaches; you contradict your own words

when you are in private. Tueh! I must run you down even if it’s the last

thing I do to pay you back for hurting me this way” Rose soberly said with

tears falling off her eyes. When she was done talking, Saint didn’t even

utter a word to her neither did he try to defend himself because he felt

there was no need to do so. He gently held the door handle and opened it

for her to leave; of which she shamefully did.

Never in a thousand years did Rose ever imagine to be treated that way by a

man. To start with, she was beautiful, smart and had a charming

personality; so what more could a man ever want again? She actually had

confidence in herself and always knew that any man that got her was lucky;

little wonder why she never suspected that Saint was out to play her,

despite all those admirable qualities.

One thing Rose knew for sure was that Saint wasn’t going to go scot-free

for his actions; not after treating her like dirt and inflicting such

amount of pains on her. Throughout that day, she cried her eyes out and

refused to eat anything. It was so bad that she sat under the shower all

night without minding being exposed to cold and eventually running a high

temperature. It was such a pitiable situation for the heartbroken lady and

the only thing she felt at that moment was ‘Revenge’.

While Rose was experiencing a mental breakdown, Saint was busy having the

time of his life with the lady he came home that day with. It’s safe to

assume you already know what went down that night at his house because we

all know who he is.

The sad thing was that not for once did Saint think of his rude attitude

towards Rose, neither did he feel slightly guilty for how he treated her.

Matter of fact, he didn’t even consider that incident as anything serious.

He only saw it as a case of a woman that wanted more love than he was

willing to give; but who could blame Rose after he instigated the whole

thing by telling lies and promising her what he wasn’t willing to give.

Well, every thief has that last robbery that leads to their doom and Rose

was the beginning of Saint’s doom, but it hadn’t dawned on him yet. If only

he knew that not all ladies were to be messed with, he probably would have

applied caution but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Days and weeks after that incident, Saint completely erased Rose from his

‘Call Girls’ list and never contacted her again. Chat MartinMartino on zero

eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp

group.As an unapologetic emotionless person that he was, moving on was very

easy and didn’t require much effort; unlike Rose’s case. It wasn’t that

easy for her to get over the fact that she was used and dumped by a man she

saw a future with and felt loved her genuinely.

One of the things that hurt Rose the most was the way Saint shamefully

ended things with her and embarrassed her in his house that very day. The

fact that he hadn’t even called to apologise since the incident happened,

made things worse.

Whenever Rose remembered the fact that Saint slept with her, she cried

bitterly because she felt used and violated. “He must pay, I can’t let him

just go like that after hurting me this way. He must pay, I just can’t

leave him!” she always muttered to herself.

Well, we all know that when anger and pain is harboured for too long, it

becomes dangerous. At that point, the only thing Rose wanted was Revenge

for all she was going through. Day and night, all she thought of was what

possible ways to get back at Saint. Deep down, she knew that she wouldn’t

stop until he felt the same way she was feeling.

Day in day out, Rose would Rage in anger as she secretly scrolled through

Saint’s social media accounts. It killed her deeply whenever she watched a

video clip of him pretending to be the ‘Saviour of the world’ whereas he

was a wolf in sheep clothing. The fact that Saint behaved as though he was

Jesus neighbour whenever he was in public, made her feel like s-----g the

life out of him because she knew he was far from anything godly or


“Just take a look at this clown, how can someone be this two faced? My God!

It’s about time people knew him for his true character and not for this

camouflage attitude. Who would even believe that the almighty life coach

that talks about good living and tackles sensitive life issues, has a truck

load of women he changes every now and then? Hmmm, I must expose him even

if it’s the last thing I do on earth” Rose angrily said.

Despite having plans of exposing Saint, Rose wasn’t able to execute any of

them because she didn’t have any physical access to him since after that

incident at his house. Also, she hadn’t been able to find the perfect time

or way to execute the numerous agenda she had planned out.

While Rose was there looking for ways to run Saint down and ruin his image,

he was busy touring the state they resided in. He had events upon events to

attend to so he didn’t have time for any personal outing at all. Rose was

hoping to publicly confront and disgrace him in front of many people so

they could video and post on social media, which will eventually dent his

image and ruin his reputation. Well, it seemed as though luck was on

Saint’s side but not for too long.

One fateful morning, Rose arrived at the office and the television in the

reception area was on. She reluctantly looked to see what was showing and

it was an interview session with the one man she hated with all her heart.

Curious to see what the interview was all about, she stood at the reception

area and listened attentively.

Turns out that it was a ‘Live’ interview that required people from over the

world to call in and ask Saint any question of their choice. Immediately

Rose figured what was going on, she hurriedly dialed the number on the

screen so she could also talk live and ask Saint whatever she wanted to

ask. Bullseye! That was the perfect opportunity for her to strike and she

wasn’t going to back down on any chance she had to show him pepper.

Few seconds after Rose dialed the number, the call came in live on the

interview and she was waiting for them to pick up so she could strike. “We

have an incoming call for you now, ready? One, two, pick!” the interviewer

said to Saint. He sat up to listen attentively to what the caller was going

to say; just like he did with previous calls.

“Hello, this is Kongo TV, tell us your name and how we may help you?” the

interviewer excitedly asked, “My name is Rose and I have a question for our

life coach” Rose bluntly replied. At the mention of the name ‘Rose’,

Saint’s heart skipped a beat and he silently prayed that it wasn’t the Rose

he knew, but unfortunately it was!

The interviewer directed the call to Saint and told Rose to go on with her

question. Unknowingly to the interviewer, a bomb was about to be dropped

that would scatter the show and throw it off balance. “Hi Rose, this is

life coach Saint, we have just two minutes so let’s make it count. How may

I help you?” Saint said.

Before they knew it, Rose dropped a bomb. “Mr Saint, I want to know why you

are such a hypocrite. You lied, slept with me, used and dumped me. How many

more ladies have you done that to huh? You are a demon and pretender, I

haven’t even started with you yet and will not stop till the whole world

see your true colour” she angrily said.

Saint was dead shocked and before Rose could talk further, the interviewer

shouted “Cut!”.

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