Serial Killer - S01 E01

1 month ago

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Charles POV:

I watch as the water

crash on the shores

sending a refreshing

wind straight at the

people on the beach.

I stuff my hand Into

my pocket, close my

eyes letting

refreshment dominate

my body.

Hmmmmmm this pure


My refreshment was

caught short when my

phone started ringing,

I checked the caller

ID to see it was Kate


” Hello Kate


“I’m cool dear,

inspector will like to

talk to you.”

She said before

handing the phone to

Inspector Kunle.

“Hello Charles, sorry

your holiday will be

cut short, a crime was

committed in Nigeria

here at a resident

known as the

Adekoya’s residence,

their garden was shot

on the head and the

eyes was popped

out, you are hired to

investigate the case,

your ticket is ready

and you must take

the next flight to

Nigeria.” He


“Ok sir.” I hung up.

I went into my hotel

grab my passport and

some of my

belongings, board a

taxi and head to the


Ok readers lemme

introduce myself.

My name is Charles

James and a

Detective at FBI

agency based in


Being a Detective

requires a lot of job,

you have to find a

clue and unravel the

truth but it’s

interesting and


I’m a married man with

two kids(a boy and a

lovely girl).

I was given a leave

at work to spend

holiday in Miami in the

States but here I’m

heading back to

Nigeria when I have

barely used one


I finally got to our HQ

in Abuja to get

straight to work.

I step into Inspector’s

office. “Good to see

you again Charles, we

found a body around

11:32 this morning in

Adekoya’s residence

in Agro Phillip


The Adekoya’s are

very wealthy family

and they are much in

their family but most

of them is in abroad,

the person that was

killed was their

gadener, make sure

you investigate the


Samuel and Kate will

assist you to the

Crime scene.”

“Ok boss I will go

straight to work.”

I took Kate and

Samuel to Agro Phillip

street as we enter

into Adekoya’s


Now readers, join me

as we unravel the

truth and catch the


As soon as we got in

the police were

already there and the

body was surrounded

with the Do Not

Cross tape

preventing anybody

from getting nearer.

A woman was

weeping sorrowfully

and I presume she’s

the garden’s wife.

I walked up to the

Constable.”Good day

sir, I’m Detective

Charles James from

the FBI HQ and I’m

hired to investigate

the body.”

“Ok sir go ahead.”

Kate Samuel and I

step into the Crime

scene and was

staring at horrific

body of the gardener.

His two eyes were

missing and blood

gushed out from his


This is a crime of

passion, and I think

he struggle with the

killer before being

killed because leaves

was sturk around his


Kate pulled out her

HD camera and took

some pictures of the


Samuel pulled out the

tool box as we got

to work.

Firstly we took the

blood sample with the


Then we use the

tape to collect his


I scan the

environment for any

information that can


Then I notice a

white powdish

substance brushed

on his arm.

“Give me the tape.” I

use the tape to take

the powder on the

gardener’s arm.

Samuel pulled out the

gardener’s phone

from his pocket

before putting it in a

polythene bag.

“Guys come and

check this out.”

Samuel and I went

over to see and I

stare at shock.

On the floor was

written with blood


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