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Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

We got on the podium and the rally became a crazy one as I saw different cultural displays to welcome the governor.

It was an interesting day for me because I have eaten, apart from the lies from the Deputy Governor.

That man lie easily, even the Governor sef no feel comfortable whenever he hand-over the mic to him. The promises the Deputy was given will make you believe that the next four years the state will become one of the State in US, I spoke sha..

And we did national anthem to mark the closure of the rally, I saw my aunt and Harry-P with my uncles making their way to the podium but the securities were preventing them from coming close.

I asked them to allow them come to me, we went close to my car.

Me: aunty, why ona wan see me?

Aunty: na your uncles wey wan see you.

Evans: ehnn.. Victor, our pikin.

Me: point of correction Uncle, I no be your pikin except say you don die.

Innocent: aahhh! ahh! em never reach like this, as long as you be our brother pikin you be also our pikin. Umashi no be so?

Aunt: na so.

Me: ona wan drag pikin or ona wan come talk about another thing.

Governor: son, are you coming?

Me: am coming father..

Governor: we will be on our way.

His wife was just tagging along, this first lady too like power. She just dey follow the governor upadan, she no even dey run women stuffs for am sef.

Maybe she go do her women campaign later, wetin I sabi?

Evans: you know the governor? showing me brown teeth

Me: make ona talk na, I wan go.

Harry-P: Victor, Victor, Victor, calm down now. If I dey rush like you I for no release this my new song wey…

Innocent: when you reach bathroom you sing oohh! Victor, you know say nobody don mad for our family before.

Me: uncle Dede dey mad or ona don cure am?

Evans: we dey come to that.

Innocent: clear his throat we surprise say your uncle mad after him see you.

Me: wetin ona mean say na me make am mad?

Evans: we never talk like that, but if you know how we go take cure am, tell us our pikin, no be your mind Innocent I talk?

Innocent: yes, na my mind you talk.

Me: I know.

Innocent: thank God.

Evans: abeg, tell us.

Me: so Uncle Innocent you know God? is alright. Make ona tie am chains go keep am for where mad people dey stay, Aunty, very soon ona go commot from village come join me for city. Ugo, come make we dey go.

We got inside the car and drove out of the field and set out of the LGA to the State capital.

Ugochukwu: I hear from somebody say Okoye wan start him campaign tomorrow.

Me: you no mean am, talk truth.

Ugochukwu: the guy don escape EFCC, him still get mind to come drag election.

Me: how?

Ugochukwu: you still dey how, nothing wey surprise me for Nigeria anymore.

Me: we need to create protest for that him campaign, you go help me get through to ward excos make them find way frustrate him campaign with peaceful protests and arrange media too wey go carry the news.

Ugochukwu: you know nobody go do that kind thing for free.

Me: I know, I go send some money give you make you run am.

My phone rang and picked it up, I saw the caller I.D to be Veronica. One big smile appeared on my face, I picked the call grinning.

Veronica’s voice: hello, yeye boyfriend, where are you?

Me: why you dey look for me America babe?

Veronica’s voice: c’mon mehnn.. Am no longer in America, I have touched down to Giant of Africa some few hours ago.

Me: talk truth.

Veronica’s voice: yeaahh… Yeaahh… Come house, I need you now to set my body and soul on fire.

Me: go buy matches and kerosene set yourself on fire, you no need me.

Veronica’s voice: come house na, please..!

Me: na only that thing you sabi.

Veronica’s voice: em don tay now..

Me: I go soon reach.

She ended the call.

Ugochukwu: na your babe be that?

Me: yes, my sugar pum pum. She don arrive.

Ugochukwu: what of Profit?

Me: when we reach that bridge we go cross am.

Ugochukwu: okay oh! Julius Bedger.

He dropped me off at my yard and he drove off to see his wife, me I entered my room to meet Veronica with just towel tied around her.

Veronica: sweetheart she hug me

Me: sugar pum pum

I held her and my mischievous hands find their way to her a-ss and grabbed softly, she find my lips and locked in kiss.

I tugged away the towel from her body and she fumbled with my buttons.

We both kissed to the bed and fell on it, my shirt left my body and we got the belt busy as it also left with the trouser.

We were both naked in the heat of passion, as we kissed and tossed on the bed.

She took charge of my dangler and blew me off from the world, she ran her palm on my s---t and slowly licked the cap keeping an eye contact.

Me: chaaii! you don spoil oohh!!

Veronica: na you spoil me.

She swallowed my hard amu and my eyes rolled off as the intense pleasure dismantle the small brain I gathered through the years.

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