My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy - S01 E17

1 month ago

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What is happening? My heart started beating fasting, is this for real or am I dreaming?

Me: Abike, I don’t seem to understand what is happening? I can’t get my thing out of your thing (struggling to bring out my d--k from her p---y)

Madam Abike: What do you mean by that, common don’t be a nutty boy, that’s enough for now (smiling)

Me: I’m not joking here madam, I can’t bring out my penis from your v----a, I’m serious (sweating and struggling)

Madam Abike: This is becoming serious…. Jimi please try and standup very well now.

Me: I am doing that mummy, I can’t bring it out oooo (weeping), I am dead.

Madam Abike: Stop saying that, there is nothing wrong…. Look don’t scare me, just stand up, you know what just force yourself.

Me: (crying) I am forcing myself oooo, I don’t understand oooo, ha God, I hope I am not dreaming.

I became so scared, seriously scared, is this happening to me or i’m dreaming. I do see things like this in Yoruba movies but who would ever thought such could happen to me, getting stuck while having sex? Not just with anyone but with an old woman, I shouldn’t have done this in the first place, I never wanted to do it, I shouldn’t have listened to Anita, I should have been contended…

We both struggled to stood up, both naked, trying to force ourselves, trying to separate.

Me: Mummy what are we going to do? (Crying)

Madam Abike: Who is your mummy? I knew you were bad luck from the beginning, they have sent you to me, my enemies at work..

Me: (sobbing) Haaaa! I am dead, my big boy days are over, Anita, Ejiro and Madam Abike has ruined my life…

Did they actually ruined my life or I ruined it myself? Well, Anita was the agent of devil sent to lead me to destruction, omo, as we were struggling to separate ourselves, someone opened door and the next thing I heard was “I finally caught you red handed”….

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