My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy - S01 E14

2 months ago

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On getting home, I found Anita in my room already waiting for me. That girl can be so desperate you know, anyway immediately she saw me, she was just asking me questions upon questions…

Anita: Awww! My baby is back.. How was it? Gist me now, what happened between you guys? How much did she give you this time? Hope you used condom sha? Talk now! Was she the one that bought these items for you? (Checking the items I brought) Jimi answer me now..

Me: Blood of Jesus! Can you please give me break, how do you expect me to answer all those questions, wetin happen now?

Anita: Oya no vex, so wassup? How was it? Gist me (Kissing me)

Me: (Smiling) well, I went her shopping mall sha, we talked and all that. But we have and appointment on Sunday..

Anita: On sunday? Again? Na so she like your d--k reach?

Me: We didn’t do anything, not even a kiss this time.

Anita: Stop lying Jimi, I’m not jealous jare.

Me: I swear to God, we didn’t do anything.

Anita: Hmmmm!

Me: It was in her office now, so we couldn’t do anything cos of scandal.

Anita: Nawa ooo, so she gave all these things for free?

Me: yes now… Come and see that her mall, very mighty, very big. Omo, that woman is rich.

Anita: Thank God for sending that woman to us, we would have died in penury deceiving ourselves with one yeye yahoo yahoo.

I looked at her and smh!

Anita: so how much did she give you now?

Me: She gave me just 50k

Anita: are you sure?

Me: (hissed) no, I’m not sure…

Anita: na you sabi, you will sha give me my own share, cos I’m the one helping you to suffer everything now, when the money now come you will spending it other useless girls.

Me: Okay! I hear you.. I am hungry

Anita: Ehn ehn… So what do you want to eat? But, wait so you guys are seeing on sunday for the real sex abi? But where are you going to see her?

I didn’t even reply her, I was mute…

Anita: Talk now…

Me: I said I’m hungry, after eating we would talk more on that.

Anita: Okay ooo, and we would do something something too after the talk (She kissed me and winked at me)

I became hard already…

Me: are you sure? Baby let’s do it now, now. I’m already hard.. (Touching her boobs)

Anita: Stop this! (She fling my hand away) what is wrong with you? I thought you said you’re hungry, I hope no be say dog carry your thing chop. Pervert!

Me: Gerrout! We would sha do it all night, whether you like it or not.

Anita: what do you want to eat?

Me: Yes! See na goat meat, I feel like eating, you can mix it turkey and ponmo sha. Money don dey, you know now.

Anita: Hmmmm! Mumu, thank God I helped your life.

Both of us laughing…

Me: You dey craze… (Spanked her ass as she stood up)

Anita: let me go arrange the things you brought before I go to the market.

She picked the items I brought from the mall.

Me: I got somethings for you too.

Anita: I trust you…

As she left to the kitchen with the items…

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