My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy - S01 E12

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Me: Gosh!

She began going up and down, riding my d--k, kissing her, squeezing her ass, she began to s--k my nipples Gosh! That is one of my favourite part, s-----g of my nipples is crazy and sweet, she was riding my d--k so fast, panting left and right, tilting up and down, f-----g my d--k, doing it fast, her boobs were bouncing, I grabbed it and s----d it.

Anita: Baby will you do it for me? (Moaning)

Me: Maybe (Moaning)

Anita: please say yes (she began to do it faster, s-----g my nipples, f-----g my d--k so perfectly)

Me: Anita! (Moaning) Yes! Yes! I will baby (moaning)

It was so sweet, then Anita turned backward and began to ride my d--k, her back facing me this time, going up and down.

Me: Oh God (panting) I’m about to c-m

Anita: Please don’t c-m, baby don’t c-m now (moaning)

Me: (breathing heavily) I’m about to c-m, hahahahahaha

Anita became faster…..

Me: Anita, Anita, Anita (I quickly pushed her up, removed my d--k and ejaculated) haaaa!

Breathing heavily…

Anita: You are a lion (she kissed me), I love you.

I was tired and weak, I didn’t know when I slept off. Seriously, Anita is so good, no wonder they said calabar girls can make you do anything cos of their p---y. Her p---y can make you do and undo. Wait! It seems I’ve agreed to date madam Abike, Anita made me or should I say convinced me. Chai! Women!

Even tho Anita tried so hard to convince me to do it, I was still kinda scared. You know, how will it look like making love with an elderly woman. Ejiro also persuaded me to do it, it wasn’t easy for me to reject the offer, so I had to take my time and think about it. Two weeks after, I was told madam Abike had travelled to see her family, I was really worried, I should have answered this woman before she travelled but I was scared, during that time things became so tight for me, I needed cash badly, I needed to change my wardrobe, Anita too was on my neck for money. She was just nagging that I should have go meet the woman before she travelled, she refused to give me her p---y, she really suffered me for two weeks of no sex. So one day, I was in my room, was really frustrated, Ejiro came to my place, he informed me that madam Abike was back in the country, I was sooo happy, I had already made up my mind to f--k her badly cos I needed money like mad.

Ejiro: You should call her, shebi she gave you her complimentary card?

Me: Yeah! She gave me, I will call her soon

Ejiro: Soon? Wetin dey do you sef? Instead of you to pick up your phone and call her now now, guy I no understand you.

So I picked up my phone and called her, she answered me so politely, she still even remember me. She was like, me I forgot about her blah blah. Anyway she gave me an appointment to come see her in shopping mall the following day.

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