My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy - S01 E10

1 year ago

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Me: Anita? What are you looking for?

Anita: what kind of question is that?

Me: I can see you came as early as possible, since when I call you, you just dey come.

Anita: Do you know when I came? Where did you even go last night?

Me: Somewhere! When you did you come? Why didn’t you call me before coming? (Sitting down)

Anita: I came here around 9pm, I wanted to surprise you. Moreover you needed p---y yesterday and I don’t want you to go f--k another p---y. By the way, why was your stuffy?

Me: What do you mean?

I was scared, I hope there was no traces that I brought a girl yesterday, cos if Anita finds out that I actually brought a girl to this house, she will skin me alive.

Anita: I hope you didn’t bring any girl into this house? Cos i checked your condoms in your wardrobe and its not complete, Jimi did you bring a girl to this room? (Annoyed)

Me: (laughing) if I bring a girl nko? Didn’t I call you yesterday when I needed you and you claimed you were busy or something.

Anita: (speaks her language) so you brought a girl to this room Jimi? Ehn Jimi? (Raising her voice)

Me: Why are you now shouting? Did I tell you I brought a girl to this room?

Anita: how come a condom is missing cos I counted it the last time and one is missing.

Me: So? It was Ejiro that took it yesterday, he needed it. We actually went to she his sugar mummy yesterday night, when had a party like that with her friends, so he said I should give him one. That is it…

Anita: Jimi! Jimi! Can’t Ejiro buy condom outside from the mallam?

Me: it was late now, he couldn’t get any, that was why i gave him one. I didn’t bring any girl to this house, okay?

Anita eased her anger…

Anita: Are you sure? (She walked towards me and sat on my laps) Jimi it would really hurt me if I found out you brought a girl to this house.

Me: I can’t lie now (I held her waist), believe me.

Anita: Okay oooo….. So how was the party? How much did they give you?

Me: Anita!!! You can never change

Anita: What? (Smiled and kissed me)

Me: Did you know I brought 70k from the party without having sex with any one?

Anita quickly adjust herself..

Anita: its a lie

Me: I’m serious (I brought out the money) look at the money, I can’t lie to you babe.

Anita: So you mean you didn’t have sex with anyone and they gave you 70k?

She collected the money from me…

Me: Of course.

Anita: Liar! Jimi you can love for Africa, abi that’s where you used the condom.

Me: You are a fool. (Hissed)

Anita: it seems you are serious ooo… How did you do it? This is good ooo, if you now had sex nko, how much will they give you?

Me: I swear!

Anita: Gist me now, what happened…

I told Anita what happened, everything that happened at the party, all the details sha.

Anita: So what are you going to do now?

Me: Nothing of course, I’m not interested jare, I can’t sleep with an old woman. God forbid (tapped my fingers)

Anita: Ehn! I hope you are not cursed, shey no be say family curse dey follow you, you can’t do what?

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