My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy - S01 E02

3 months ago

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Anita: Where is the key?

I was behind her kissing her, smooching her, I brought out the key from my back pocket, immediately I gave her the key, I quickly pulled off my belt, unzipping my trouser, she was still trying to open the door, Anita was wearing a mini gown with no underwear, I quickly unzipped my trouser, pulled my trouser and boxer brought out my fat, long and erected d--k, pulled her gown up.

Anita: Baby what are you doing? Let’s get inside Moor

I couldn’t wait anymore and Anita was not concentrating while opening, she was taking too much of time cos I was really in the mood, I brought out my d--k and inserted into Anita’s p---y from behind, she moaned.

When I inserted my d--k in her p---y it was like the best thing ever, I brought my d--k out again and inserted it again, I keep going, kept f-----g her from behind till she finally open the door, we entered the room, there was no light, I kept on f-----g her from behind while walking inside the room gently with my trouser and boxer still on my knees, I couldn’t stop but keep f-----g her. Entered the too , closed the door then she faced me this time, I pulled my shirt, kissing her, I pulled off her gown, she wasn’t wearing a bra, Anita has a nice boobs, s-----g her n----e, i used my toes to pull off my shoes then removed my boxers and trouser hanging on my knees. Playing with my d--k, I have a very nice d--k you know.

Me: s--k my d--k (kissing her)

Anita bent down and was giving me the sweetest b-----b, I was moaning, squeezing her boobs with my two hands while she was on her knees giving me the blow job. I lifted her up, kissing her, smooching, we reached the bed, pushed her on the bed.

Me: I’m gonna f--k you so bad…

She laughed in a flirty way, I jumped on her, I fingered her p---y while kissing her, I just couldn’t wait to penetrate her p---y, I began to f--k her, doing it so fast, at some point I will stop, bring out my d--k, rimming her p---y and inserted my d--k again, kept on going on and on, f-----g her, kissing her, f-----g her sweet p---y, calabar p---y. F----d her so fast, really f-----g her and she kept on moan-calling my name. I became faster this time cos I was about to c-m, kai, the sweetest part, breathing heavily, about to c-m, I quickly brought out my d--k and c-m on her laps. I’m very good with withdrawal method. Breathing heavily till we slept off……

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