My Adventures With Girls - S01 E76

5 months ago

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I was about approaching her when my legs drew me back, I then remembered what happened to me the previous Wednesday. I wanted to go by all means by my heart and mind failed me, I just decided to let her go.

By 9am we started the Practical (simple pendulum and prism), as we were doing it I saw the girl came to my side, having mastered the practical I never knew she has being starring at me as I was busy, she came to me stood there and watching me, I asked her “sorry can I help you”? She smiled, OMG!! Her smiled melted my heart it dissolve everything I already know in physics, she just formatted my brain that all I thought about in that moment was to devour her sexy body. “Yea was kind surprise why I see others in group but here you are all alone, wished if we can form a group if you don’t mind”. It was then I actually realized I was all alone, no one was with me, but I had friends na. “Yea no Problems I don’t mind at all just ask me anywhere you don’t understand and I will explain but please don’t cause a scene ok”. “Yes sire”. I laughed. We started, I started all over again explaining some steps and readings to her, she was so joyful and was thanking God for meeting someone like me. After sometimes all my friends them joined me, they told me that they waiting for me to finish for them to use my readings that was why they didn’t bother to disturb me. They all collected the reading and started copying. Guess WAEC for punish us for copying each other’s work.

After we finished the lady collected my phone number, gave me hers, asked for my hostel and I showed her and she showed my where she was staying. I discovered she stay opposite Miss Jacobs house!! Now I need to be extra-careful when going there cuz it might be disastrous. We parted and me and my friends went home………..

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