My Adventures With Girls - S01 E70

5 months ago

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Tommy took me to the corner and said to me, “Guy, I bring those babes come make we bang ni ooo, don’t f--k-up at all, e be like say you and someone the fight ni? Why your face the like this na”? “Oboi you no go understand jawe, I don port one come this morning, this afternoon one come port again. Na this evening na him Vivian too come say she wan do ooo, na for there your call come, ah been the think what to tell her. But me no come know say na wetin I wan run from come run come meet me”. “You mumu abi? How you want make the chick the reason now? She give you free punani you no gree collect, she go come feel say you be impotent after I don hail your name for their side finish, na f--k-up for we side na”.

With all this words Tommy said my c--k head begin raise bit by bit. It’s true that if I didn’t f--k one of these girls I would be seen by them as a duller and I might never get the opportunity again. We went to them having planned that we will take them out to a fast food joint to eat first at least to delay time maybe by 8 or 9pm, we start the game.

As we got to their side they were seated quietly and immediately Tommy chose one, my instinct told me that the other one is mine. We started gisting, from there I discovered they were not even students, but working there, which kind work sef me don’t know. Since na one night stand, might not even see them again.

We told them that we wanna go out but they declined that we should prepare food at home, we told them we can’t stay at home we should go to a bar or so but the babes refused ooo, fear begin enter my body. Well as we tried all we could to no avail we succumbed to theirs, they bought rice, plantain and fish and started cooking in Tommy’s house. How can two of us f--k two girls in a single room, sounds odd, won’t lie in all my adventure till that day me and a guy never f--k girl in a single room before. As I was debating on what to do………….

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