My Adventures With Girls - S01 E69

5 months ago

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I wanted to send this lady away by all means, I don’t know how! I was stack in the middle, can’t have sex in the Night, have it in d mid-day and still have it in the evening way them no swear for me!

As I was still debating on what to tell her, she repeated the word again, “I missed you Peter”. “I guess you have said that before? Anyways thanks”. “Is that all you can say Peter”? I decided to raise my voice on her in order to drive her away. “Come Vivian, you are just bothering me, as you can see I have so many things in my brain I just need some time to think straight please”!! She was dumb-founded but still she refused to give up. Suddenly my phone rang, I checked the Id it was Thomas calling. “Hello Tommy how far”? I said immediately I picked the call. “One Soul abeg d rush come now now”. He said without telling me what the matter was. “Oboi which kind call be this na? Wetin come happen why you the rush me so”? I asked. “Oboi forget talk just the come my house, only you ooo abeg”. Having said that he ended the call.

Inwardly I was both happy and scared, happy because I have gotten an excuse, scared because I don’t know what await me in Tommy’s. I told Vivian that I wanna go to Tommy’s since she already heard the conversation, I can see her curious eyes and I sense she will need an explanation when I come back. She said ok, that she will wait till I come, however I told her since I don’t know the issue, I can’t tell when I will be back. She then decided to go, we went out together as I locked my door and put the keys in my pocket.

We got to their junction, she branched to her house and I went straight to Tommy’s, I got to his house, a tenant non-student in his house told me that he just went out with some group of girls. I was mad why he knows he will go out and he didn’t tell me that. I dialed his line, he picked immediately and asked me to wait for him for some minutes. I was there waiting patiently, he called me again, that he is closer to his house now, I told him to come I was waiting. After some minutes, he came with two beautiful ladies that I have never seen. “Hellooooo, One Soul”! He hailed me. “Tommy, how va na, that kind call fit kill person ooo”. “I know say if I no do so, you fit no come. No vex, any ways meet my friends Juliet and Ebube. And ladies meet my best friend One Soul, he is the one I told you guys about”. He took me to the corner and said to me…………….

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