My Adventures With Girls - S01 E65

5 months ago

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I know most of you will be thinking something. Well as a sharp guy, I no dull myself, me way supposed do the apology come the get the apology, God is good and has done me well, my soul will praise his name. I pretended as if I was angry to avoid being suspected. “Well, na you know sha, I never believed you could do that, after I have waited several hours for you, hoping you are gonna show up”. I replied in a cool voice, to make her feel guilty and I succeeded. “Am really sorry please. Where are you now, are you in school now”? She asked. “Nope, am not sure if I will come to school”. I replied. “Are you going to somewhere”? “Nope, am at home”. “Ok, then am coming right away”. As I hear am coming right away, my mind started feeling some how, am beginning to break down, my waist is getting hurt, too much of bleeping, can’t believe I don’t escape Veejay, not as if I am addicted to p---y or to banging but I don’t just know why this craving to have a taste of it is always in me!!

I was thinking whether to tell her not to come or not. Do you believe I can tell her not to come? I was actually about telling her that when suddenly my mouth opened and “Ok, no problems am waiting” came out. It seems there was a force(s) behind it because I can’t believe this. I got up took my bath, prepare a fast food as I wait for her, after all, her intention of coming wasn’t stated and even if she wants me to jigijaga her I can delay it till 11am or 12am by then my spirit go high.

After about an hour has passed I heard a knock on my door, I opened and behold Princess stood with her most captivating eyes, she was smiling like those years when Lucifer was still in heaven, she look so innocent. Her attire was equal to non, her cleavage was clearly visible, I can see the edge of her nipples staring at me, her cup-like breast can make a father and son become worst of enemies. She was a beauty to behold.

I ushered her in, make her felt comfortable, as I asked her what to offer her as drink because I already place a plate of food before her. She requested water but I gave her a Malt, at least that one no too much as a bill. She was eating, when she started apologizing again, I told her to forget about the past as I asked her why she said she wanna see me. She asked me if am dating Priscilla, I told her am not, but it seems she doesn’t wanna believe, I asked her why she was asking but she said nothing. After she finished eating, we started playing, we got into playing WHOT, from there to Dice, I was doing all this for the time I set to come before I start any fowl play.

Finally the anticipated time came and we started playing and touching each other. I asked her to bet that am gonna win the next game, she asked me what I want her to use and bet and I told her to choose and she choose………….

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