My Adventures With Girls - S01 E63

5 months ago

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As I opened the door, I saw her on bed, with wrapper covering her, I went to her opened the wrapper and lo and behold she was completely naked, not even pant!! I didn’t shake because I have seen it before. I sat beside her raised her up and placed her head on my chest, I then asked her what happened to her, she told me that her friend went out to see one of her aunty and that she might not come back that night again.

I asked her again what was disturbing her that she sent me that kind of text and she just stared at me and told me that nothing happen, she just wanna be with me through out the night. My head knocked immediately, so I go leave fresh punani come to bang old veejay? Well it won’t work, I got up and started heading to the door, she held my leg, stood up and was in my front stack naked, I swallowed hard but as for the type of a guy I am, I don’t get moved by sight.

I shoved her away to pass but she held my face and gave me a deep kiss. Now that is what I called Love in tokyo!! I started seeing stars, I saw some somersaulting and others will doing backsaulting, the heavenly bodies started coming down. I saw different rose flowers, within me I started growing butterflies in my stomach, the kiss was heaven and I must complete the mission.

Her kiss reminded me of what I did to her the first day, it started with such deep kiss before we graduated and she has done the same thing to me. I tried to remove my mouth but no way, she found her hand down my trouser and before I say “Hey” she has started loosen my trouser before I knew it my trouser was down, I could do anything anymore. As she brought her mouth for another kiss, I accepted, got involved, I took her to the bed and as we were kissing her hands went down with her head and gbam!! She started with a blow job. She s--k my c--k so hard that I c-m inside her mouth, she swallowed them, I lay her down and took my head below, I started s--k her c--t until she c-m too but not in my mouth. We started romancing again and before we knew my c--k stood up again.

I took her to the edge of the bed, placed her two foot on my chest as I bend her kneels on her own chest as I bang her hard…………

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