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Deep Meditation Troubles

Wu Zhangkong stood up. “I want to bring this chair with me. Here’s money to compensate for the cost.” He took out some federation bills as he spoke.

“You want to bring this chair with you?” The train attendant had never met such an eccentric passenger before. What did he mean by ‘bring the chair’ with him?

Very soon, Wu Zhangkong explained the meaning of his words with a simple motion.

A ripple of blue light welled up in Wu Zhangkong’s hand as a chill swept through the surroundings. A blue flash later, the train attendant was shocked to see that the chair with the child sitting atop of it was steadily hoisted up by the white-robed man. Carrying the chair with only his left hand, he took large strides towards the train exit.

“Huh?” He really carried the chair away? Heavens! He detached the entire chair.

The attendant hurriedly took out her soul communicator. “Conductor, conductor, over here, there’s…”

And at this time, Wu Zhangkong had already left the train while carrying the chair that Tang Wulin sat on.

Since he couldn’t force the train to stop here, all he could do was take the chair and Tang Wulin along with him. He isolated Tang Wulin in a bubble of soul power to prevent any distractions, which could lead to deviations in his cultivation. For now, he planned on quickly leaving the train station before looking for an inn to stay at.

Of course, as soon as Wu Zhangkong alighted from the train, he became the center of attention as he single-handedly carried a seated child. The surrounding tourists were all dumbstruck as a single thought crossed their minds: what’s going on?

At that moment, an alarm resounded as a group of police officers from the train station came running over with soul laser guns in hand.

“Freeze!” They formed a line in front of Wu Zhangkong, obstructing his path. The head officer stepped forward and gravely said, “Sir, you’ve vandalized a public train and taken a child. Please come with us and explain yourself.”

“Fine.” Wu Zhangkong agreed without a hint of resistance.

The officers were stunned at such an icy and tranquil response. Their impression of him changed to one of a strange man, but surprisingly easy to talk to! They were already aware of his status as a six-ringed Soul Emperor—an existence impossible for them to stand against—and they were nearly trembling from apprehension.

Fortunately for them, Wu Zhangkong didn’t resist and was actually compliant.

Still carrying the chair that Tang Wulin sat on, Wu Zhangkong was escorted to the police station in charge of patrolling Heaven Dou City’s train station.

An officer wearing a captain’s badge welcomed them with an even larger entourage of officers accompanied by a pair of gigantic mechas surpassing ten meters in height.

The entire police force in charge of patrolling the train station had gathered here.

“Hello, you are a Soul Emperor, correct?” The captain cut right to the chase.

Wu Zhangkong was expressionless as he dropped the concealment on his aura, six soul rings rising from his feet. Coupled with the two black soul rings, the captain was at a loss in the face of the sheer power of Wu Zhangkong’s aura.

Greetings, revered Soul Emperor,” said the captain as he gave a slight bow. Although ordinary people could use soul devices now and possessed some degree of strength, they were still conscious of the insurmountable gap between them and true Soul Masters. And above all, before him was a Soul Emperor!

Even for the police captain, it was his first time meeting an esteemed Soul Emperor. How could he possibly dare be disrespectful? Black soul rings were at the ten-thousand-year level, a realm that could rend the heavens and raze the earth. Even in his wildest dreams, he wouldn’t dare to offend an expert of this level!

Wu Zhangkong curtly said, “I apologize for troubling you, but my disciple has entered a deep meditative state and must not be disturbed. Because of that, I could only act in such a way. If it’s possible, please provide us with a quiet room and some food and water.”

An odd expression made its way onto the faces of all the police officers. They had never encountered a suspect so cool that he would actually make demands before the questioning even began.

Yet, what was even more unexpected was how the captain immediately replied. “Alright. Please follow me then. I have already heard of your circumstances from the conductor and have asked the higher-ups for orders, so a quiet room has already been prepared for you. Please excuse me for cautiousness. After all, you are a very powerful individual.”

“Lead the way.” Wu Zhangkong wasn’t one for small talk.

Just as promised, the room prepared by the captain was utterly silent. Even the windows had been sealed with soundproofing material. High-class food and water were soon delivered. There really was no room for neglect when dealing with a Soul Emperor.

In truth, the chief police officer had been quite reassured when he heard that Wu Zhangkong had left a stack of bills with the attendant after slicing apart the chair. The fact that he bothered to pay for damages meant that he harbored no malice. If he indeed possessed ill intentions, the chief would have long called for backup. Although he had two standard mechas greet Wu Zhangkong, they couldn’t even be considered a match for a Soul Emperor, let alone one that possessed two black soul rings! A Soul Master powerful enough to possess a black ten-thousand-year spirit soul had a boundless future. At the very least, it was guaranteed that he would break through to become a seven-ringed Soul Sage. At that level, his status would be equal to that of a second-tier city’s chief executive.

Tang Wulin was completely unaware of his surroundings as he immersed himself in this state of deep meditation. He felt as if his body was stretching out endlessly to absorb the energy of the heavens and the earth, bringing him an indescribable feeling of comfort. The soul power within him gently undulated as they cleansed his meridians. In return, the meridians gradually absorbed the soul power. His martial soul, soul power, body, and bloodline were all harmonizing together in his state of deep meditation.

This type of situation wouldn’t give a major leap in strength by any means, but in this harmonization process, his body basked in a feeling of wonder. It laid the foundation for a stronger body and smoother cultivation in the future.

After some time had passed, Tang Wulin awoke. As he opened his eyes, he immediately felt the changes in his body, as if it had been refined completely.

Letting out a faint, but long breath, a rumble resounded from his body as his soul power squirmed and penetrated into every part of his body. This feeling of freedom was simply impossible to describe.

“So comfortable!” Tang Wulin joyfully exclaimed.

There didn’t seem to be any change even after his soul power returned to his dantian. In fact, there seemed to be slightly less than before. Yet he clearly felt that his soul power had solidified by several degrees, giving him the idea that if he used his soul skills or the Golden Dragon Claw now, he would be able to use it a longer period of time.

Where am I?

As his soul power calmed down, Tang Wulin finally took note of his surroundings. It was only a second later that he discovered Wu Zhangkong meditating nearby.

Teacher Wu?

Shouldn’t we be on a train? What is this little black room we’re in?

“You’re awake?” Tang Wulin was able to clearly see Wu Zhangkong’s eyes as he opened them in the darkness.

They seemed to contain a vast, starry sky within them. Tang Wulin felt as if his soul was being s----d into those deep eyes.

“Teacher Wu, where is this?”

“We’ve already reached Heaven Dou City. Since you’re awake now, let’s be on our way.” Wu Zhangkong swiftly stood up. Tang Wulin hastily followed suit and trailed behind him to exit the black room.

A loud rumble came from Tang Wulin’s stomach all of a sudden. A crimson blush immediately colored his face, but he still trembled from intense hunger.


“Mn.” Tang Wulin lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Eat then. You can eat all of the food in the room.” Wu Zhangkong pointed to the food.

It was only then that Tang Wulin noticed that there was a pile of food on the floor and several cups of water.

Unable to resist his hunger, Tang Wulin began to gorge himself.

For the first time, Wu Zhangkong was exposed to Tang Wulin’s eating habits. A quarter of an hour passed, and even Wu Zhangkong’s icy expression had become dull.

Was it really the right choice to bring this kid with me after all? He… he just really eats way too much!

Tang Wulin wasn’t aware that he had actually been meditating for a full seven days. All he knew was that he was ravenous and needed to fill himself up.

It didn’t take long before the pile of highly nutritious food disappeared into the abyss that was Tang Wulin’s stomach. Even when all that was left was the food packaging, Tang Wulin was still hungrily licking his lips. He was actually still hungry after devouring over a dozen boxes of food!

“Let’s go,” Wu Zhangkong said in a slightly off tone.


A team of guards respectfully escorted them out of the train station.

Taking in the scenery around him, Tang Wulin finally began to understand the difference in scale between an ancient city such as Heaven Dou City and Eastsea City.

Heaven Dou City has existed for over 20,000 years, as early as the era of the Martial Soul Hall. This was one of the greatest cities on the continent and had even held the title of being the greatest city back in the age of the Heaven Dou Empire.

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