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It was just as Wang Jinxi said. If he continued to stay here, he would inevitably be influenced by Tang Wulin and reap many benefits by cultivating together. During the two days they had been apart, however, Wang Jinxi discovered just how deeply he had been affected. He could no longer sleep soundly at night and he wasn’t even able to meditate properly. His heart was in turmoil.

It was only after contemplating his situation deeply these last two days that Wang Jinxi realized that if he continued to cultivate with Tang Wulin, he might not be able to part with him. In fact, he might subconsciously become Tang Wulin’s vassal.

Regardless of which type of martial soul, it was a fact that bloodlines and martial souls would affect each other. The stronger one’s soul power was, the stronger their bloodline would be. Currently, he was a level higher than Tang Wulin, yet he was already being influenced so greatly; then what would happen if Tang Wulin overtook him in the future? He feared just how much he would be affected then.

Despite his young age, Wang Jinxi clearly understood this terrifying concept. Furthermore, in consideration of his relationship with Zhang Yangzi, he had finally arrived at this decision. It was a hard decision, and although it pained him to do so, he had no other choice.

“Jinxi!” Zhang Yangzi suddenly rushed over and embraced Wang Jinxi. He couldn’t hold back anymore; tears began to stream down his face.

Hadn’t he also been suffering these last few days? Losing his soul fusion partner would leave him as nothing more than an ordinary Soul Master. His cultivation speed would take a hit, and his clan would no longer place as much value on him. After all, strength was what decided his position within his clan.

Yet, Wang Jinxi’s staunch words had washed away all the worries within his heart. Friendship truly prevailed over all and his heart was touched by such a deep friendship.

Wu Zhangkong still stood there like an unfeeling statue, but Xie Xie had noticed it. For just a brief moment, a tinge of sadness had flashed across the depths of Wu Zhangkong’s eyes.

“Fine then. Since you have already decided on this, you don’t have to worry about the rest. I will settle things with the academy and handle it with your clan. Perhaps this really is the correct choice.” Wu Zhangkong’s reply was utterly simple. “Then, do you two still want to take the second part of the final exam?”

Wang Jinxi could only force out an awkward smile. “Teacher Wu, I’m sorry. I don’t think Yangzi or I am in any frame of mind to participate in the exam today. Wulin, Xie Xie, Gu Yue, good luck! Please don’t let our decision disturb you. You three are amazing. We’ll meet again in the future; at that time, we might even be challenging you then. The two of us will definitely become strong soon. We won’t let you leave us behind.”

Tears fell down Wang Jinxi’s face as he spoke with a bright smile and clenched fists. It took all his willpower to just wave goodbye at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin suddenly charged over and brought the two of them into his embrace, letting out a few quiet sobs.

“We will conduct the exam tomorrow.” After stating this, Wu Zhangkong left the classroom with large strides.

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi returned to their rooms to pack up their belongings. Tang Wulin didn’t know what agreement their clans and the academy had made. What he did know, however, was that class zero only had three students left.

Wei Xiaofeng was the first to leave, and now Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi are leaving too. Mom and dad left me. Na’er left me too. Why do the people I hold dear always leave me?

Tang Wulin looked out the window, staring listlessly at the field outside as sorrow and dejection welled within his heart.

His heart pained from the loss of his friends, as well as self-blame.

“Hey! What’s up with you?” A pleasant voice suddenly called out from the field.

Tang Wulin turned toward the voice. It was the pretty Ouyang Zixin, and she was waving at him.

“Senior sister.” Tang Wulin blankly stared at her. He didn’t know why, but for some unfathomable reason, his mood instantly uplifted the moment he saw her.

“You’re so big already yet you’re still snivelling like a child?” Ouyang Zixin said with a teasing smile.

Tang Wulin touched his cheeks, completely unaware that he had been crying.

Now that he noticed his tears, he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve, embarrassed. “I’m fine, senior sister.”

“Come down here.” Ouyang Zixin beckoned him.

“Oh…” He climbed onto the window sill. With a strand of Bluesilver Grass attached to the window, he jumped from the fourth floor which was dozens of meters tall, and landed gently.

“Wow! So cool!” Ouyang Zixin beamed sweetly at him.

Tang Wulin awkwardly scratched his head. “No way! I’m just…”

Ouyang Zixin giggled. “Okay, okay. You don’t need to explain yourself. It’s normal for children to like showing off. So, why were you crying? Come tell senior sister.”

Tang Wulin bravely shook his head. “It’s nothing much. Two of my classmates are just transferring academies, so I’m a bit sad.”

Ouyang Zixin said with an air of maturity, “You’re such an emotional kid; it’s not like you won’t see them again in the future. They’re simply transferring academies, that’s all. Alright then! Life is just like this and the world is ever-changing. Who would know what tomorrow holds for them? As long as you live, then live each day happily! Go pursue your goals and your own happiness. You’ll be fine as long as you do that.”

She rubbed Tang Wulin’s head as she spoke. “Come on, I’ll take you out for some good food.” She grabbed his hand and immediately began dragging him toward the academy gates.

Ouyang Zixin’s hand felt soft and delicate over his own, and as she pulled him forward, he was able to catch her fragile fragrance.

Warmth filled his heart for a brief moment. He had always devoted himself wholly to cultivating his martial soul and blacksmithing, but at that moment he was in desperate need of affection.

Both his parents and Na’er had left him. All the people he held dear had also left him without a single trace. All he could do was throw himself into cultivating to numb the pain. Yet, it was precisely because of this that Ouyang Zixin’s gentleness made him warm; it was the feeling of being loved.

“Big sister will bring you out for some barbecue skewers and grilled fish.”

A normal person’s appetite would grow when they were in a good mood and Tang Wulin was naturally no different.

Ouyang Zixin’s beautiful eyes simply stared in shock as Tang Wulin continued to stuff more and more barbecue skewers into his mouth.

There was a mountain of bamboo skewers in front of of Tang Wulin, attracting curious glances from the surrounding customers.

Ouyang Zixin was on the verge of crying. “Junior brother, big sister brought you here to comfort you, but do you hold some kind of grudge against me? You’ve already eaten a week’s worth of my food budget!”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin finally noticed just how much he had eaten. He looked up and was instantly attacked by Ouyang Zixin’s lovable pout. His appetite today was a bit bigger than normal, especially since he hadn’t eaten much in the morning with the matter of Wang Jinxi and Zhang Yangzi’s still weighing down on his mind.

“Ah, sorry! Senior sister, I’ll pay today. A man should treat a lady anyways.” Tang Wulin hastily put on the airs of a gentleman. In any case, he had more than enough money to pay for food with all the forging he had been doing.

Pa! Ouyang Zixin hit his head with a karate chop. “What do you mean by man? You’re still just a child. What kind of big sister brings her little brother out to eat and actually lets him pay? Come on, eat, eat. Even if you eat away all my money, I’ll just have to rely on the academy’s dining hall then. Oh right, could you be the rumored Super Rice Bucket of the lower grades? I heard that even the academy fears your appetite.”

“Eh… That’s probably me…” Tang Wulin said with a hint of shame.

“Seriously though, you can eat so much! Your future wife is going to be worked to death cooking for you!” Ouyang Zixin teased.

“Zixin,” a voice suddenly called out.

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