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“what do you want?” Jenny was more arrogant than friendly.

Nathan smiled but quickly hid it. Was this some sort of joke? Jenny was a joker, however, it wasn’t business as usual.

“excuse me?”

jenny frowned and looked away. Nathan continued “uhmm i came to see Leturah, is in?”

Jenny didn’t reply, she stepped aside. as if planned, letty confronted him. “go away! I don’t wanna ever see you again!”

nathan was confused, especially with Letty’s countenance. Was this about his missing her class presentation?

“i’m sorry i missed your presentation. Something came up. I….”

“oh please! I already know the truth”

“truth? What truth?”

letty reached for a picture from the table, flashing it across his face. Nathan grabbed it almost immediately. He was shocked! How the heck did the picture get to her? It was a picture of Grace and him. He was shirtless while Grace was clad in a stripper thong.

He’d snapped the picture for fun. That was long ago, even before he knew Letty existed.

“so what? I was right all along!” Letty muttered amidst tears.

“its not what it seem. I…i can explain”

Letty scoffed. “Pictures paint a thousand words. Beside i got this from the slút you were with on thursday”

Nathan clasped his hands together, in a pleading posture.

“this picture belong to my past. A past i’d thrown away just for you. I love you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or mar our relationship…”

a part of her was willing to believe him, but the evidence were crystal clear!

“i’ve heard enough, go away ” she pushed his slightly. Nathan stared at Jenny who chose to be quite all along. He stepped out to avoid creating a scene.

Tears flowed down his cheek one again.

He’d came to explain why he didn’t make it to her presentation, only to get things turn out in undesirable ways!

What a shattered world! His mum was in the hospital and his girlfriend was on the verge of jilting him.









thanks to everyone; those that commented, the ghost readers and those yet to read. You guys made the story a success wink


¤who is behind the mask?

¤are Gabriel & Jayden dead yet?

¤President Alex got news of drug smuggling, his vice is a culprit, what next?

¤what would be the fate of Nathan and Leturah?


coming up (by God’s grace) in a week or two.

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