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“i said who are you!!!” Blaze yelled in her characteristic lil voice.

Katarina held her gun with both hands, directing her aim at Blaze’ forehead.

“don’t waste your spit, Blaze. I’m here to rescue Michael, not even venus can stop me.”

she replied and edged closer. Her gaze were poured on Blaze’ trigger finger; she was on full alert, a skill she learnt from Adewale himself!

Blaze bit her lower lip, it was a set up! That explains why Dominic exited the room a while ago. She would show them who blaze is!

She pulled the trigger, her gun was an automatic revolver, Katarina was in time to roll on the floor.

She rolled towards Gabriel. A stray bullet struck Gabriel on the chest fountain of blood soaked his shirt. Katarina raised her head, tears flowed down as she saw Gabriel fighting despirately for his life, his breath was loud and foggy. Blaze wasn’t perturbed but she was shocked, her bullets weren’t directed Gabriel! Katarina’s gun fell freely from her hand, she didn’t realise it until she assimilated the child feeling of gun pointed to her skull. Blaze smiled. “who are you working for?”


“sir Abu?” Jayden asked, he recognized the voice.

“yes?” was the reply from Abu.

“wh…is this some sort of joke?” Jayden tried turning, Abu increased his grip on him.

“you move when i say so”

General dominic groaned loudly, stired and got up. He wiped his eyes and dusted his shirt.

Abu could recognize the man, against the gloomy state of the hallway.

“father, are you alright?”

“yes, i think i am” Dominic replied in a baritone voice.

Jayden raised his brows, were his ears decieving him? How can Abu and the general be related? Their names alone counter it!

“is…is he your father?”

Abu grinned. His grip on Jayden loosened up, Jayden swiftly turned. In a calculated jab he punched Abu on the ribs, his victim staggered backward.

Woaw! Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He didn’t envisage his punch can be so destructive. Jayden smiled at his little victory. His grin modelled into a cry when he recieved triple attacks from Dominic.

He fell with his back. as if on cue, Dominic and Abu stepped on his right and left hands respectively.

Jayden tried getting up, he relaxed after two foiled attempts..

“i’ve always suspected you, Abu. Don’t tell me i was right all along?” the frustrated young man spat out.

Abu nodded. “ever wondered why you found it difficult getting leads to Michael’s death? ’cause i left no trails”

Jayden was shocked to the marrow. He coughed twice.

“you! Son of a bítch, i’d make sure you rot in hell”

Abu left a devilish grin dancing on his lips. “on the contrary….”

he paused, stabbed Jayden in the stomach and continued “you should go to HELL”

Jayden gritted his teeth in pain, he bent his head and spoke into his collar “forget about me…abu…abu”

Blaze felt a hand on her neck, the hand was swift and blemished with expertise. The hand tweaked an artery in her neck, she slumped into her attacker’s hand.

Katarina was taken aback, she raised her head, her gaze met a figure wearing black mask, she couldn’t even tell the person’s sèx as Blaze’ body obstructed the person’s neck downward. Somehow she wasn’t intimidated.

The human figure wore black hand gloves. He used to fingers to urge her on. Katarina got up and walked towards him. The gap between them wasn’t completely closed, the figure motioned her to halt, stretching ‘its’ hand ‘it’ gave her a white sheet of paper. Katarina snatched and tore it open.

“take your friend out of here, go through the exit behind me. Coast is clear. A car is waiting across the road. Should your friend die, don’t dispose his body. I’d visit again”

she read it the second time, then pocketed it.

She felt Gabriel’s pulse it was very weak, barely notable. She lifted him on her shoulder and exited as commanded. Katarina was confused, she couldn’t think straight! Who was that? She shrugged those thoughts off. She’d find out in its next visit


Location: Boston, USA.

Grace paced her little room. She held loosely, a glass of wine. Her room was average in everything. He father hardly gave her money for up keep, she was even the one helping her poor family. Getting a job with enviable pay had been like an unreachable star to her old man. The man was fired for his sticky fingers, the bad record had followed him to every interview, seems all companies held a meeting against him.

That, however, wasn’t Grace problem, she’d concluded she wouldn’t live high in the fog again.

The lady fumed, she sat aggressively on a chair, spilling some wine. It wasn’t enough that Nathan refused her attention, he also went ahead to have a girlfriend! What was it about her that he didn’t like? She was alot more prettier than that bítch. Grace exhaled, if she can’t get him, no one would. Not even a black lady for that matter!!!

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