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🌻A night of Sexual Ecstasy🌻



[RECAP: Millson and Lovelace returned to Ghana. They got wedded at Royal Embassy Interna

tional church in Ghana. After the wedding ,they headed towards the honeymoon.

[Millson’s POV ]

9.30 p.m @ Blue Virgin Hotel

Finally, the wedding was over!

The long awaited night we have been waiting for had come. The days before the wedding had been extremely hectic. We’d fasted and prayed and went for various counseling sessions at the church. We had been prepared for the wedding weeks before it came in terms of recitation of vows, and other etiquettes of wedding.

Lovelace had been a pillar of support for me. Her smile alone gave me the assurance that all would be fine and we’ll get through thick and thin.

When we got to the Hotel room, We were both quiet. I put on the television to kill the silence and tuned the DSTV to a Gospel music channel . Soon Don Moen’s gospel musics filled the room.

I asked Lovelace if she needed help getting out of the gown but she said she’ll be fine. I watched her enter into the bathroom which was adjacent the bedroom. She closed the door. I reduced the volume of the TV, locked the front door and sat on the sofa. So many thoughts were going through my head.

Now we were married, so the sex will finally happen right? What if it doesn’t? What if she’s the type that hates sex? Man, that will be awful.

A voice cut through my chain of thought,somewhere behind me.

“Honey, I want you to “rock me.”

At first I thought I was dreaming, then I turned round and saw Lovelace standing totally naked behind me. My jaw dropped suddenly and my “thing ” hardened instantaneously.

Her body glistened with the water she used to bath. Her boobs gazed at me tantalizingly as if saying, ” I’m ready for your enjoyment.”

The flare of her hips was magnifi

cent. She was clean-shaven at her erogeneous areas, her V spot was as smooth as a terazo.

She saw how awe-struck I was and rephrased the words she spoke first “My darling, I want you to make love to me, you know tonight is a special night. Lets seal our marriage with sex.”

I pushed myself out of the sofa and ran towards Lovelace . I grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her lips. Her hand had already gone down and grabbed my “thing”.

“Take off your clothes ,please” she requested. I dutifully did as I was told and got rid of my wedding suit as if it was ridded with soldier ants. Soon we were both stark naked right there in the living room.

My hands rubbed her wet body. I grabbed her massive buttocks that I had wanted to grab for so long but on moral grounds decided against it. Now , its moral to play with my wife. I’m sure you will agree with me I have that moral right now.

“Are you a virgin ?” I asked her, my heart beating at an incredulous pace.

“Yes” she replied. With a soft smile, but sometimes I feel I have broken it along the way.”

We both laughed, then I carried her to the bedroom and gently placed her on the king-sized bed. It had been made for this occasion, with white sheets and plenty of soft pillows.

With both hands, I lifted her and made her cross her feet around my back . After a few minutes of foreplay, I directed myself towards the fleshy folds of her inner core.

I found the lips of her cooch and caressed it gently before trying to get into the ” depression”.

She squirmed, trying to drag me into her valley of pleasure. Her moans increased, her body shivered as I tried to delve deeper and harder into her fleshy crevice, putting much work into pleasing her.The entry was difficult. I applied a little pressure. She whispered to me to do it gently. We grease the path of entry with oil but

her unexploited chamber resisted my advancement midway.

I stopped abruptly. She moaned painfully.It took a lot of energy to finally break the condor of flesh barricading her pearl of pleasure. Finally my advancement was rewarded. I reached the intended destination~ her deeper inner folds. Something snapped hard inside her. She screamed loudly,and cried. Streams of blood dotted the white bed sheet.

It is done!!! I have taken away her virginity and she had also taken away mine.

She wailed and called my name, screaming until she reached a point she could hardly take it anymore. She went berserk with ecstasy as her orifice became fully engaged, with millions of pleasurable hormones rushing through her.

Cynthia wailed once more, grabbed my body and hugged me tight as I dug deeper into her in a traditional missionary style. She urged me in with the move of her hips, wailing and moaning intensely. She would grab the bed-sheet and drag it towards herself.

I kissed her and tears of joy came out from her eyes. She moaned, and hissed and told me how much she loved me.

I told her how much I loved her too. I felt my c----x approaching and I closed my eyes and let it take over me, slamming harder against her.

Our bodies entangled in love and sweat.

She held onto me as my spasm became uncontrollable and my penile thrusts harder and harder until I fired my “load” into her pink fleshy crevice . Then things slow down and I softened and returned to an equanimitous state.

I laid beside her on the bed and we kissed again, even with more passion than before.

I looked into Lovelace’s eyes. She looked into mine. She was so beautiful. Her smile made her even prettier.

“You were surprised when I told you to rock me. Why?” Lovelace asked me.

“Uhh, I wasn’t sure I heard you correctly. I never thought you could….”

“say such a word?” she cut short my words and smiled.

“So my new husband doesn’t know everything about me like he’s supposed to”She say playfully.

“Well, I’m hoping you will show me more” I said and kissed her.

“Of course. We have a long night ahead of us, Mister lover boy”

With that she got on top of me. I was ready for her… then ….We made love again and again.

I could not fully explained it but my first sex with my wife on our wedding night was a glorious night.


Two week later, we said goodbye to our friends and families and enplaned back to Canada to continued our work- Lecturing at the university of Toronto.

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