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🤵The Proposal And Wedding 👰

[ RECAP : Dzifa was finally caught when the judge found the memory card that contained the recording implicating her. That evidence was supported by CCTV foottage from the NACOB Boss. Millson and Lovelace were fred and Dzifa was handed a 40 year prison sentence. She collapsed and was hospitalised.

Millson and Lovelace travelled to Canada and passed their academic programmes with flying colours. Millson said he had one more thing to do]

[Millson Point Of View]

Though we knew we had a great feeling for each other ,I never made it official. Now ,I want to do just that before our feelings take the greater part of our mental faculties.

That evening I took Lovelace to dinner at West Edmonton Restaurant in Canada. We chat and ate.

In the course of the conversation,

I asked her, “will you be the future mother of my unborn children , the missing rib I have been looking for all this while, and follow me in this unpredictable journey of love to the very end of the Earth,?”

Lovelace gazed at me quietly and said,I’m sorry Millson,I can’t marry you.”

At that moment,I felt like I was handed a death sentence by a Judge. Nervously,I asked her ,”Why Lovelace, I thought you love me.”

Lovelace responded, “Well,You may have been mistaken.”

I was so shocked that I couldn’t utter a word. I was totally disoriented. Have I really misjudged her actions?

I lost my appetite and got up to leave. I took one step,two,three step…. then I heard her voice.

“Come back dear ,do you honestly believe what I said?”

I turned round and looked at her.

“You must be a joker. I am just testing your pulse. Come on. Let’s enjoy this moment to the fullest and the life after this wonderful moment.”

She rose up and kissed my lips passionately and then hugged me.

I could feel the softness of her breast on my chest and my body tingled.ℹ

I retraced my steps like a man who have returned from hell and back and said, So what is your response?”

Lovelace looked deeply into my eyes and said,”YES,YES,YES,I WILL MARRY YOU.!!!”

“Hhhhhhh,”I breathed heavily,it was as if a heavy load was lifted off my head.

I told her,”Lovelace, some jokes are expensive!”

Finally,my joy returned. I brought out a promissory ring and slipped it

on her finger. I then hugged her and said, “thank you,dearie. Since you are Lovelace, we would bind our union with the lace of your love.


For the next few weeks all our conversation was centred on wedding issues and after.

We decided to return to Ghana,

to inform our parents about our intention and get their blessings before getting married. We planned to come back to Canada after we tie the knot to continue our professional work.

Three months later

Royal Embassy International church in Ghana @ 10.45 a.m

<Third Person Point of view>

The church was full to capacity and everyone was impatiently waiting for the arrival of the couples. Lamptey Millson, Lovelace’s husband -to -be was already in the front seat in the church. The officiating Pastor Andrews was in one of his best moods and happily singing along with his congrega


Among the congregants were their families, relatives , friends and well wishers, as well as the ‘parasites’ popularly referred to as the gate crashers.

In the bridal car @ 10.55 a.m

Lovelace looked really magnificent and beautiful and exuded such radiance and confidence that her mother couldn’t help smiling ceaselessly saying, “This man is very lucky to meet you. You look so adorable.I envy him.”

” Mum , don’t envy him oooo. I should rather count myself lucky to meet Millson. He’s so cute, disciplined, intelligent and above all, God- fearing.”

Her mother was surprised at her daughter’s admiration for Millson. She said , ” WOOW!!!,You really love this guy. I can see it in your utterances and look at your forehead, it’s written all over your face.”

We both laughed. Then she said , “yes, I love him so much.”

In the Chapel @ 11.00 a.m

It was a solemn moment. The congregation cheered as Lovelace arrived at the church with her father. Upon her arrival, she was helped to sit beside Millson and the sermon began. People waited patiently for the crucial moment. After a long sermon on the importance of remaining faithful to ones partner and the role of the husband and wife,the moment everyone was looking forward to finally came.

Time for vows

The couples stood before the pastor , sandwiched by their

bridemaid and best man.

Pastor Andrews began the ceremony , “Fellow Belovers, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the joining together of Mr.Lamptey Millson and Miss Bansah Lovelace in Holy Matrimony. Let’s remember that Marriage is a time where two people share their love before God and before men. Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?

Both of them said , “No.”

They all went down the memory lane but found nothing incriminating.The pastor continued, “Millson,say this after me, ” I do solemnly declare that I know not, of any lawful impediment, why I , Lamptey Millson should not be joined in holy matrimony to you, Bansah Lovelace.”

Millson repeated the words. People clapped loudly. Others cheered him on. The pastor made Lovelace repeat the same vow. They were made to face each other and as they were looking into each others eyes, the pastor asked Millson to say these words to Lovelace, “I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Lamptey Millson , take you Bansah Lovelace , to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you,with all that I have and ever hope to be.I will protect you and provide for you , honour and be faithful to you, in poverty and in abundance, sickness and in health. Till death separate us, I give you this promise today.”

Lovelace was also made to repeat the same vow. Then they exchanged wedding rings and signed the marriage document brought by a representative of the registrar of marriage from Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The marriage certificate was issued to them. Family and friends were very elated. They took pictures with their families and friends. Then They all left for the refreshment.

The refreshment was as specta

cular as the wedding itself. There were a lot of merri-making, drinking and eating, followed by

dancing and later an open floor dance. A lot of people danced their heart out. The bachelors used that moment to lure potential spinsters by the way they dance.

Eventually, the wedding ceremony came to an end and they left the refreshment ground , as the newest couples in Town. Lovelace knew what was waiting for her; Hot-Sex in the secrecy of the Blue Virgin Hotel.

Soon their new Honda CR-V

headed exactly in the direction of the hotel. Lovelace can’t wait to have a feel of Millson, her Husband and the reason for her desires was understandable.

Millson had never attempted to sleep with her and she never wanted to tempt him because she realised he was a staunch Christian like her.

The couples knew that night was surely going to be a Golden Experience for them. Now that they have been wedded , the road was cleared for them to have limitless sex anytime ,anywhere,anyhow. That is how God say it should be and they intended to do just that.



*Tingle- To have a prickling or mildly stinging sensation.

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