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Triangle of Confession and Travel

[RECAP: Having lacked evidence, Millson was sent to Prison along with Lovelace. For some time , they lost hope. Millson met his colleagues in Prison and he was ridiculed. Strangely, he didn’t stay in the prison for even a day before a prison officer took him out and get him a decent place to sleep, telling him the next day he would be back to court]

[Milson’s Point Of View ]

I woke up at dawn anxiously waiting for the officer who gave me that room. Soon the door was opened and he came in , beaming with smiles.

“I guessed you sleep well,”he said.

I managed to force a smile and said, “Yes, Sir.”

As soon as I stepped out of the room I met Lovelace. She was happy too. She told me she was given a comfortable place to sleep instead of the smelly prison. When I told her I was also given a nice place to sleep , she was mesmerized and said, “Millson, tell me, what exactly is happening?”

I told her , “I wished I know.”

Soon the police van came and took us to the court again.

What I saw at the court shocked me. I saw Dzifa in Handcuffs. The female students who were with her the previous day also came.

Dzifa wasn’t smiling again. Instead, she was crying. I don’t know how long she cried but her melancholic state was so resounding. When she saw me, she turned her face away.

Soon, the court proceedings began.

The judge began to talk to me. He said his name is Johnnie Sarpong.

He said, “Mr. Lamptey Millson, yesterday I sentenced you to 25 years imprisonment for possessing illegal drugs. You must agree with me that that decision was taken based on the information available to me then.”

“Yesterday, when I was going home, my eyes caught a tiny black plastic material on the ground. Something told me to pick it. I did and realised it was a memory card.

I suspected that memory card may belong to you or Lovelace. When I reached home I put it in the memory card slot on my Bluetooth speaker. This is what I heard……”

He pressed the Bluetooth speaker.


Dzifa : —You rejected my love and I decided to deal with you . I could have put two bags of cocaine in your bag, Pope Millson. When you go to prison, you will learn how to respect women and not reject or hurt their feelings.–

Me: …..Ok. When you come to the prison yourself, you will understand that not all men can be toyed with.

Dzifa: “—what do you mean by that?”

Me: “—You will understand soon.

I hope you are—-”


The judge continued his narration,

” After hearing the recording I realised you are innocent. It was then that I phoned the Prison officer not to put you in prison.

Well , as required by law , we need to hear from the culprit before proceeding to the next stage.

I was lost of words. What the lawyer told me was too good to be true. I was overwhelmed.

For a moment, I thought I was in a dreamland. Soon Dzifa was asked to enter the witness stand and she was asked to repeat the oath. “Oath: I swear by Almighty God that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but thetruth.

Affirmation: I solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

She was made aware that lying under oath constitutes perjury and also liable to prosecution and fine or imprisonment.

Dzifa was asked if the voice in the audio recording belonged to her. She was silence. Then she gazed at me. There were tears in her eyes.

“Is the voice yours?” The state attorney asked her.

“NO, “She told the court. While standing in the witness box, someone else appeared at the court. He was Osborn Nartey, the head of NACOB at Kotoka International Airport. He went to the state attorney and told him something.

Then he opened his laptop and showed the court a video. In the video, we saw Dzifa putting a parcel of cocaine in my bag. It waa a CCTV foottage.

That was the strongest evidence against her. Upon seeing the video she broke down in tears saying she was sorry. She finally agreed the voice in the recording was hers. She told the court she used to love me but I kept on rejecting her sensual advances until she began hating me.

Before being pronounced guilty, she told the court she had an accomplice. She called officer Derrick as her accomplice. She told the court how she bribed the officer with sex to ensure I was sent to prison. In order to prove her point, she brought out a recording which was played;


The Police officer:– “Don’t worry about Millson. He’s as good as a prisoner already. I will make sure he goes to jail but you know how it work here. In Ghana, Exchange is no robbery. I want to taste the honey from your pot and in exchange for that you get your revenge.

Besides how can a normal man refused to eat a meal set before him. He’s foolish. I thought teacher are supposed to epitomize acknowledge.”

Dzifa: —, “Hmmmmm, you are right.”

The police Officer: –can I taste the honey now?”

Dzifa : — you have already began, “Aren’t you?”



The officers face distorted and twitched.

Waves of shocks were written all over his face.

The judge said, “Mr Lamptey Millson, on the basis of the current evidence before me, You and Lovelace are hereby declared INNOCENT.

In addition to that you will be paid a compensation fee for the psychological trauma you passed through. That is an amount ofGhc15,891.39 ,(1,056,179.Naira).

I was overwhelmed with joy. I knelt down and lifted my hands to the heavens and praised the Lord.


The judge said the Inspector General of Police would be notified on the case against Officer Derrick for legal actions to be taken against him.

He then turned to Dzifa who was palpitating.

Having gathered enough evidence against Dzifa, the judge made his pronouncement.


Having considered all the statements and evidences put before me carefully, I hereby, declare you, Dzifa Agbemabiase”

guilty of setting up an innocent man. For this you are hereby sentenced to 30 years in prison. In addition, you lied under oath, that’s perjury and you are hereby given an additional 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Upon hearing a 40 year prison sentence, Dzifa shrieked loudly and collapsed. An ambulance was quickly brought to convey her to the hospital. Surely, she will go to jail when she regain conscious

ness and remained there for the next 40 years.

Lovelace Bansah was overjoyed. She ran and hugged me saying,

“the Lord has done it at last.”

We left the court as free people. It is true, we walked by faith and not by sight.


Two days later

Something else happened that surprised us. Our scholarship was not affected by our case in court.

It rather enhanced it. We received a congratulatory message from the Canadian Embassy.

They said our innocence had proven that we were indeed morally upright.

Another arrangement was made and we booked a flight. The destination was Canada.

At last we were air-borne. The Air-hostesses were friendly and would smile at us. One lady in particular was very chummyℹ

She would bring food every few hours,not the local foods but foreign foods like salad, cucumber,carrot,macaroni, Apple juice.

My experience with Air Canada was simply extraordinary,perhaps being made more interesting by the fact that I was travelling with the Lovelace. Though I have not officially proposed to her,it was an unsaid agreement between the two of us.

Arriving at Canada

The huge metallic cylindrical bird move at supersonic speed. For about 10 hours I was airborne until we arrived at Canada.We arrived at in Montreal international airport. Several security checks were conducted on us immediately we arrived at the international airport.

After passing through another meticulous immigration process we left the airport. We discovered that the transportation systems in Canada are excellent.There are rapid transit systems operating in the Canadian cities. Finally,We entered the country proper. It was awesome.


In Canada,you could ride commuter trains in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

There were major several outstanding tourist destinations. We enjoy the splendor of the three waterfalls of Niagara Falls on the Canada-USA border. Vancouver and its neighbouring Victoria are arguably two of the most beautiful cities in the entire world.

Shopping, Dining and Night Life

The largest shopping malls in Canada include the West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton) and Metropolis at Metrotown Burnaby. However, we found some excellent deals at small venues, such as boutiques and department stores.

We find several bars, cafes, discos, nightclubs, and so on, throughout Canadian cities.

Since we were on scholarship,we were given free accommodation.

We studied at University of Toronto in Canada. I offered Master of Philosophy in Political Science while Lovelace offers M.phil. Communication studies.

We didn’t face much racism as we initially feared.

Canada is friendly to foreigners and an extra advantage in that country is the ability to speak French in addition to the English Language.

Our performance was so outstanding that when we graduated from Toronto University ,we were recruited into the university as Teaching assistants.We helped the university for about two years before we upgraded our academic credentials by pursuing a doctorate programme.

Four years later

We undertook a lot of research work. It was made easier by the abundance of Educational resources the university could boast off.

Upon several persistence, I graduated from the same university with a doctorate in Political Science and Lovelace graduated with a Doctorate in Communication studies.

The university decided to give us full employment status as lecturers. After achieving such academic heights,we knew we still have one more important thing to do.



friendly; on, or trying to be on, intimate terms

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