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“DUde,you have to take your time on this Pebbles girl because she is a diver.

when i try advicing you on this girl,you turn a deaf ear to me,when she break your heart,don’t come complain to me because had I known is always at last,I adviced.

“Oh man,don’t try using tricks on me,afterall you loved her once but were not man enough to own up…

Anyway,thanks for your advice.
I will consider it when my heart is in shambles,but for now…

it is full of unconditional love for the love of my love,Pebbles.
Not even Christ himself can stop me,let alone you mere mortal,Biggie larvishly retorted.
I layed back on the couch on hearing such blunt words from Biggie pretending i never heard such news from Biggie,End of discussion.

Indeed,love is really blind.
I wondered how a huge fellow like Biggie with all the tricks in his brains in his big head could be dupped by such a meagre girl like Pebbles,just because of conterfeit Love…

Life is indeed interesting,I mummered to myself.

Biggie got up from the couch,opened the door and stepped out to God knows where.

Nevertheless,I knew my companion was in Love but never did I imagined he could go a mile ahead just to return Pebbles fake love to her.

It was one hot Saturday afternoon when the wheather changed all of a sudden after a huge downpour.

Sometimes,one could freeze in his mind as if Jesus himself was

coming to juge on seeing the weather change all of a sudden.

*Someone opened the netgate which i heard from where I layed in the living room on my couch thinking about myself.
I heard two male voices ,one trying to convince the other to reduce a price which must have been discussed on their way to my room.

“Simone,wake up,Biggie finally voiced out…Am here with Paa Sarkodie the carpenter accross the street,he said.

I woke up and sat on the couch just to here them out.

“Paa Sarkodie,this is my friend Simone..dude meet Paa Sarkodie,Obedepon Bede,he jokingly introduced.

I stretched out my hand and greeted him politely.

“I was working on a Coffin for Maame Aba’s son who died in the river last two days when your friend Biggie here came with a news that he wanted to discuss a project he wanted me to undertake for him.
That is why I am here in your room,this God forsaken afternoon.Hope all is well,Paa Sarkodie said.

“In fact all is well,I was just relaxing before you two would not let me have peace in my own house,i retorted giggling.
“Okay,dude,remember I discussed with you about my plans for Pebbles,my girlfriend.
I brought Paa Sarkodie here to discuss the cost of a double container.

I know what you’re thinking,but please let me finish.
Of course he is not the kind of man i should consult when i need a container but rather a kiosk.

“Not only is he into carpentry but also welding.In fact he does that on part time bases.
So you see,i’ve got the right man for the job.Obedepon here,can do both container and roof it for me without
me chasing after a carpenter to roof the container and do other stuffs for me…

*So how much did he propose you give him for the double container,I asked cutting in.
“He said he would require Gh 4,000 cedis in all.Gh3,500 for the container and 500Gh for the roofing and other stuff.
“He also included buying ironsheets to roof the container all in the cost he proposed.
Hmmm,so Biggie had such plans for this sl
t of a girlfriend…i mummered.

“He asked me to reduce the cost of the container which am yet to consider because it gets costly everyday you go to the market to buy such items like metal plates for a container,Paa Sarkodie explained…

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