Cheaters - S01 E18

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==Simone’s story continues==

The sky was cloudy,it had rained cats and dogs.

The door creaked loudly and a heavy shadow covered me on the couch.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder spoiling my sleep.
“Wake up Simone,was a loud voice which sent thrills down my spine making me to quiver abruptly.

I opened one eye lakadaisicaly to spy on the heavy figure standing beside me in the living room..

I felt a tap on my shoulder once more.I knew i had to wake up before i felt another tap on my shoulder

because this figure of a man i guessed would not let me have peace until i have woken up.
“Biggie,is that you…I took up a

“Who else dude,wake up you lazy fellow,He fired one back at me.

“I want to have words with you about one and only,he said.

This guy would die of fake love.I wonder how a small girl like
Pebbles could manuver such a huge fellow like my guy,Biggie…I was shocked to hear him say such words.

Biggie was indeed caught in Pebbles web…

Could it be a magical love or she showed him some new styles on the bed which has blew is f**king head up,I imagined.

He tapped me again before he sat down saying,”dude what are you thinking.

I hope you are not cursing me in your stingy mind,he asked.
I ignored him and urged him to say whatever he wanted to discuss with me so I could sleep some more….

“I want to open up a spot for Pebbles in the outerspace in front of this very house,he finally voiced out…

“I opened up my mouth for sometime because words escaped me…

Indeed Love rules,this colossal fellow will die out of Love,I imagined….

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